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Sites Like Backpage – 10 Classified Substitutes You’ll Want To Avoid!

There’s no doubt about it, people have been frantically searching for sites like Backpage over the last couple of weeks. Many are looking for alternative sites to use to meet people for sex. The good news, I’m giving you a rundown of the sites you can safely consider. The bad news, not all of these so so-called alternatives to Backpage and Craigslist are safe to use.

10 Sites Like Backpage

In fact, it might be VERY dangerous if you use the wrong sites.

But first, before I get into the alternative sites, let me share some basic information on Backpage with you. I’ll keep it short and sweet, don’t worry.

The site was created back in 2004 by Village Voice Media aka New Times Media. It first launched as a classifieds site and soon turned into the largest free escort personals site on the planet. There are LOTS of concerns about Backpage, so many that the Feds seized the website (likely for good). Which is why people are frantically searching for sites which are similar or close alternatives to it. Here’s a list of a few alternatives or substitutes that people are turning to n order to meet people posting personals ads.

Important: Pay close attention and avoid those which I suggest avoiding.

If you want to avoid all the drama and headaches of these types of sites – register here.  Hint, hint…if you do, you won’t have to pay girls to have sex with you.

The Big List Of Sites Like Backpage

Here’s the list of those most popular alternatives/substitutes out there…


This is the second biggest free personals website that many people turn to. However, what they don’t realize is that doing so is a huge mistake. In fact, the Craigslist personals section was shut down because of all the illegal activity there. Your luck has run out with this as an alternative as well. What once ruled, is now a dead zone. Sorry, not sorry. DO NOT USE.

Classified Ads

This site is run by a guy named Edward Yim and it’s a classified listings website, free to use and you can buy and sell just about anything on the site. It’s just as shady if not shadier due to not having a verification process in place. No chance in hell that you’ll meet someone other than a cop. DO NOT USE.


This Backpage alternative is yet another classifieds listing site that’s actually been around longer than Backpage.com. It started back in 1999 and it’s a free site to use. It’s easy to use but one that I suggest avoiding. USFreeAds.com is primarily used for selling pets but some people attempt to promote escorting services here as well. The site sucks so bad! DO NOT USE.


The Geebo site was founded by Greg Coller back in 2000 and it too is a classifieds site that allows people to advertise various products and services at the local level. This site was created to essentially replace the normal newspaper and the classified section printed in the back of the paper. You know, that section in the back where people post shady crappy massage discounts? Yes, that’s the section! This site made the paper ten years later for people involved in prostitution, crime and other things…shocker! Stay the heck away from this site unless you want to go to jail. DO NOT USE.

Nightshift Co

If you’re obsessed with paying girls to sleep with you, then you may have tried this site out. Nightshift.co (reviewed here) was once a huge escort forum where people could connect with working girls. I don’t know why you’d want to pay for sex, but some people are addicted to it. At any rate, this site is dangerous AF and so bad that they shut it down. DO NOT USE.

The Erotic Review

Perhaps one of the biggest sites like Backpage is The Erotic Review. Here’s the thing, this escort classifieds site recently closed its doors due to some legal issues that they were having. The site is filled with robbers, pimps, crack addicts and more. DO NOT USE.

Erotic Monkey

Another Backpage substitute that people were religiously using in the United States, but it too has shut down (for good). There’s absolutely no reason why anyone should use EroticMonkey.com (read the review here) but they did and lost found themselves in a legal bind. Getting arrested for soliciting a prostitute is a bad look in the local newspaper. This escort review site is fake AF and a waste of time anyway. Good riddance! DO NOT USE.

Live Escort Reviews

Ugh, another alternative to Backpage that’s still active but it’s a total scam. None of the listings are real at all. They all lead to Chaturbate cam site pages with live cam girls, nothing more. That tells me it’s a piece of crap and not worth visiting. They’re just out to take your money. Avoid it like the plague. I’ve actually written a review on this site – read it here. DO NOT USE.

Adult Search

The Adultsearch.com website is still up and running but it’s shady as can be with nothing but banner ads and fake escort listings. Assuming that you come across one that’s a real person, you have no idea whether or not it’s a real girl or local law enforcement setting up a sting. This is an alternative Backpage site that you want to avoid for sure. Adult Search will undoubtedly get shut down in due time, I’m sure of it. DO NOT USE.

Escort Babylon

The escortbabylon.com website has been blocked for those looking to use it in the United States. Yes, it’s an alternative to Backpage.com and it still works in Canada but you will not find any U.S. escort listings. The site is nothing but a ripped version of Backpage (which was shut down by the Feds). What does that tell you about this horrible classifieds site? DO NOT USE.

Final Thoughts On These Sites Like Backpage

Look, none of these sites mentioned above are worth using. The legal repercussions and risk including physical harm, diseases, and more are just way too much. Not to mention, it’s illegal to pay girls to have sex with you. The bottom line is that it’s completely unnecessary, considering the number of girls that exist within legitimate adult dating networks.

Full disclosure: You do NOT need to pay these girls on these adult dating sites and mobile apps. They are there with mutual ambitions of meeting people to have casual sex. All you have to do is take action. Check out the list below for the best of the best that I personally use.

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