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Sexting Emoji Guide – What Will And Will NOT Get You Laid.

I’ve been focused on spending a lot of time sexting girls these days. Not sure why, but for one reason or another I’ve been obsessed with sending dirty sext messages to as many girls as possible. When doing so, I’ve gone out of my way to incorporate the use of an emoji or two.

While this sounds like a great thing to do, I’ve quickly learned exactly what you should incorporate into your dirty text messaging as far as emojis are concerned.

sexting emoji 101

Does it matter…?


Misappropriately applying even just a basic emoji will literally destroy your chances with some girls. There’s a fine line that needs to be followed with regards to this type of action and if you’re sending silly emoji faces or the poop emoji, then you might as well go give yourself a tug and call it a night, because you’re most definitely not going to be hooking up with anyone at all. I should mention that these rules apply when sending Snapchats to pornstars as well, not just the average girl next door.

Now, all that being said, I’m going to cover the safe sexting emoji list and then the “must avoid” list. Some of them are safe to use if you’re just trying to be flirty, but many will end up ruining things for you, trust me on that!

Here’s what you need to know…

Ultimate Sexting Emoji List

Like I said, this is a list of the ultimate hook-up emoji icons and what you should be using more than anything. Additionally, there are some that you must avoid like the plague.

eggplant sexting emoji

I’ll kick things off with the eggplant emoji. This is perhaps the most iconic of them all because it looks like a big dick. If a girl sends you the eggplant emoji, then chances are she’s trying to tell you that she wants to see your dick. If you get this, then be prepared to send her some dick pics, just make sure you’re well-groomed.

smiling devil emoji

Another safe emoji to send when sexting is the smiling devil emoji. This one lets the person on the other end understand that you’re up for some fun and the kind that’s devilish and dirty. If you send or receive this, you best believe that the person is either flirty or they are DTF.

fire emoji

If you think someone is super hot, then don’t bother spelling it out, just send them the fire emoji and they’ll get the picture. It’s literally a way of saying, “Hey, I think you’re hot let’s bang.”

peach emoji

I personally love this one and include it quite often. I’m referring to the peach emoji. If you think that a girl has an amazing booty and you’d like to get up in there, then let her know by sending the peach her way. Sometimes I like to send the peach + eggplant at the same time to let them know what’s really up.

heart eye emoji

The heart eye face emoji can be used if you’re in a somewhat close relationship. It’s for bae or the routine girl or guy that you’ve been smashing. Just don’t use too many of these or you’ll look like a creep for sure.

flying money emoji

Some people like to use this one but I typically stay away from it. I’m referring to the flying money emoji. I don’t want to set any expectations in terms of payments being involved and soome girls can actually take this the wrong way so be careful.

Emojis To Avoid When Sexting

If you’re looking to not get laid, then by all means, all you need to do is send some of the these listed below. They are a huge turnoff based on the research I’ve done.

winking tongue emoji

If someone sends you too many of the winking tongue guy emojis then you need to run away, fast. These people are typically crazy AF and not willing to do anything. Instead, they’re all talk and perhaps even a little bit crazy.

clown emoji

The clown emoji is just god awful. Seriously, it doesn’t get much worse than this at all. No one likes clowns and they’re pretty much a huge turnoff. Stay away from this one.

poop emoji

The poop emoji is a bad choice as well. Flirting and sexting, then mixing in taking a crap? It’s just not going to do any good at all for you.

diamond ring emoji

Another you’ll want to avoid is the diamond ring. The reason I say this is that it can cause people to run fast. It’s most likely due to the mixed signals it fires off. Unless you’re truly willing to spend money on a girl and by her a ring, don’t send that emoji, you’ll just look like an ass if you do.


When in doubt, just use basic text and get the person to meet you in person for some real fun. You don’t want to ruin your chances of hooking up just by sending the wrong flirty emoji and poof, they’re gone. I’ve seen it happen too many times. Play it smart and stick to the non-creepy ones that I suggest and you will get lucky.

Now, if you’re using sites like usasexguide, then you don’t need to be sending texts anyway. However, you’re not likely to get very far in doing so. That’s why I suggest using networks that allow you to text in a network and just connect with those willing, just like I do on within the Fling.com app.

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