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Allentown Escorts Use Skip The Games And Get Busted

I try to warn people all the time that if you play with fire, you will get burnt.  Just ask the Allentown escorts who use sites like Skip The Games, which now is getting people busted in large quantities, according to a story that ran on The Morning Call.

I was in a wedding (as a groomsman) last Summer in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  I thought it was a nice little town rich in history and with a bit more culture than I expected, to be honest.  Apparently, however, there are many deviants roaming the streets of good old Allentown.  After reading this article, I wonder how many sex-crazed folks were at the wedding I was at.  I guess I should be embarrassed for not hooking up…..but then again there were some serious heffers there, so I guess no loss.

Somehow, I had to just incorporate this video by Billy Joel. Allentown, you guys.  

Allentown Escorts Among the Most Active on SkipTheGames – A BackPage Alternative

The story started with a vice detective reading an ad that he read on Skip the Games, which is a more in-your-face version of Backpage (I literally just talked about the Arizona version), the now-defunct website known for being a rampant place to connect John’s and prostitutes.  The ad had two nearly naked women that was posted under the name “Bella.”  A half-hour rendezvous was arranged at an Allentown Motel for $300 for thirty minutes.  Let me first say, it’s cheaper in Miami!  (And of course, over in Central America.)

When a woman appeared on the March 28 sting, she was arrested.  This vice detective just notched his seventh bust in one month.  He went for the eight just several days later.

Lehigh Valley is becoming a hotbed for prostitution, and it’s all credited to this new website that has taken the place of Backpage in dealing in deviancy (if there ever was such a thing).
Skip the Games has been referred to by local authorities as a “more in your face” version of Backpage, which helped prostitutes in the area come to prominence since about 2010.  There are many horny, slobbery guys in this area who are sex-crazed as they drool downtown yelling “We are…..Penn State.”  If you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about.

I covered this site many moons back and warned people about it.  Read all about it here:  https://www.sexdatingapps.com/skipthegames-review/

Not ironically, when Back page was shut down, the number of arrests for prostitution went down.  Go Figure!  

The majority of the busts happen in Allentown, which now may as well be the deviant capital of the Quakers for all we know.  Allentown sex and prostitution may not sound like something that you could believe, but the stats don’t lie.  These Nittany Lion fans must not get laid much, because there sure are a lot of gals selling sex up there.  Allentown had a 39% decrease in arrests for prostitution in 2018, thanks much to Backpage going under.

However, the sex game came back like a Saquon Barkley touchdown run!

The numbers are coming back up, thanks a lot to many more sites that promote Allentown prostitution, mainly Skip The Games, however.

The popular website moonlights as a dating site of sorts,  “the premier place online for consenting adults to find each other and have fun with each other,” according to its description online.

Ads are posted daily, most of them showing women who are either half-naked or posing in a very risque manner.  Other than that, the photos are accompanied by a physical description and a list of sexual activities they are down with, as well as contact information.

Guys, if that doesn’t look like something that would get busted ASAP, I don’t know what does.

“It makes Backpage look more innocuous,” Lehigh County Senior District Attorney Robert W. Schopf said. “It’s very pornographic, and in your face and a blatant advertisement in sex trafficking.”

I’m all set on getting busted.  You can find me on hook up sites and stuff like that. I’ll let those folks up in Allentown get busted. For those of you stupid enough to continue using the skip the games Allentown directory, you really deserve to get busted. #sorrynotsorry #dontbestupid

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