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10 First Date Questions

A first date can often be awkward, especially if you don’t find anything out about them beforehand. Finding women to date online usually helps with the icebreakers during a first date because you are going in with prior knowledge about their interests. You probably connected because you share some of those interests.

Here are some sample questions you might consider using on your first date and why they are effective.

If you are dating online, you could use some of these questions when you are exchanging messages with a potential partner and save the rest for the date.

Avoid using these questions word for word. These are just ideas to get you started. Take the sentiment of the question and put it in your own words.

“Have you lived here all your life?”

    • This will get her to talk about herself. It opens a dialogue about her life and you can reply with details about yours.

“What’s your first/last concert?”

    • She can recall a fond memory and you can do the same. This could open a new dialogue about your shared musical interests.

“Do you watch movies often?”

    • The types of movies a person watches tells a lot about who they are. If you share love for a certain movie, it will open a fun conversation where you can discuss your favorite parts and repeat quotes.

“What are your main goals? What drives you?”

    • Now that you have broken the ice; you can start getting to know more personal details about her. People love talking about what they’re passion about. It helps if you have a passion that you can discuss with her in return.

“What’s your take on (insert current event here)?”

    • The helps gauge her interests in politics and the world around her. This can be tricky, so tread lightly because politics could take things in an undesired direction.

“Do you live in a house or apartment?”

    • This will get her to give more details about her life and she might be able to begin picturing you in it.

“What do you do for fun?”

    • This lets you know something about her personality and interests as well. Be sure to answer with what you like to do for fun and hopefully, you like to do some of the same things.

“If you could choose any celebrity to be with, who would it be?”

    • This could subtly take things in a sexual direction because you get them talking about an unattainable person who turns them on. Also, it would help if you respond with a celebrity that looks like her.

“What celebrity do you think I look like?”

    • This is an extension of the last question and will insert some more sexy fun into the conversation. Please keep your fingers crossed and hope she says someone like Ryan Gosling rather than Danny DeVito.

“Tell me about your first kiss.”

    • This will help continue the conversation in a sexual direction and add more details to both of your stories.


If you get through these questions and things are going well, you might want to move on to something more sexual like, “What’s the strangest place you ever had sex?”

You must wait for the right moment for questions like this and you must be sure that she is going to be accepting of this type of question. It should happen naturally if you ask the right questions leading up to it.

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