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Sinder App Reviews: Find Which Is Best For You?

I know that by now you’re obviously familiar with the Tinder dating app. If not, then you must still be rocking a Motorola Razr or something. Anyway, forget about Tinder because today I’m here to talk about the Sinder app. My guess is that you’ve got an idea as to what this is all about just by hearing the name. The term Sinder is referring to sex on Tinder-like apps.

Shocker, huh?

Well, I’ve been known to daringly try different dating apps in the past and the same holds true for just about every sinder dating app out there. You name it, I’ve tried to bang using it. Here is the kicker, there isn’t just one, but a bunch of these apps. The good news for you is that I’ve taken the time to showcase some of those that I’ve recently gone out of my way to try. If your motive is to locate horny women and hopefully cross paths with them and hookup, then this is the article you want to be reading – so keep doing so.

sinder dating app reviews

Find Out Which Sinder App Works The Best – Results Below

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the popular sinder dating site and mobile apps that I’ve done some digging and testing on.

Bumble – A lot of men and women seem to think that the Bumble app is one of the top sinder dating apps out there. I guess you could say is very similar to Tinder but without a lot of the nonsense that typically accompanies the traditional style app. Two people swipe right on Bumble and you’ve made a connection.

The female is in control with this one and she’s got 24 hours to get in touch with you once the match is made or the chances of having sex disappear. Sure, there are ways to cheat the system and keep the connection going for another 24 hours, but I’ll leave that for another time.

Happn – I tried the Happn app and quickly realized that it was different in a sense that it connects you with people you’ve crossed paths with throughout the day. This is a real-time app and similar to Tinder but it’s definitely more of a sinder dating tool because of the nature of it.

There are no long questionnaires or stupid chemistry tests that you need to take to get laid. However, if you’re spending most of your time in an office located in a rural area, then you won’t get very far with this. It’s more for the people that work and live in a place like NYC or even Brickell located in Miami within the financial district. If you are in Miami, please use this and not those shady classified ads getting people in trouble. I’m talking about this shady/scammy behavior here, which will likely get have you undoubtedly ending up in one of these executive hotels with some local escort.

SnapSext – This app screams sinder, giving people the opportunity to connect using geolocation technology and video text messaging. It’s like a mash-up between Tinder and Snapchat but for sexting and meeting to have sex. I love it because there’s no risk involved here and no one’s going to throw you the ban hammer if you send them a dick pic or a close-up video of you naked. In fact, it’s appreciated. Need I say more? I think not. I’ve been using it for years and it never fails.

Sweatt – This sinder app claims to help you meet fit girls within the fitness community through a Q & A style approach. The app evaluates your questions and answers and they make an attempt to match you with people that have similar preferences related to working out, fitness, lifestyle, and other things of that nature. The kicker here is that Sweatt is only available for those living in New York City. Here’s a hint, if you are living in NYC before you join this you must read this article here.

Fling – This is what I’d consider as being the pioneer of sex dating and the original sinder app. Nothing compares to it, there’s literally no competition that can touch this with a ten-foot pole. What they do is they attempt to match you up with local people looking for sex based on very specific likes and dislikes. For example, if you like brunettes that talk dirty, then you’ll be able to filter out all those within a specific mile radius and boom, you’ve officially increased your chances of hooking up with someone. Full disclosure, this is what I’d call a premium sinder app, meaning you’ll want to upgrade to get the full benefit (learn more here) of being a member. Trust me, the “hooking up guarantee” in their terms is worth it alone.

The Grade – Some people out there like to think that The Grade App is for sinder dating, which is why I’ve listed it here. I’ll come right out and say that it didn’t really work out that well for me, but you can’t always win right. Here’s how it differentiates itself from the rest. The Grade dating app uses what they refer to as an algorithm that’s objective in a sense.

They weed out tire kickers, people that might be deemed as low-quality, undesirable, and even offensive. The app actually grades your behavior and unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why I don’t like it. I tend to get some dirty talk in play before meeting someone in person and this app typically gives me a bad grade for doing so, hence the name! I guess I’ve gotten a failing grade here.

MySinder.com Teardown

So, I’ve recently come across a site called MySinder.com aka Sinder1 aka the Sinder dating site and I’m here today to tell you EVERYTHING that’s wrong with it. It’s one of those websites that are literally just trying to capitalize on people’s idiotic actions. Why do I say this? Well, it’s nothing more than a dating site that does the same thing that every other shady site is doing today.

You guessed it, they use fake profiles!

MySinder terms

Sure, the images on the homepage look good and the girls do look pretty hot, but who cares if they’re not real?

If you read the terms that My Sinder has published, you will quickly understand that they admit to using and incorporating fake profiles which absolutely will NOT help you hookup or even meet someone. They do admit that it’s not even possible to actually arrange an encounter with these profiles, so I’ll give them a little bit of credit there.

Check out the section on links…

more terms on My Sinder

They explain that all users will come across links that are pretty much just advertising to help get you spending money elsewhere so that they end up making more money in the long run. The main objective for Mysinder.com is to make money – not get you laid. That said, I wanted to cover the truth about this site since so many people may be looking into it.


One thing I will say about this sinder style dating that I absolutely love, you can basically do it from anywhere and pretty discreetly today too. Whether you’re at home, at work, at the gym, or anywhere else, these no strings attached aka mutually agreeing to just sex – apps and sites seem to do the trick. If you’re not trying to use a dating network, then you’re not trying hard enough to get laid, simple as that.

Looking for the best options out there? Peep these apps below. They’re the winners for sure.

Top 5 Hookup Apps Rating Read Sign Up
★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website
★★★★★ Read Review Visit Website

Feel free to scroll down for the full top 10 list of recommended apps. 

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