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What to Write About Yourself on a Dating Site Examples

Many people simply go numb when it comes to writing the perfect online dating profile.  I know it took me a while to get the swing of things and craft that profile that was confident, yet not arrogant.  Sweet, yet not soy-boyish.  Great pics, but not being a douchebag flaunting money or possessions.  With all that said, I’ll talk about what to write about yourself on dating sites, and even show some example templates you can use to create the best online dating profile.

Examples of Dating Profiles That Work

Let me first remind you that these are generic, so they can be used on the likes of the sites that try to get you to meet someone to marry, or the on the likes of the sites I like to use, the good old sites for hook ups that I talk about so often.  So keep that in mind, they are more or less universal in that respect.

Let’s start with some basic tips on what makes a successful dating profile:

What works? 

To the point, details, and witty / funny.

Example:  Mark, 36

Sunday fundays > lazy Sundays
Soccer > football
Beer < Tequila….but I’ll meet you for either one you prefer.

What doesn’t work?

Elongated paragraphs that dive into your life story and talk about your perfect match.

I won’t even go into this, because who would want to read it?

What Not to Do With Your Main Profile Pic:

Selfies.  It makes you look like one of those people who just takes selfies all day.

subway selfie
This subway selfie actually went viral.

What Else?

Group pictures.  You need to be clear about who you are, not who you hang out with. If someone has to find a needle in a haystack to figure out which one you are, they won’t be to keen of doing that.  Make it obvious.

Remember KISS from school?  Keep – it – Simple – Stupid.  

Remember, people swipe fast. You need to catch their attention QUICKLY.  Especially on sites like Tinder.

Try using a well-known, funny movie quote.  Maybe a joke about yourself for some self-deprecation, but make sure your photos are good.

How to Make a Magical Online Dating Profile

Of course, your results will vary and your follow up and tenacity will come into play, but here are some basic rules that good online dating profiles all follow:

#1:  They are Sincere:

When things are genuine and real, they are intriguing.  Be real and you’ll find a real person on the other end as well.  Nobody wants to talk to a robot.

#2:  They are Funny:

You don’t have to be Jerry Seinfeld to come up with something witty for your online dating profile.  Something that is to the point, fast, and sharp will be memorable.  Elongated jokes rarely work in person, we all have short attention spans as it is.  In the “About Me” section is where you can best take advantage of doing this.

#3:  No Cliche’s

Don’t lean on phrases and words that are overused.  Be original and you’ll get real attention.

#4:  Be Clear in What You Want

When you do this, they know who (them) needs to reach out to you and who doesn’t.  Being clear respects everyone’s time evenly.

#5:  Include a Call to Action

Perhaps the most important part of the entire equation.  Like they say in sales “ask for the money.” Ask for the date here.  Be blunt, and give an invitation to make contact with you by simply encouraging it. When you do this, your results will skyrocket.

I’ve made over 100 dating profiles myself.  I’m a bit of a split tester and data guy, so I’ve documented what works, and what fails. These are pretty basic tips you can include in your online dating profile creation stage.

If anyone has any further tips or suggestions, I’d love to hear them.  I’m always looking to expand this list, add to this page, and learn from other serial daters!

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