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hookup with a 50-year-old mom

How To Easily Hookup With A 50-Year-Old Mom

Bottomline Upfront: I’m a huge fan of hooking up with older women. It’s plain to see that, if you just read my reviews and articles you know that. In this article, I’ve laid out some facts and important things you need to know about hooking up with a 50-year-old woman. These mature MILFs love sex and connecting with one is way easier than it may seem. The site is called MILFplay and it’s a great network for meeting milfs. If you’re looking to try it out, click here. If not, keep reading to learn more!

hookup with a 50-year-old mom

Lots and lots of younger men have fantasized about getting a much older woman into bed with them. It’s no surprise, either. Older women know what they’re doing and they have the experience that the younger girls just don’t. The problem is that the majority of younger guys don’t think that they can ever make it actually happen.

An older woman can pretty much get any guy that she wants and she’s not going to waste her time with someone young enough to be her son. That’s not the case, though. If you know what you’re doing, you can get a woman of any age to sleep with you. You just have to be confident and know how to go about it.

Once you realize what an older woman wants, you’ll be able to offer her all of the things that the men her own age just can’t. It’s a tried-and-true method and it can work for anyone. Just pay attention and you’ll be sure to get her right into your bed where you can finally benefit from all of her years of experience and show her the kind of passion that she misses.

Be Confident In Yourself

The vast majority of young men don’t have any confidence when it comes to talking to women. It doesn’t matter how old they are or where they happen to be. You just expect to be rejected and you want to save yourself as much dignity as you possibly can. That’s no way to get an older woman.

These women expect you to be confident in yourself. If you’re not, then how can they be confident in you? You have to exude the kind of confidence that you only see in the movies. If you don’t feel confident, then you simply have to fake it. If you can go into it expecting to get rejected, yet not caring, you’ll be confident. Just realize that it doesn’t matter if she turns you down.

You’ll be turned down by plenty of other women in your life. Make eye contact with her and give her a big smile. That’s going to show her that you have what it takes to make her happy and she’s going to respond to that. Once you learn how to fake confidence, you’ll be shocked at how quickly it turns into actual confidence.

Don’t Show Your Age

Now that you’re talking to her, you have to be mindful of the topic. It doesn’t take much to really make her realize the age difference between the two of you and you don’t want that to happen. That’s going to turn her off faster than anything else that you can possibly do to her. You want the conversation to revolve around the things that you have in common and you want to connect with her on things that aren’t specific to your age group.

That means no talking about partying and no talking about the brand-new thing out there. Talk about travel and talk about current events. Even politics are on the table if it seems like you’re going to agree on them.

The last thing you want to happen is to tell her about the things you’ve been doing recently and have them perfectly align with the same things that her children are doing. It’s never a good thing to have her associate you with kids in any way. Keep it topical and only talk about things that you could talk to anyone about. That’s your first foot in the door with her.

Show That You’re Mature

Next up, you want to put your maturity on full display for her. Talk about adult things and have an adult attitude. If you veer off and start bragging about how you totally owned some noobs in CoD last night, she’s going to find her very first exit out of the conversation.

You also want to show her that you have manners. Hold the door open for her and push her chair in for her. Those are things that will tell her that you’re worth her time and not just some kid who’s out to get laid. On top of that, you also have to play it very cool once the issue of age comes up. If she ever mentions how old she is, don’t act like it’s a big deal.

Don’t even act as if it surprises you. Just tell her that she looks much younger and carry on with whatever you happen to be talking about. That should be the only time that age as a number ever comes up between the two of you. It’s not a big deal and you have to play it off. That’s what’s going to keep her interested in talking to you.

Be Direct In Your Flirting

If there’s anything that an older woman doesn’t have time for, it’s ambiguity. When you flirt with her, you want it to be direct. You want to compliment her and tell her how attractive she looks. You want to tell her that she’s intelligent and well-spoken. Be direct and say these things outright.

That’s going to cut out a lot of the time-wasting and get you right into the action. If you leave her wondering what your intentions are then she’s going to lose her interest immediately. Just tell her that you’re into her and let things lead where they may. If she starts to show serious interest and attraction toward you, just ask her out. It’s that simple.

Ask her on a date at your first possible opportunity and you have the best chance of her accepting your offer. Doing anything else will show her that you’re not ready for her and that you’re far too immature for her. She has a busy and full life. The last thing she needs is someone wasting her time or making her feel stupid for letting herself become interested in someone half her age.

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Get To Know Her

Now that you’re finally on a date with her, you have to treat her just like any other girl that you’d be dating. You can’t treat her like a fetish and just think about having sex with her. You have to get to know her and you have to have a good time with her.

Make jokes and listen to her stories. Find out where she comes from and what she wants out of life. Those are the things that she wants to talk about and you should want to listen to them here. You also have to keep up your maturity level here. When you’re out on a date, don’t order any food that you can eat with your hands. Get something that requires a fork and knife to eat.

Dress up and make sure that you’re always presentable. That’s going to show her that you’re just another person across from her. You’re not some kid that she has to look after and clean up after. You’re her date and you can carry yourself like a grown-up and show her a good time, no matter where you happen to go.

Make Her Feel Attractive

The simple fact behind older women is that they usually feel like they’re past their prime. They don’t feel as sexy as the younger girls and it can lead them to dress in certain ways that cover up their bodies. It’s your job to make her feel every bit as sexy as she thinks she was when she was 18.

That doesn’t mean you should be lying to her, though. You have to be honest about the things that you say. Tell her why you think she’s attractive and sticks with it. Compliment her whenever you can. Tell her how good she looks when she dresses up for you.

These are the things that you need to do in order to keep her with you. She knows that you’re younger than her and that can be a good way of making her feel appreciated. If a much younger man can honestly tell her why he’s attracted to her, then she will see herself in a new light. Think of it like foreplay and it will always get you exactly what you want out of your relationship with her.

Be Open About Your Desires

Finally, you want to be open about your desire to have sex with her. Take her on a few dates first, but be clear that your goal is to get her into bed. She already knows this, so being honest about it will put her at ease. She’ll know that she can trust you and she’ll be much more willing to let it happen when the time finally comes.

There’s no sense in hiding it as long as you know how to talk about it without being gross. Don’t just come out and tell her that you want to bend her over and take her from behind on the dinner table. Once again, you have to be mature about it. Tell her that you want to sleep with her and that you’re attracted to her.

There’s no better way to just get her ready to share a night of passion that you’ll never be able to forget about. Just be ready for her to be the best sex that you’ll ever have in your life. That’s the one drawback to sleeping with an older woman. She’s going to show you things that the girls your own age have never even heard about.

Conclusion: It’s Easy To Hookup With A Mature Mom

If this article doesn’t convince you that it’s truly easy to connect and meet a hot, horny, mature, mom, then I don’t know what to tell you. This article lays it all out and I even provide the best network to consider joining. Other than that, I’m not sure what to tell you! Now, if you’re looking for other sites to consider, check this list out below.

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