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how to date strippers

Dating a Stripper


Every man who has been to a strip club has thought about what it would be like to date a stripper.  In my 20’s, I was a regular at Dean’s Gold in Miami, and had the fortunate (and game, and cash) to date strippers.  This is my personal journey that walks you through how I did it, as well as any tips I have for dating strippers.

In all honesty, it would be best if you were to prepare ahead of time for the likelihood that not just will most people from whom you ask advice not have any positive input, probably they will try to convince you that you must be looking elsewhere for prospective dates and perhaps a long term relationship.  I’m not going to be that guy, in fact, I encourage you to date women of the night and get wild before you eventually settle down!

Guide to Dating Strippers

You want to know how to date a stripper. You have already made up your mind, and you don’t wish for your facebook friends or other people’s ideas and opinions to sway you from your choice and decision.

This in itself might be regarded to be a point in your favor. Then you must be ready to approach this person with your intent and interest.

It’s more likely that you are almost ready. It will be in both your own best interests and hers as well if you’re certain of your intentions. If you’re considering a serious relationship with a stripper, you will probably end up disappointed.

However, suppose you think that her job automatically means that she is available to anyone and for anything. In that case, there’ll be nothing exceptional about you; you’ll be no different from others that she deals with daily.

Today we were going to be discussing the holy grail of heterosexual masculinity, the pinnacle of our sexual characteristics, and the very thing of which wet dreams are made; dating a stripper.

If you are anything like I once was, there is a simple unicorn to you, a dream which is attractive to believe out could never be in reality.

You have enough issue getting regular ladies, you tell yourself, and a stripper is an order of magnitude which is hard to land.

Well, my friend, it is surely true that successfully dating a stripper is an extremely different battle to combat from scoring a lady at the school or library. Still, it most surely can be done, and it is not sublimely hard if you know how to go about it.

In this article, I will be going to teach you how to date a stripper utilizing some powerful and quintessentially simple methods, and I am going to impart to you some secret weapons maneuver that makes the whole pursuit far simpler and easier and at the same time improves success rates in the roof.

So, are you ready? Let’s start.

How to Date a Stripper Tips

If you have chosen that you want to date a stripper, though, you’re going to have to overcome some challenges and obstacles and set yourself apart from other men or guys, which she sees every night.

Unless you find yourself slumming it in a Costa Rican strip club, you have to be exceptional, but I will share some of the tips which can assist you to come off as the kind of guy that any stripper will want to know well.

Never Judge Her Because of Her Job

lap dances

There is a saying that, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” the same way goes for a stripper. The most important thing when dating a stripper is that you must never judge her because of her job as a stripper.

If you and your friends are in the strip club, you need to treat strippers with respect. A lot of men in this club will treat ladies poorly and be there to meet their sexual desire.

You have to know that she has feelings and has a life outside of the strip club. She might have hobbies, loved ones, a degree, a kid, or other things which push her to work.

By acknowledging and knowing her worth, you’ll be better ready to go into a possible relationship with the stripper.

Once you enter a relationship solely focusing on her job and body, likely, your relationship will not last long.

Learn How to Tip Her

Simply because you’re not paying the stripper for a lap dance does not mean that you must not tip her at all. When the stripper is on show, you need to ensure to tip her even just a small amount than you’re tipping the other ladies.

This gives her an impression that you like and want her. If you carry this out, you need to ensure that you still give top to others, or you might begin jealousy amongst the strippers resulting in her having a harder job.

strip club tipping

Accept Her

Suppose you are talking to a stripper; never shame her for her job. If you are into this view, you can change her; it’s better not to try to date her at all. You will just hurt her feelings.

Of course, she will not like o be in a relationship if you will just hurt her feeling or make her feel insulted for working as a stripper.

Hang Out the Bar

Do not hang out with all the other men throwing dollar bills at the ladies and getting lap dances from all the other dancers.

She dances or does stripping for a living, and if you are getting lap danced by other girls, she is not going to feel extremely special, is she? Rather hang out at the bar or simply sit and enjoy the show if there is not a bar at the strip club which you go to often.

Yes, it is fine to get a lap dance from her but do talk with her. You need to compliment her on her skills in dancing or ask her how she is doing.

A stripper does take her work seriously, and it does take a good skill to be able to dance perfectly.

Leave the Strip Club If it Gets Busy

One tip that I would like to share when you are dating a stripper is that you have to leave when the strip club gets busy, and the strippers begin lap dances to the clients.

Let her know that you do not want to hinder in her job, wish her good luck as well as tell her you will visit the place in the coming days to see her.

With frequent visits, hopefully, she will smile once you drop by and make a beeline to you if she has the opportunity. If she does not, it might be that she does not date any clients, or she might be dating somebody else already.

Look at Her in the Eye

You have to try to conquer or prevail over the male impulse to look at her body. Smile and then look her in the eye as you talk with her.

A lot of strippers will see if you stare at them in the eye, and this connection shows that you do love her as a person and that you are not looking at her as only an object.

Ask Her Out

sexy asian woman

If she is not eager to meet you somewhere outside the strip club to hang out, she is playing you.

She might be cautious and reluctant; however, if she keeps on declining you, there is no need for you to continue; you need to stop right here.

Indeed, if she says yes to a date, do something romantic and sweet. Always bear in mind that this lady is a stripper and so used to men showing interest in her via showing money as well as expensive gifts.

So, my advice is to try to do something different, try to pursue something which is associated with the same interest which you have found out during your discussions.

