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Why You Should Have Sex On The First Date

I’m sure that you don’t need much convincing from me, but I just want to take the time to share a thing or two about this topic. I think that having sex on the first date is acceptable. Some folks may shun doing so but most likely not you and not while using a hookup app or should I say apps!

If you’re the type that rather “meet and fuck” versus spending time getting to know each other first, then we’re on the same page! If that sounds like something you can relate to, then I want you to read this post because it’s for you. I know that first dates can suck bad, but if you’re a savage like myself, then you think they are the best chance to go in for the kill.

Why You Must Have Sex On The First Date

While sex on the first date was originally unapproved, it’s not something that’s shunned upon these days. That said, you might get lucky if you use the right tools and do the right things. If you’re still not convinced, here are some reasons why you should have sex on the first date.

Reasons To Have Sex On The First Date

Here are all the main reasons why you should “do it” on date numero uno. Pay attention…

No One Will Think Negatively Of You

The first thing you need to realize is that no one is going to think negatively of you if you have sex on date number one.

Some people may respect you more if you bang them on the first date. It shows them just how physically attracted you are to them. Don’t worry about what others think, you do you!

If It’s Good, They’ll Come Back Quicker

Good sex is hard to come by. Which is why anyone that you have sex with during a first date will be coming back for more if it’s good. They will come back pretty damn fast and they’ll do so with one goal in common, more sex.

Chemistry Doesn’t Lie So You Shouldn’t Either

I didn’t do very well in school but I crushed chem class. When there’s chemistry in the air then you just need to go for it.

Having said that, most of the time, chemistry simply does not lie and it’s something that’s damn near impossible to avoid. Do not lie to yourself, just have sex and roll with it.

Most Of The Time They Want It Too

More often than not, when you don’t try and bang the person you’re out with they get upset. The reason they are out on a first date is not to go on another first date with someone else.

They’re actually out because they want to bang. If they want it, then give it to them!

You’ll Get Some Booty

What’s not to love about getting booty? That’s what you’ll be getting and you don’t need any further explanation. When my first dates go sour, I always make a bootycall to a hot girl I’ve hooked up with in the past. Basically, one way or another I am getting laid.

You Will Know If You’re Actually Compatible

Why waste time on a second date? Find out if you’re physically compatible by having sex and calling it a day. Don’t think that compatibility doesn’t matter because it does. Some websites have annoying tests that you can take to see how compatible you are. I rather just bang and see what happens.

Your Most Valuable Asset Isn’t Wasted

Hooking up on the first date is crucial and time effective because you’re both being respectful of one another’s time. I hate wasting any of my time and I’m not going to do it if I think it’s a bad decision. The best decision is to bang each other and move along or call each other the next day for more.


Well, that’s all I’ve got for you. Just have sex on the first date. It’s the best approach. Pro tip: If you want to avoid having to deal with all these first date jitters bullshit and uncertainty, then you need to just download the Snapsext app. You’ll end up bypassing a lot of the nonsense.

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