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7 signs backpage ads are fake

7 Simple Signs That A Backpage Dating Ad Is Totally Fake

If you’re like most single horny locals out there, you’ve contemplated giving Backpage a try. There’s a reason why many people use this site (although I’m totally against doing so, not to mention the recent crackdown) and more often than not, those who do use it end up getting burned one way or another.

That’s exactly why I’m here to share everything I know about the dating ads on this site and what you need to be on the lookout for.

Sure both Craigslist and Backpage are shady as it gets and given that the Internet is considered to be the new Wild West, it makes sense that you try to be as much on your toes as possible.

How do you know which of these ads are fake and which you can trust? Well, there are a couple of signs that you can be on the lookout for if you stubbornly decided to use Backpage.

7 signs backpage ads are fake

Simple Signs That Backpage Dating and Craigslist Ads Are Fake

Here’s a quick and dirty rundown of things to consider when browsing through Backpage dating and other free online classified sites looking for hookup partners.

Full disclosure: I do not suggest doing this. If you’re inclined to meet someone online to casually date, then you’re best doing it in a secure platform. You’ll find the best hook up sites listed here.

Okay, time to get to the facts and what you need to be on the lookout for…

1) They Seem To Be Too Flashy

If someone is flaunting around in their sexy Mercedes Benz or even worse, their Maybach Benz, then there’s no way they are posting a real hookup ad.

Think about the shady make money online ads that you see with people flaunting a rented or leased Ferrari just to attract people. Sure, it works but it’s a bunch of hogwash for the most part.

2) The Ads Are Super Detailed

If you come across an ad that contains a lot of details then there’s a good chance it’s fake. Most people don’t post down and dirty details in the initial ad.

Instead, they share enough to make you want to connect with them in a more intimate setting. Too many details is a red flag.

3) There Are Multiple Ads For The Same Girl

If you’re seeing lots of Backpage ads for the same girl, then chances are it’s a paid ad that’s fake and with different intentions other than meeting to hook up.

They’re probably charging men to connect with them at the very least. At the worst, they’re robbing people and making them give up all their belongings during the meetup.

4) They Make Reference To Pop Culture

Make references to pop culture is a red flag. If someone is referencing movies, sports teams, memes, or anything of that nature then chances are it’s a fake dating ad.

This trend came around in the 2000’s and eventually died out for the most part. If you come across a movie reference, then run like the wind.

5) No Use Of Images

If a free classifieds ad does not display an image, then you need to be very skeptical about the authenticity of the ad. I’ve received emails from people telling me that they want to meet people that have sent messages to them but no images.

That’s a huge red flag if you ask me. There’s no reason why you should be meeting someone that avoids the use of images in a dating ad.

6) Use Of Common Images

Some people try and use common images in their ads. If you see that someone is using an image that’s been posted everywhere, then you can expect that it’s nothing but a fake listing.

I use reverse image searches (like TinEye) to determine whether or not these images are unique or common. If common, then run!

7) They Only Make “Out Calls”

Okay, so if you’re reading an ad and someone tells you that they will only come and meet you, then be worried. That typically means that they are trying to hide something from you or they’ve got a trick up their sleeve. Remember, not everyone is nice and willing to just meet you for sex. Some have ill intentions and it’s typically those willing to meet you that do.

Conclusion – Stop It

These simple tips and signs of fake Backpage ads should help you avoid from doing something you’ll eventually regret, like meeting Backpage call girls from shady ads. Just date local single girls and you’ll be far better off.

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