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Coronavirus and Dating: How To Avoid Covid-19

I hate to scare single folks looking to hookup today, but I’m going to do just that! The coronavirus is not something to joke about and it’s highly contagious. If you’re using dating apps to hook up with people today, then you’ll be glad to understand that there are ways to keep dating and stay safe while doing so.

I’ve got some tips to share for those who are so horny they need dating in their no matter what. These tips will drastically reduce your risk of contraction – all while giving you ample chance to still get off!

coronavirus dating tips
Image Courtesy of CDC.gov

Tips To Keep Dating, Yet Avoiding Covid-19 During The Outbreak

So, I’ll start by saying this. If you’re still going to strip clubs and reaching out to escorts then shame on you! These are two things that you should NOT be doing right now no matter what. I’m totally against hiring escorts to begin with and this outbreak only amplifies those feelings.

If you’re visiting strip clubs, then just please STOP for your own health and the health of the entire country. I’m from Miami, FL where most of these types of clubs never shut down and some of the most popular strip clubs have locked their doors and closed up shop until this thing dies out.

Take for example the infamous E11EVEN

This club has completely shut down in order to do its part to prevent coronavirus from spreading. Here’s the message that they shared with customers via social media and their website:

E11EVEN shut down
Message Posted on 11Miami.com (Image Courtesy of E11EVEN)

Now, any others that are not following suit, shame on them and avoid them at all costs. The practices that take place there do not conform to the social distancing, that’s for sure!

Anyway, now that I’ve got that off my chest, here’s what you need to know if you want to keep casually dating during the coronavirus outbreak in America.

I’ll first cover tips for those who plan on meeting people in person for the first time during the outbreak, then I’ll cover some alternatives to consider.

Get Tested

Okay, so the first thing that you’ll want to do before meeting anyone is get tested. You and your date should get tested before meeting up.

This is something that would be a deal-breaker for me if someone isn’t willing to take the Covid-19 test. Now, just because you’ve taken the test doesn’t mean that you’re good to go.

Sterilize The Area

Whether you’re going to someone’s house or they are coming to your place, make sure that you’ve properly sterilized the area.

This means wiping down high touch surfaces, running glasses through the dishwasher and especially wiping down doorknobs.

Get Clean

If this is a fling and you’re meeting for sex, then you should both lather up and take a hot shower with antibacterial/antiviral soap.

Clean your bodies just in case one of you touched something that might be carrying the virus.

Use Protection

This should go without saying but be sure to use protection if you’re going to have sexual intercourse with someone.

There are other diseases out there to catch, but you definitely don’t want the coronavirus and it can be spread via bodily fluids, so please keep that in mind!

Take Another Shower

Once you’ve both hooked up, it’s time to get clean again. You can never be sure enough, so please precaution and take another shower before interacting with any other household members.

Get Contact Information

If you’re using a dating app, this person may not have provided their personal contact information with you.

It’s important that you exchange this information so that if one of you ends up sick you can let the other person know to get tested again.

The bottom line here is that you should always remember to use common sense in this type of situation!

Alternatives To Meeting Up In Person

Trust me, these alternatives are 100% safe and interacting with people using these alternatives are definitely the BEST APPROACH you can and should take!

Now, there are MANY alternatives to meeting in person and given that keeping a social distance today is the smarter thing to do, then I’d recommend using some alternatives to physical contact.

Send Snaps

One alternative is to send nude snaps to one another in order to keep you and your sex partner entertained during this quarantine period.

I suggest checking out SnapSext.com (review here) versus Snapchat due to the policy issues with sending nudes on Snapchat. Not to mention, you’ll find more people willing to hooking via snaps on SnapSext.

Video Chats

You can always schedule a session with someone using Fling.com (check it out here) or any of the other dating apps that offer video chat functionality.

This will allow you both to climax during a mutual masturbation session via video. You’ll need to make sure that you have the right setup for this, but if you’ve got an iPhone, then you’ve got all that you need!

Pornhub Premium

Look, I’m going to through this in there as it’s something that some people use as an alternative to dating. You may want to consider joining Pornhub Premium for free instead of hooking up with people via dating app chat sessions.

Pornhub Premium

Of course, this is just good old fashioned fap-worthy material, but many have considered using this during the Covid-19 outbreak. It gets the job done if you know what I mean.

In Closing…

Once again, I want to stress the importance of remaining safe until as a nation we’re able to get this coronavirus outbreak under control.

If you’re looking for more information on this, then please check out the links below to the CDC and WHO. Use them as resources to help you make good decisions during these troubling times.

Remember, you do not have to stop dating people! You just need to date safely and preferably upholding the social distancing recommendations. Good luck and stay safe out there!

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