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Miami Dating Apps

If you were curious if there are geo-targeted dating applications, you are semi-right.  While I haven’t found any apps that are specific to a certain area, it’s important that you know that certain apps are certainly more prevalent in some areas, versus others.  Today I’ll talk about what is the best Miami dating app.

dating apps in Miami

The Dating Scene in Miami

Miami is a vibrant City.  It’s trendy, it’s steamy, and it’s never-ending.  Just when you think you have found all the hot spots to mingle with others or a place to spend a perfect first date, you blink your eyes, and five more spots are open that people are clamoring about.  I know, I live here.  It’s not an easy place to date, but with a little help, you can make life much easier as you frantically swipe for that perfect someone in Miami.

For starters, let me explain how people date here in the Magic City.

#1)  They swipe.

This may sound cliche, but swiping is something that happens everywhere.  It’s very present in Miami, even more so than other cities, and I say that’s due to the language barrier.  Many Latin women I meet online are from swipe apps, and they lack the communication skills to write good messages in English.  Bumble, Tinder, the usual suspects are all in play.

#2)  They use hook up apps. 

Yep, the sex dating scene is very wild in Miami. I credit the high level of both in your face and undercover prostitution for this.  Also, a second reason is because all of the strip clubs in Miami are basically brothels. Yep, anything goes.  There is sex in the champagne room, for the right price.  This has led to a massive amount of wins for me, and I like using these apps because many times I’m not looking for love, but I’m looking for some action.  Again, these are dating sites and apps that have a purpose – to meet people and have a casual encounter.

#3)  There are Unique dating Apps

You may have heard about “The League,” a new dating app that has something as close to a vetting process that I’ve ever seen.  The Miami New Times reports that it’s now live in Miami.  You may need to fake your way onto this application if you aren’t an exec, but clearly Miami is a spot for high rollers, and people are using it.  In addition to this, another app I’ve used is called Inner Circle.  You must be invited by someone to get into this scene, and it’s mostly professionals who like to post where they like to hang out.  When you find someone checking into a spot you frequent, it makes it easier to connect with them and open up a dialogue.  That’s the premise, at least.  I will post a full review when I have more experience with it, but right now my success rate is very low and I haven’t made a meaningful connection there yet, so no rush to run off and grade it yet.

Overall, it’s very hard to meet quality people in Miami.  It’s a very transient place. I will probably never settle down, due to this.  I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’ll be swiping away on sex dating apps, and I’m perfectly cool with it.  I wish I had better news for the people who are moving to Miami and trying to figure out all the hacks. It’s a sad, somber scene here.  People come and go, but that’s just life in the 305.

If you have any additional comments to add about dating in Miami, I’d love to hear it. Drop a comment below!

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