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How to Get Laid on POF

Many people use dating apps. Some of them use what I call the “Ultimate Hack” way of dating, and that’s through apps designed for people to meet and have sex, and others, well, they like to take the long route and use websites like Plenty of Fish, which people call “POF” for short.  Today I’ll talk about how to get laid on POF.  Before I started using my own list of apps and sites that provide better results, I did have some success stories on good old POF.  I do hate the site, for the record, however.  Read about that here in my plenty of fish review.

getting laid on POF

Having Casual Sex With Women You Meet on Plenty of Fish

As the largest free dating website today, POF is certainly stocked full of women waiting to meet a man who will sweep her off her feet.  POF may not be the best dating website, it’s definitely not in my opinion, but there is strength in numbers, and the numbers don’t lie.  There are plenty of fishes waiting for you to throw out your best chum in the form of sliding into her DM’s and seeing what’s good.

Now, there are rules and things you won’t like about POF, which is largely a reason I don’t use it anymore.  Stuff like blocking copy and pasted messages (it’s a numbers game, fellas) all the way to set age restrictions on messages.

Now, I could go on to tell you all of my hacks, but this guy, Will Freeman, spelled it all out on his website.  I’m not on the same level as this guy as far as sex advice, but what I will do is paraphrase what he tells men to do in order to start having higher closing rates when it comes to getting women to sleep with them.

This guide was pretty money, so as I said, I have read Will’s site and thought it was worth putting in my own words below.  Well done, Will.

Who Is This Guide For?

  • Men living in a medium-sized city or larger.
  • Men who look good, keep in good shape, and a sense of style.
  • Looks do matter – dress well, groom well, and lift weights.
  • Men looking to understand what the best pof profile to get laid looks like.

How to Prepare Yourself

  • Have a collection of good photos of yourself.
  • Make an account at POF.
  • Come prepared – bring Cialis.
  • Phenibut

How to Prepare Your Profile

  • Use your top two or three photos of yourself.
  • Be brief, honest, and fun.
  • Don’t make your profile sound like you are looking for a serious relationship.
  • Don’t post overly sexual photos.
  • Have perfect grammar.
  • Let people know you are in this for short term dating.

Who To Message

  • Look for women within ten years of your age.
  • Don’t waste time messaging women way out of your league or age range.
  • Don’t bother with women looking for relationships.

Messaging Women

  • Make time for it – Will suggests two hours on a Sunday.
  • Look for women that aren’t looking for a serious relationship.
  • Scan profiles, open tabs of profiles in new tabs to create a follow up funnel.
  • Find something witty to comment on that you read on their profile.
  • Use the app to reply as the messages are returned.
  • When you get a third message from her – say “I’d like to get to know you better, why don’t you give me your number and I’ll text you.”

Dealing With Non-Responders

  • Don’t waste your time.
  • Drop women who don’t reply.

Follow Up

  • Text her back when you get her text – same day.
  • Send a text like “we should get coffee.”
  • Make sure she sends a confirmed interest text.
  • Schedule a date near your place.
  • Make the date 10 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Ask her back to your place after.
  • Escalate the date towards sex.  Make out.  Touch her.
  • If she resists, try again in five minutes.
  • Don’t force yourself on her – if she’s not into it, let it go.
  • If she’s available and interested in sex it’ll happen within five minutes to six hours.
  • Many women will have sex on the first date.
  • If she doesn’t have sex with you, and wants to hang out but won’t come over, move on.
  • If she comes over again, escalate to sex, but if she declines and doesn’t have sex with you by the end of the 3rd date, it’s not gonna happen.

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