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Seniors Meet Does Not Work! (Requested Research From Readers)

I’m not typically one to write about senior dating but I couldn’t let this one go. Some people recently emailed me asking for my opinion on a site called Seniors Meet. I’ve done what I do best – analyze the f**k out of it to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong.

There you have it.  So, here’s what you need to know about the SeniorsMeet.com website. For those of you that are wondering, no, I’m not into dating senior citizens or super old people now. I investigated this because the people spoke and I know thousands of older individuals are getting roped in to make bad decisions. Simple as that and this should help them make “informed” decisions.

Seniors Meet Reviews

The Seniors Meet Review You’ll Never Forget Reading…

If you’re a senior and looking to dip your toe back into the dating scene, you might be inclined to join a dating site like SeniorsMeet.com. Part of the People Media 50+, SeniorsMeet is similar to its’ sister sites OurTime.com and SeniorPeopleMeet.com. And if you haven’t done much online dating, you might be easily lured into a scam disguised as a good deal. Let me show you why SeniorsMeet.com isn’t worth your time no matter what your age.

Don’t Set Up Jack

Setting your dating site profile is easy. I would, however, really recommend that you take a few minutes to read the terms of service for SeniorsMeet.com. In those terms, you’ll find all the things that shady dating sites do to keep you as a member and how they rip you off. The first red-flag you may or may not notice is the fake profiles.

People Are Messaging You Like Crazy On Day 1, Hour 1! LOL Mmmmkay


Shady dating sites like to make their site seem super busy, fun, and full of very hot people just looking for a hookup. If you’ve joined a dating site before and got messages from hotties before you’ve even finished your profile, you’ve been hit by a bot masquerading as a real person. The women who are pictured do not exist on Seniors Meet.

Often Stolen Pics

Their pictures are usually stolen from other sites and the info that is on their profiles is fabricated. Either bots or site employees will then assume the identity and message you repeatedly trying to keep you interested in the site and keep you buying credits to talk. These profiles are only in existence to line the pockets of the brains behind SeniorsMeet.com and you will never meet these women in real life.

Oh, You’re Now Their Property…

Another thing you might not be aware of when you join sites like Seniorsmeet.com is that once you create a profile, they essentially own your identity. Just creating the profile gives the site permission to take your photos and information and share it across their other dating sites.

They can then use your identity in the fake profile scheme I mentioned before, and you can do nothing about it. All of this is again listed in their terms and if you don’t read them, you wouldn’t know what you are agreeing to.

The Cost

Finally, if you haven’t used dating sites before, you definitely won’t know that once you purchase a membership, you must cancel that membership, or it will continue indefinitely for the length of time you initially joined at. For a one-month membership, that is $19.99 a month.

For six months that will be $71.94 and for the six-month value membership it will be six dollars more at $77.94. This will end up costing you an arm-and-a-leg if you’re not careful! Do you really want to spend that type of money for fake profiles and stolen identities? I know I sure don’t.

Conclusion: Plan On Meeting Zero Seniors, Just Saying

I have been around the block with dating sites of all types. SeniorsMeet.com is really no different in the schemes it uses to keep members and keep taking their money. If I were you, I would definitely avoid using SeniorsMeet.com and any of the other affiliated sites, they will never get you a date and you’re never going to find an actual local looking for action.

Now, ready for the good news? If you’re spending time online then why not use a site that actually delivers? There are dating networks out there that have horny older women such as milfs, mature cougars, even grannies and they deliver 24/7. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that you need to use a site that works, not one that’s going to take your money and run. Give the sites listed here a shot and let me know how you make out!

Important: The SeniorsMeet.com network has been combined with OurTime.com, so the same principles may apply.

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