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MilfPlay Review: A Mobile Dating Site For The Milfaholic

If you’re a typical guy like me then you no doubt enjoy hooking up with milfs in the local area right? Well, Milfplay might just be the hottest app for any milfaholic out there that’s looking to connect with a mature bombshell nearby!

Milfplay review

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My MilfPlay.com Summary and Personal Experience

A new milf dating app has just been released and it’s quite possible that it’s the hottest MILF dating site on the Internet for those of you that like to hook up with mature women. Companies are now beginning to release more apps and websites that are more narrow focused towards on niche in order to better connect people with a clearer purpose.

In this case, it’s to connect a milf or cougar with a younger guy. Since this site is so damn new, the official iPhone app as yet to have been officially released to the public yet. So I joined the website via my browser to see what the talk was really all about. I prefer to hook up with milfs more than anyone so I figured it was a good fit.

How To Join This Site

As previously stated, it’s not yet possible for your to join this website through the iTunes store or Google play. Instead, you’ll have to fill out the join form on the web from your computer or smartphone. Then you’ll be able to download the app and start searching for women.

Here’s how to join, it’s pretty simple. Visit the official MilfPlay website and when you do you will come across a smoking hot mature woman that is nearly naked. But don’t let her distract you from you task of signing up. Start by acknowledging your gender and then the gender that you’re looking to hook up with. Type in the zip code that you plan on dating within and as well as your age and email address.

The last stage is to create a password to log into the site. Once you’ve verified your email address, you’re off to then connecting with the many milfs that are a part of this website. If you’re only looking to have sex with them and nothing more, then you’re in luck. That’s what the app is for. Just keep things cool and calm when communicating with them so they don’t think you want something serious. The reason I say this is because they want to just get laid.

Membership Stats

Almost all of the MilfPlay members are based in the United States and Canada. Last time I checked, there were at least 100,000 members. Please keep in mind that this site just launched and it’s already taking off like wildfire. It’s likely to have over a million visitors in a few months at this pace.

The Costs to Join

The cost to join Milfplay could be cheaper because it’s free to join. However, if you want to get the best out of your membership, you’re going to want to upgrade to a premium membership. My recommended premium membership is that you purchase the 12-month membership for $99.95. They do have different options for memberships, but I just went with the Gold $99.95 option and called it a day since I knew I was going to use the site for quite some time.

Best App Features

My favorite features of the Milfplay app are the online now and video chat features. I’m a sucker for video chatting and this does the trick to connect me with a milf if I can’t go physically meet up with her. The other feature that I love is the ability to see who’s online in real time. It’s really helpful when you’re horny and looking for someone locally to connect with. Lastly, there are some super hot women with more photos and personal clips than I know what to do with.

My Site Experience

I was at Starbucks and came across this app. I didn’t waste anytime logging in once I was verified and I started connecting with people. I guess you could say I got pretty lucky because one of the women in the coffee shop was a member. I recognized her from the online now feature! I didn’t approach her then and there.

Instead, I sent her a message through the app. We scheduled to go on a date later that evening. I took her to a local bar that was more upscale and not too crowded. I actually got super lucky here and was able to skip a few of the basic steps of chatting and texting because we connected in person. I was super grateful for that too! Anyway, we went to the bar and I bought her a couple martinis.

She asked me if I knew what the site was about and I told her absolutely. Within the hour I found myself in a hotel room with her just down the street from the bar. We had sex and I never saw her again. It was damn near perfect really. Couldn’t have gone any better.

What if I Have Problems

In the event that you have technical issues with the site or app, Milfplay has plenty of support. They’ve got 12 different methods in which you can connect with customer support. They even offer help via Skype.

People Also Ask

These are some of the common questions that people ask about Milfplay.

Is milfplay legit? Yes, it’s very legit and one of the best MILF dating sites.

Is milfplay a scam or fake? No, it’s not a scam. No, it’s not fake.

Is milfplay real? The site is very real and works great.

Are there a lot of women in colorado on milfplay? Yes, there are lots of women across the entire United States.

How many women on milfplay.com are in Denver? Thousands! There are definitely enough people to get you laid if that’s your location.

What cards work for milfplay? All major credit cards work for Milfplay.com and your subscription can be purchased via Paypal as well.

How can you hack someone’s account? It’s nearly impossible to hack any MP account due to the high level of security.

Conclusion: Milfplay.com Is The Top Milf Dating Site I’ve Used.

Milfplay is without a doubt one of the hottest apps of all time for those of you that like to connect with MILFs. It’s pretty economical and it works. The features are great and the site functions flawlessly if you ask me. Forget using crappy mainstream apps and start getting down to business with these mature cougars and milfs that just want sex.

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