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Wisconsin Man Gets Prison Time for Dating Catfishing Scam

Catfishing has gone to new levels, and with these levels of playing with people’s emotions, it has turned into a serious crime.  It seems like gone are the days of playful ball-busting and having fun pulling a prank on someone, and here are the day’s of separating people from their hard-earned cash, and acting like a seasoned Ponzi-Scheming con-artist!

Unfortunately today’s story is along those lines, where a woman in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was duped out of over $35,000 thanks to meeting a man online.  I’m happy to report that these people didn’t meet on the classic apps that I am known for using, (sites where you can meet people and actually have sex with them) but instead met on the rather squeaky clean dating website eHarmony.com.  Yep, the one that touts meeting people for life long relationships of love, romance, white picket fences, and happiness.  I’ve known that eHarmony is a scam for a while, and wrote about it, but many people feel that using only the sites that promote love and marriage is the way to go.

Catfishing in Wisconsin Lures in Almost $35,000 and Jail Time for Chad Elliott

According to CBS 58, Chad Elliott lied to Diannaelee Hart when they met on EHarmony.com in 2016.  He was just sentenced to ten years in prison.   Turns out, he was lying about having a six figure salary and a VP job.  Elliott moved in with Hart, and eventually proposed, Elliott repeatedly needed money and mentioned that his bank accounts were frozen or hacked.  Hart said that he “used every excuse in the book.”

Other fibs the man told were that he had homes in New York and Illinois.  He was also seen driving a luxury car and soon after, was in another one.

chad elliott arrest

At the end of the run, Elliott got almost $35,000 from Hart.

Hart’s sister was skeptical the entire duration of the romance and said it was “too good to be true from the start.”

It all came crashing down for Elliott when he was reported by Hart for stealing Hart’s jewelry.  This ended the three month “relationship.”

(Is it even fair to call this a full blown relationship?)

“I did give my heart,” Hart said. “I did give my trust, and he did break my heart.”

It’s awful hearing these types of dating scams, but people have to keep their guard up.  Elliott pulled the same scheme with another woman after Hart.  I have to imagine this isn’t easy to do in small Kenosha, Wisconsin?  This sounds like a Miami dating scam that could run for a while due to the size of our City, the way it’s spread out, and the sheer number of transients that come and go each month.  But in Wisconsin, where people are sure, a bit slower, but more humble, trusting, and have less to offer in terms of discretionary income?  I mean, people are better natured up there and nobody knew this man was a crook?  I guess it did happen very fast.

Ironically, Hart is back on EHarmony and found a new man.  Here’s to her being a bit more cautious going forward.  I do commend her for not giving up on dating and getting back in the mix, but I do question her website of choice for finding a match!

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