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New Free Dating Site Without Any Payment? No Thanks!

I get asked this question quite a bit. People want to know what’s the newest free dating site that doesn’t require any payment? They email me this question in various forms, but most commonly it’s, “Is there a dating website I can join that’s free and doesn’t require any payment at all?”

When I get this question, I reply to each and every person the very same way. My first response is why are you looking for that?

Most sites that advertise themselves as being 100% free without requiring any payment or verification are simply crap.

You heard it first here – total crap!

I'm rich AF

The reason I say this isn’t because I’m a snob or rich. It’s because it’s the truth. You need to think about it for a second and realize that it costs money to run these types of sites and apps. All these so called free networks are getting something from you, one way or another.

Now, this type of question makes my blood boil a bit, so I’m getting a bit of an attitude here but keeping it real for all you loyal readers out there.

Here’s a list of why I think you’re a fool to waste time using a site that doesn’t have any type of payment upgrade or verification service.

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Why I Avoid Free Dating Sites Without Payment Systems

1. This opens the scammer floodgates up. Trust me, the scammers come floating in. If you’ve used sites like plentyoffish.com and datehookup.com then you know that there are Nigerian scammers all over the place.

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The fact of the matter is that when you’re using a site that has no payment upgrade at all, then you’re going to have even more scammers and not just foreign ones, but local people trying to take full advantage of the gullible single guy or girl. Be ready for it because there’s no way around it if you’re joining sites without payment options and upgrades.

2. The “know your customer” law is thrown out the window. These dating websites literally have no idea who are joining their networks. In the banking industry, there’s something called the Patriot Act which requires you to “know your customer.”

Well, it’s tough to know who your customer is if you’re not verifying who they are or collecting any information from them at all. Really tough, in fact, quite impossible if you ask me. There’s no telling who you’re dealing with on the other end of that dating profile.

3. They need to find another way to make money. Dating sites that don’t have any way to collect payment need to find some way to remain profitable. You thought it was all free and no one had to pay for anything? Really? What is this, fantasy land!

Making money laugh

Dating sites cost a lot of money to run and companies need to find ways to fund things. For the most part, they’ll sell your email address, bombard you with pop-ups, redirect you to other sites and even sell your browsing to other companies. That’s what 100% free with no payments at all does to a person. It destroys them.

4. Your information is not as safe and secure. What incentive does the network have for keeping your information safe and secure? Zero incentive at all! They don’t care about your information, in fact, there’s a chance that they may not even have customer support.

Now, the premium sites offer 24/7 customer service, they have heavy security and firewalls to protect them from any DDoS attacks and scummy users from hacking other users on the network.

5. More bots typically exist. These sites without upgrades typically incorporate fake bots and lots of them. They build out fake user profiles to make the sites look more abundant and active.

This is just fine for them to do because it’s typically baked into their terms of service and they’re not collecting any more from users so they’re not worried about users getting made.

6. People put less effort into their dating. Let me ask you a question, if you had to pay $100 a month for a gym membership would you take it seriously? Of course you would. Chances are you’d go five days a week. Now, if it was free, you’d likely blow off your workout and not put in much effort. Does that sound accurate?

Don’t lie – you know it’s as accurate as it gets!

The same applies to dating, trust me on this one.

help me meme

7. I’ve never met anyone that actually got laid. Seriously, I’ve literally never, ever got laid using this type of site and I don’t believe that you will either. If you’re thinking the opposite, then you’re a fool. Actually, I shouldn’t be like that…

If you’ve had success with this type of dating network, then I want you to contact me. I’m open to hearing about it!

Look, the bottom line is that non-payment sites are not where it’s at. They don’t work and they’re a waste of time, especially the mainstream sites e.g. match.com, zoosk.com, and eharmony.com.

There are hookup style sites that are free to register, but incorporates the premium options and security as well. I suggest using one of those instead.

Oh and let me be crystal clear, whatever option you choose, it’s definitely better than taking the Robert Kraft approach to getting off. Don’t be that guy!

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