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9 Reasons To Avoid Cleveland Escorts During The NBA Finals

Are you a Lebron James fan? If so, then there’s a good chance that you’re traveling to Cleveland in hopes of seeing him win another NBA Championship. While I can say that I’ve had a stellar time in Cleveland in the past, I must do everything in my power to deter you from hiring any Cleveland escorts while there.

In fact, I’ll give you nine solid reasons why you do not want to mess with any of these working girls during your trip to Cleveland, Ohio. Trust me, you’ll want to keep reading if you’re planning on heading there to watch King James attempt to make history.

Full disclosure: This is not endorsed or associated with the NBA, Cleveland Cavaliers, or the Golden State Warriors. This is simply a local perspective and guidance to help you make better decisions during your stay in Cleveland, OH. 

cleveland escorts & 2018 nba finals

9 Simple Reasons To Never Hire Cleveland Escorts (No Matter What)

Okay, listen up and listen good because I’m about to drop some street knowledge that just might say you a ton of issues. NO JOKE. Today I’m here to share nine major reasons why I suggest never even attempting to hire call girls in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Whether you’re rooting for Lebron and the Cavs or Curry and the Warriors, you better read this and understand it like it’s life or death. Remember, it just might come down to that, no lie! Here are all the reasons why I suggest you stay away from these hoes.

#1 They Overcharge

Just because Cleveland is considered to be a relatively poor city in general, doesn’t mean that call girls and escorts aren’t overcharging. In fact, doing some research, I learned that this was the one city that seems to overcharge for sexual favors versus all the rest. Again, I’m just doing my research to help you out.

#2 Fake AF Girls

Most of the girls that I tried to connect with on some of the Cleveland escort websites e.g. SipSap, Adult Search, and Live Escort Reviews all showcased girls that were not real. What I mean by that is the ads were not of girls in the local area. Instead, the girls were simply not the ones being showcased on the sites I checked out or even the local newspaper ads.

#3 They Are Dangerous

Guys, this isn’t Miami Beach, FL or San Diego, CA where the girls are easy going and smoking hot. This is Cleveland, Ohio and the girls are rough around the edges. I’m not saying some of them aren’t okay looking but they will rob you if you look gullible enough. I can almost guarantee you that much! Oh, did I mention that you may even get arrested if you hire the wrong Cleveland escort posed as an undercover? You have been warned my friend!

#4 Some Work For Pimps

Some of these girls in the escort ads work for some hardnosed thugs that don’t mess around. Sure, it may look like it’s all fun and games but I’m telling you right now. If you try to stiff them, you’ll get worse of a look than the one Lebron gave J.R. Smith when he took the ball down court.

jr smith Cleveland Cavs escort meme

#5 Too Much Work

Hiring these escorts is a ton of work. You’ve got to coordinate the whole situation, meet them, hope you don’t get shot or robbed, so on and so forth. It’s a heck of a lot of work when you could simply meet some girl on a casual dating site and buy her a couple drinks and smash. Let me think, Zero effort versus a lot of effort?

#6 Drug Addicts

Some of these Cleveland escorts running around town are nothing but broke drug addicts. They are looking to turn tricks for a fix. Yep, you see what I did there, a little rhyme time! Lots of escorts end up selling their bodies for money just to support drug habits and for no other reasons. They don’t like you or your company.

#7 They May Have STDs

Now, I’m not saying that most escorts are free and clear from STDs. However, based on my judgment I’d have to say that you’ve got a slightly better shot at getting an STD if you hire a girl from Cleveland than elsewhere. Hey, statistics do not lie folks! In 2016, the STD rates in Cleveland hit an all-time high. Guess what, they’re probably worse today! Check out the screenshot below of an article posted on Cleveland.com.

cleveland std facts
Screenshot of CDC Cleveland STD Facts

#8 They Think This Is The Best City

I’m sorry, but in my humble opinion, the city of Cleveland is nothing special at all. In fact, I know more people that have left the city because they hate it versus stay. It’s bad enough listening to die-hard Cavs fans. Now you’ll have to listen to them talk about how great their city is, gimme a break!

#9 Why Pay When You Can Get It Free

There is absolutely no reason to pay for something when you can get better quality free of charge. Seriously, I know guys that have hired girls from Backpage ads in NYC only to regret it more than you can even imagine. The same feelings will run through your head if you hire a hooker from Cleveland.

The moral of the story is Cleveland escorts are bad news. They will not enhance your experience in a good way. Just use one of these sites listed here and you’ll be fine.

6/9/18 Update: I’d like to congratulate the Golden State Warriors on winning the 2018 NBA Finals! Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green deserved it with that crazy sweep. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Lebron James and the Cavs during his free agency this summer!

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