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The Cost Of Dating In The United States

Dating in the United States today is really, really, really common. Even for the folks who are married. They’re likely using a cheating app like Adult Friend Finder or Ashley Madison to meet and cheat. Either way, one thing I can almost guarantee is that it’s going to cost you money.

There’s NO WAY that you’re going to get out of paying for something. It’s either drinks, dinner, activities, or if you’re the type that uses crappy sites like Bedpage, then it’s paying escorts for sex.

Do you have any idea what the average price of a single date is? Well, according to Match.com, the average cost of a date is $102. I’ll tell you what, that’s some garbage food and wine. I can’t get out of a meal for less than $150 in Miami, FL!

Cost of Dating In US

The Average Cost Of Dating In The US

I’m sure you’re probably scratching your head wondering how much you’re spending annually on dates. Am I right about that? I’m sure I am, and if you’re curious, I’ve got some data to back things up for you today. Again, according to Match.com and a survey they did with 5,000 people, single American’s spent about $1,600 each year on dates. This data was from a study done in 2016.

Where does it cost the most you ask?

If you’re living in NYC, then you will not be surprised that New York is where the most expensive state to take someone out on a date. It calcs in at a whopping $297.27. That’s without paying for any sex too! LOL!

California comes in at $226.35 and Connecticut at $230.34. I’m not shocked to see these so high either. When there is wealth in the area, there are women that want fine dining and nicer things in life. Hawaii comes in at $239.95 and to me, that’s way too low, especially if you’re hitting a nice restaurant in Maui or something.

Mississippi comes in at $68.29 which is actually higher than I would have thought. The cheapest date spots are South Dakota at $38.27 and Nebraska at $48.91 per date. You can’t buy a single lap dance at the local strip club in Miami for this. I’m not sure what you’re able to get in Nebraska for less than $50 other than some chain food restaurant and poor service.

How To Get The Most Out Out Of A Date For The Least Amount Of Money

Look, I’m all about saving money and pinching pennies to a certain extent, but it’s going to be tough to get away with spending no money at all. The ONLY WAY you can actually accomplish this is if you decide to join a casual sex network. For example, when joining Fling.com, you’ll likely meet people with the same needs and wants. They’d more than likely be willing to meet you at their home or your home to connect for sex without having to pay for dinner.

Now, you’ll need a premium membership for this, but it’s much more cost-effective than meeting someone on Bumble and heading to the local restaurant to shell out $150 for perhaps nothing but a peck on the cheek and a credit card balance you’ll finance for months.

Well, I think you get the picture…

Dating and hooking up isn’t completely free unless you use one of these free sites here. However, if you really wanna score, just take a shot at the premium apps out there and let me know how things pan out for you.

If you’re looking for more advice and tips, just leave a comment and I’ll be sure to help you any way I can, I promise you that much!

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