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Scorpio Dates And What You Need To Know

If you’re interested in going on Scorpio dates then there are a few crucial things that you absolutely must know. I can promise you that whether you are on a first date trying to start a relationship or just have a one night stand, you’re going to find yourself up shits creek if you don’t know how to act with a Scorpio.

scorpio dates

Scorpio Dates And What You Must Know For Dating Success

Here are a few tips that you need to take into consideration if you want to have a successful date with a Scorpio.

Don’t Try Prying For Info
No one likes someone that seems too interested in your personal affairs. I’ve never had a date end well when I tried prying for too much information. It comes across as creepy and it’s not going to get you laid. I don’t care if you are using a site like this one or any other dating site for that matter. Don’t do it to any Scorpio because it will bite you!

Don’t Make Them Jealous

Jealousy is a motherfucker and a jealous Scorpio on a date is no laughing matter. When I first started using these slut dating sites, I tried to act cool and make girls jealous on the dates. That led me absolutely nowhere!

Don’t Rush Them
Nobody likes to be rushed. That holds true, especially for a Scorpio. I get it, you want to stick your dick in something. We all know that you want to fuck girls. I completely understand and sympathize with you. Just slow down and let her make a move or you’ll find yourself jerking off at home.

Don’t Lie
Never lie to a Scorpio date. Lying to anyone that you’re on a sex date with is just a bad idea. I always preach how important it is to never lie on your dating profile and the actual date is no exception to the rule. Scorpios may not forgive or forget easy so don’t make the mistake.

Treat Them Different
Scorpio girls love to be treated differently. They are not like girls from other signs. They love to have sex and they like to be put in their own category. I suggest you treat them as such.

No Criticizing
Don’t even think about criticizing the girl that you’re out on a date with for anything. That’s the worst move you could possibly make. If you’re trying to get lucky then I suggest that you dissuade the girl from talking about anything that may even spark criticism.

Don’t Try To Fight
If you’re trying to win a fight with a Scorpio then there’s a good chance you are not getting laid tonight. They love winning fights and if you win, you aren’t fucking that girl tonight, I promise. Simple as that really.

That’s all you really need to know when it comes to dating Scorpio girls. They can be incredible in bed but you need to get them there first. Take my advice and follow the rules I’ve laid out and you’ll be much better off! Good luck on your Scorpio dates! I hope you get laid every single night!

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