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How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

Summary: This article provides you with my five most effective ways of flirting with a girl via text. One of these methods will 100% work for you, I can guarantee that! If you decide to not put one of these in motion, then it’s on you. They work for me, they will surely work for you as well. 

I typically write posts from my perspective. I’m an expert on how to flirt over text. I’ve been doing it for years. However, I’m going to bring in my girlfriend for today’s post. She’s going to give you a girl’s perspective on flirting over text.

Everyone in a while I like to bring in a female so you can get their perspective on things. Here’s one slutty but close chick’s perspective I know. Don’t worry, she’s experienced when it comes to adults casually dating and being sexually active from a casual perspective. Therefore, her opinion truly does matter!

How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

Here’s How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text (A Female Perspective)

Guys love flirting with girls. They love doing it over a text message because they think it’s going to be easy to get them in the sack. But girls have a different experience that they want to tell men about.

You see, flirting with girls via text message is the easier thing to do. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up screwing this up royally.

It’s very easy to take things out of context when reading it in text form. You can mean to say one thing, but when the girl reads it, she can end up taking a totally different meaning from it. And the same can happen in reverse. Sometimes this is a good thing, but more often than not it turns out to be a major negative.

Have you mastered flirting with girls via text message yet? If not, it’s pretty much your fault. You have to learn this skill. And it’s something that I’m going to teach you about today. Girls may write one thing via text message but it has a completely different meaning. I’m going to tell you about words and their meanings via text message right now.

A girl texts: Haha

On the surface, it may seem like she found your joke funny. But in reality, it is a different story, my friends. When a girl writes ha ha like that, she means that your joke wasn’t funny at all. Things are probably starting to get awkward.

When it gets awkward, it means that unless you’re in Las Vegas and can find sex for hire or someone to fuck out of pure luck, then you’re not getting laid.

Guys, the best way to respond to this is to mention the awkwardness. Believe it or not, she’ll probably start laughing once you point out that things are getting awkward and that you didn’t mean it.

A girl texts: Hahaha!

In this situation, the meaning is very clear and it’s exactly what it appears to be. Congrats guys! You wrote something funny!

Now the response can be tricky to this. You do not want to kill your momentum. Forget about being overzealous. Just leave it at that and move on for now. If you want to keep the conversation going start talking about something completely different. Just put the jokes off to the side for the time being.

A girl texts: U up?

She’s never going to come right out and say it, but if a girl texts you and ask you if you are awake, she only has one thing in mind. She’s horny! And she wants to hook up with you. Or maybe she just wants to exchange pics with you. But she is only willing to do this late at night. She doesn’t want anything to do with you during the day! Some guys think this is the perfect girl. Other guys would get offended by this.

The best way to respond is to give her what she wants. If she wants to hook up for a one-night stand, by all means, go out and meet her for a quick fuck. If she’s hoping to look at some of your sexiest pics then, by all means, send them to her.

Just realize that this relationship isn’t going further than this. Don’t start planning on buying her an engagement ring because she doesn’t want one.

A girl texts: xx

This can get confusing because it can have multiple meanings. If a girl is British, she is not necessarily sending you a kiss. The thing is that all British people end their text messages by typing xx.

If you find yourself in this situation, just type xx back to end the conversation. Don’t be alarmed or offended or overly excited by it because it doesn’t mean anything other than ending the message. Now, if you’re chatting online using a sex app in New York City, then the “xx” might mean something more.

A girl texts: “phrase” proceeded by lol

When a girl sends a text message and ends it in a lowercase lol, it means she was really serious about the things she said, but she’s afraid that you may not agree so she’s writing lol to make it seem like it was a joke and nothing more.

Make her feel better by responding positively. Let her know that it was a great idea. Tell her that you’re down to do whatever she was thinking. She’ll feel good about herself and you’ll score major points with her that could potentially lead to so much more over the long run if that’s what you’re hoping to accomplish.

Conclusion: Sending Flirty Texts Does Work

Okay, guys, I hope you learned some lessons that this girl was trying to teach you. Everything talked about today were suggestions from a girl trying to teach men how to flirt and text.

So take this information to heart fellas…

Oh, and most important as a bonus, unless a girl requests a dick pic, never send one to her. You’ll make yourself look like a complete asshole doing so. Unless you’re both anticipating starting a one-on-one Skype sex session or she requests it, you don’t send a picture of your dick, simple as that buddy!

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