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How to Create a Relationship with a Sex Partner

I know I don’t normally post advice on relationships, but I’ve been getting some requests from individuals to share some advice with them on the topic. Don’t worry, this isn’t a sign that I’m stopping all the sex dating and focusing on serious relationships only. I’d never do that! However, when people write me I feel the need to respond to them and give them the answers. That said, here’s some relationship advice for those that want it.

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Tips To Create A Relationship With A Sex Partner

It can be difficult when you have a sex partner and you start feeling like you want something more. You end up forming a bond with the person that you don’t want to let go of. You also start feeling hurt when you realize that you might have to share your sex partner with someone else. There are certain things you can do to test the waters and make a smooth transition into something more serious if you are in a relationship that is strictly sexual. Again, I personally don’t like serious relationships and would much rather find random people to fuck versus settle down, but the choice is yours and I need to give you the information you want.

It’s a good idea to take it slow and not blurt out your strong feelings in this situation, no matter how you look at it. If you hit them with something of this magnitude out of nowhere, it might cause some undesirable reactions and catch them off guard. You also have to take a little time to make sure that your feelings are real and that you’re not just lusting over someone. You might be feeling some infatuation after a particularly stellar sexual encounter that ends up fading away. The worst thing you can do is lead a fuck buddy into a relationship then walk out.

The first thing you can do to help transition your relationship from “sex only” to exclusive is to give your partner more attention and affection outside of any sexual situation. You don’t have to do the full-on courtship thing. That would be too obvious. Just some extra attention where you compliment them a little more or treat them to a nice dinner at a date spot that serves their favorite food. Make gestures like this outside of special occasions to show them that you like spending time with them; not just having sex with them.

You could also stick around longer than usual after every sexual encounter. Most sexual partners don’t hang around that much after sex. Just be sure that the extra time is wanted. Pay attention to your sexual partner’s reactions each time you do something extra or new that you don’t usually do. If it is unwelcome, they will let you know in their actions and attitude. If they are responding well to your new affections; you can feel free to escalate them.

One of the best ways to transition from sex partner to relationship is to make sure you’re having mind-blowing sex. The more orgasms you can make your partner have, the more likely they are to realize that you are relationship material.

Note: I want everyone to understand that I’m not advising that you get into a serious relationship with anyone. It’s way more fun to just have sex with people that you meet online. Trust me, I do it weekly!

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