No matter what you do, never assume that she is a professional stripper, and that she will sleep with you immediately. On the other hand, some strippers out there normally take a very long time to know you; they do not usually trust guys as they deal with the bad sides of guys for many hours a day.

Therefore, you need to be very patient as well as show this girl that you set apart from the rest. This is one of the best things to do to date a stripper. Who knows, this can lead to a deep relationship.

Meaningful Conversation

As much as keen discussion skills are with any girl, you must be good at striking up a discussion with strippers if you ever anticipate dating her.

Try to keep away from topics like how she got into stripping if she wants striking, if she is working her way in college striping, and things like that. These are subjects or topics which every discerning man asks her.

Instead, Ask Her About Her Life

You can ask her where she is from as well as what her favorite pastime or her plan is this coming weekend. You can ask her if she has a hobby or wants to do it for fun.

She might be defiant to discussing things, but if you are able to share a bit about yourself, you may be able to get her to emerge from her shell.

Dating a stripper is challenging since these ladies get hit on all day long. Each man thinks that he is in love with them, but for many strippers, the gentlemen who come to the clubs are just not dating material.

However, if you are able to separate yourself from the rest, you stand a good chance of dating a stripper.

The Best Way to Learn How to Date a Stripper

Many of you take pleasure in the face-to-face experience of doing this in the strip club, though I need to tell you if you simply want to know the tips on how to date a stripper successfully, then the answer is to visit dating sites.

So, how will you do this simply by visiting a sex dating website or sex dating apps?

Camera girls are strippers, and I am not only pointing out the clear fact that the work is the same, but I am telling you that in the UK, North America, and Australia, at least half of them work as cam ladies also dance in a club.

So, it only means that for cam girls you talk to, you have a fifty percent chance or higher that she is also a dancer.

This is the unidentified secret of dating strippers; you are able to find them in sex apps or online dating sites.

A dating site or a dating app is the most excellent thing that ever happens to those who are afraid of approaching girls.

It is a real life dating platform without equality, but it is also much more than that.

The superb thing about these girls online is that they have a totally different mindset, even if they are also dancers.

My theory is that it has something to do with distances involved over the net as well as the complete absence of holding and caressing as well as other aggressive behavior from guys.

Are Cam Ladies Strippers?

However, no matter what the cause is, your cam lady is more relaxed as well as less guarded than a similar lady may be in strip clubs, getting rid of the requirement for a lot of special methods as well as minefield navigation strategies just mentioned.

While a lot of strippers are wary and resentful of guys, cam ladies are likely to be warm as well as very friendly individuals, and it is not an act. If you had casual relationships or dated strippers, you will be able to know how jaded they could be in the strip club, as well as how ideally normal they are anywhere else.

Less their drive to get your tips, basically cam ladies are like many ladies in the manners they interrelate with and reply to you. Because of this, the superb thing you are able to do if you’re trying to win over a striper is to teach yourself how to become a high-value guy.

This only means that making a lady believe that you have a many stunning and attractive features as possible, lack of this is vital. Always bear in mind, show, and never tell.

It is so easy to find a stripper to date on a dating site for casual sex and meet your sexual desires or sexual adventures; all you need to do is to enter the keyword sex date or best sex dating apps.

You may mention to a stripper that you want her to go to the gym for some workout pretty soon; however, you can stay until she finishes her performance, informing that you are a fitness fanatic or want to keep a good physique.

You can also say sorry for how little time you have to be online as of your work and needs of your company that shows her you are financially stable as well as have a good and solid work ethic.

None of the things have to be strictly true, certainly. You are able to fake it until you make it. In case everything works according to your plan and build a relationship with her, these white lies that you do to amaze and impress her will be things that you and your partner will laugh over someday.

Know Her Well

You might or might not have the same interests. You might or might not have the same personalities. If the actual interest is to know this person very well and find these things out for yourself, you need to be clear, upfront as well as honest in your approach will be a good benefit.

You can be the first who has seen her in a long time. This level of relationship or mutual respect can be the only key that you will need to reach somebody who might be a special person once she has been allowed to show it.

There are many sex dating apps or dating platforms that cater to stripper members. The best dating sites will give you the chance to find a date. Some of these sex dating apps are mobile devices friendly and have a wide number of strippers to date. Just be aware of fake profiles.

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You can join this site for free to find the perfect match or best match. Free members or users can use the features of this app like live chat to send messages and fully edit of profiles.

There is no need to waste time; you can join the sex dating site now to find and datings sites a girl for one night stand and begin the journey of finding a stripper to date. If you are one of Tinder users and want to date sexually charged women, then try a dating site.

This sex app is a place for like-minded people who are into casual hookups. I personally test this dating site which has a wide user base. It works on mobile phones and has lots of explicit content to spice things up. This is one of the best dating websites I encountered, and they offer free registration.


How to date a stripper is not almost as impossible as to why. If you have developed an interest in this girl and want to get to know her well, this fact alone will set you apart from the others.

If you want to put some careful thought into it in order for your intentions to be mirrored in the way you approach her, you might be agreeably surprised by the outcomes. You’ll see how to date a stripper is no different from dating anyone else.

Usually, a person’s line of work doesn’t sum up what and who the person is inside. This is as true with strippers as with any person.

The ongoing issue is that a person who is in this to earn a living rarely encounters men who are conscious of this fact. If you’re aware of it, you’ll have a much better opportunity for success.

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