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How To Search All Dating Sites

This article is going to be short and sweet – because that’s how your searches should play out once you’ve properly set up your profile, including great photos and a unique, creative description, on your favorite dating app or website. There are actually many ways in which you can search on dating sites, including via username and many other things.

If you want to search for the girl of your dreams (and by all means, do so!), then I’d have a lot more advice for you. But this article is designed to help you “put the P in the V” as many times as you can via mobile dating apps and casual sites for adults, not cuddle.

So here are some tips for your search IF you want to get laid as soon as possible…

How To Search On Dating Sites

How To Search For Sex Using Dating Networks

Like I said, this is a straightforward approach to searching and finding people within dating sites, apps, networks – whatever. It’s quick, easy, and effective. The most important thing that you must do if you want to hook up today is…

Look for girls that are online NOW.

Getting some sugar online is a numbers game, but the most important number is RIGHT NOW-O’clock. So if a girl is online now, you have a much better chance of connecting, chatting her up (briefly) and moving on to the next phase, whether that’s booking a date or just a booty call.

When To Search

Search times will be best on weekends and after the bars close! Monday through Friday is great if you want to connect, talk, and cultivate a relationship, but people are busy with work, gym, etc. Furthermore, they can’t go out and get drunk or stay up late on dates (or having sex) as much because of work in the morning.

That’s why searching these apps and being online during weekends, and particularly bar hours will yield the best rewards. Start chatting with a girl while she’s out with her friends or out at the bars and if you play it right, once that last call hits she’ll be in an Uber on her way over to your house.

Getting Geo Focused Matters

Speaking of which, you want to search in a tight enough geographical distance where it’s easy to get to her – or have her come to you. Usually, that means about 10 miles or even 5 miles in a densely packed city. That way, it’s not a half hour ordeal just driving or taking a taxi/Uber etc. to get to each other.

The Filters

All apps or sites have search filters.

Some are based more on physical characteristics like height, body type, appearance, race, etc. All of them allow you to search by age.

I recommend you start a specific search and then get broader depending on what you find. Put in the perfect age, body type, hair color, etc. you like and see how many girls are out there.

If you have a couple dozen to choose from, start there. But if there are only one or two, expand the search a little bit – increase (or decrease) the age, take out a hair color requirement, allow for average built girls, etc.

Play with your search parameters frequently until you get a steady stream of possible candidates for Mrs.Let’sGetItOn.

Profiles To Look Out For

If a girl is just showing her face and not her body, there’s a reason for that – she’s probably overweight. Of course, she just might have a nice face, and it might just be that one photo, but if none of her photos fully reveal her figure, be warned.

Girls that fill their photos with other girlfriends tend to be a waste of time since you can’t even pick out which one she is and she’s probably intent on socializing in packs – and hard to get alone.

Also, if a girl is with another guy in her photos but his face has been X’d out or covered up, she’s probably right out of a relationship or been scorned and mad at the world.

So many guys like younger women, and that’s fine. But don’t forget to include searches for women closer to your age, or even older. I guarantee that it will increase your chances of getting laid exponentially, and you’ll usually find that more mature women just want to get laid, too, and throw less BS your way.

If a girl has 100 photos of herself in staged modeling shots, she’s incredibly narcissistic, vain – and probably insecure. You can use that to your advantage when first messaging her, but don’t linger and put a lot of effort into her – she wants attention and validation, not sex.

If a girl has a profile description or bio that reads longer than Shakespeare, she is probably nuts.

Also, girls who talk about their astrological sign are fucking crazy. But good in bed. Girls that talk about Namaste and do random yoga poses in their photos in public are fucking crazy, but yes, they are typically very good in bed.

Look for the wolf in sheep’s clothes – the one that isn’t screaming for attention or blatantly showing off her body. Those are the ones that might be the most fun and will put out immediately IF you can get their interest.


If you know how to search and what criteria to use when searching then you’ll always find the answer. The same rules apply when doing research in college, only this time you’re on a search for easy sex, not an A in biochemistry class. Now that you know where and how to search, you need a network to do the searching on. I’ve got one in mind that never fails and I strongly encourage you to read my review of the network before trying anything else.

Oh, one last thing…

Searching is just the beginning of it. You still need to make someone attracted enough to want to go on a date. I’ve written an article for the guys which describes everything you need to know in order to attract women. My advice is to read that before proceeding.

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