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Nightshift.co: A Bad Backpage Replacement

You might like using escort dating sites, but I don’t and I’m here today to tell you why. But more importantly, I’m telling you why to avoid a site like Backpage that’s called Nightshift.co. There are lots of copycats (kind of like Craigshookup did with Craigslist and others) that try to take advantage of consumers and based on my investigating, this website is no different. If you take one thing from what I’m about to share below, it’s to totally AVOID THIS SITE at all times. Yes, there are many reasons why you want to stay away from it. I have held nothing back here, so keep reading to get all the details right now.

nightshift.co screenshot

Nightshift.co Forum Is An Awful Backpage Replacement And Shady AF!

I’ve never been known for being perfect. Sure I’ve done some things that would make you think twice about the choices that I make. However, some of the choices I have made have been good ones, like not using Nightshift.co. I will 100% never use or recommend this site to anyone because in my opinion, it’s nothing but a scam and trouble. But first, you need to know all about the escort site and how it works, so here’s why it exists and how people are using it.

How Nightshift Works

This site is pretty simple. Soon as you land on the index page of this website, they feed you with a bunch of legal content that essentially covers them if anything negative were to help you from using this site. It’s a bunch of crap in my opinion and doesn’t make it right. You have no choice but to basically accept those terms and move on to using the site.

The Filtering System

As you dive deeper into this site, you’ll notice that the website has some sort of advanced filter. Based on my research, the filter allows consumers to narrow down their searches based on things like location, hair color, ethnicity, age, type of girl, type of service, so on and so forth. It’s all crap in my opinion because you’re not going to every meet the local girl at the bar just looking for a casual one night stand. Instead, they are all gross escorts that you have to pay money to hook up with.

Nightshift.co Website Review

The Upgrade

Nightshift.co has some premium membership that they offer. Becoming a premium member of this site gives you inside access to the escort reviews of girls a couple of weeks before it gets published publically. Why on earth would they need to keep the reviews private for a certain period of time? I don’t understand the concept of doing this and I’ll tell you right now that it sucks anyway (in my humble opinion).

The website may also make claims that upgrading will lead to further filtering options which helps you more accurately connect with girls you want to have sex with. Guess what, these features likely aren’t going to help you hook up any faster. Paying for advanced filtering? Give me a break…

In fact, on escort directories, it’s usually the more sophisticated they are, the more data collection and data mining they’re doing. This means exactly what you think it means, they are tracking your behavior from your local IP most likely!

Different Girls May Show

Since we’re talking about the Nightshift escort website, you need to understand that the girls here may not be real. In fact, if you set something up with the girls on the site, you may find that some gross crackhead shows up or perhaps a girl that’s 30lbs heavier than the photo posted. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with BBW women. Don’t get your panties in a bundle. I guess the bottom line is that they may not be who they claim to be. I’m not willing to take any chances.

More About The Girls

There is no other way to state it, the girls on these websites are most likely disgusting and drug addicts. There’s a good chance that they are also con artists and scamming professionals. This is of course based on my own investigation and nothing more, but I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that you not use the site for the mere fact that you may contract diseases or have a run-in with some bad people if you do.

All the girls want on this site is your money, THAT’S IT.

Something else you need to take into consideration when using Nightshift.co is that that if you decide to sign up as a user and it ends of getting shut down by the federal government for one reason or another, your name will be on that list. They’ve got all the names of people that have signed up in the past and you best believe that they will use that to their advantage, not yours.

Also, remember that since the girls want you to pay money in exchange for having sex with them, you will be partaking in illegal activity based on most laws within the United States. You will be breaking the law if you pay girls money to sleep with you.

Guess what, I’m not for breaking the law nor am I for paying girls to hook up. That’s why I simply join adult dating groups that have real members looking to date that isn’t looking for money, just casual fun.

Given my experience in online dating, I without a doubt cannot and will not suggest that anyone use Nightshift.co.

Conclusion: Using Nightshift.co Is Not Smart, Avoid It!

If you’re smart, you’ll avoid this Nightshift escort site entirely. It is perhaps the worst Backpage alternative that I’ve ever come across and simply another site trying to take advantage of people lonely and horny. I do not condone paying any girls for sex. Never pay them EVER and avoid this escort forum and all the rest. If you want to hook up with girls, you need to simply connect with girls that are looking to meet with the same intentions. The good news is that there are plenty of dating networks out there that can help you accomplish this. Have a look below, those are the best sites to consider for casual sex.

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  1. why would anyone take backpage ads serious? They are mostly all STINGS. Use hook up apps, thank me later.

  2. Looking for a sexy mature woman to have sex with and a good time with no strings attached? [phone number removed]

  3. Hi in Columbia but coming to NY. What’s easiest way for quick clean discrete hookup? Thanks

    1. Ryan Malone says:

      My advice would be to join one of the sites on my “best apps” page and you’ll find someone, no problem.

  4. Ariel, Angelic Adelene, Annabelle, Genevieve. All 1 chic tried to trust her dated for almost 4 years. Got her out of lifestyle moved her to bail caught her living with a douche.they all use fake names. Tried to help her what a waste of. You can not help someone who enjoys what they do.tried to give her a better life. If you got ripped off by her I no her real name an where she’s at let’s talk

  5. You came into it like a newbie idiot anyway. Backpage had escort reviews in the past. You obviously looked at the wrong people.
    There are great escorts, both male and female. I don’t know how you managed to get this put online, but whomever reads this don’t believe this man.
    You got played is all that was.

    1. Ryan Malone says:

      Jean, thanks for stopping by. I always love when hookers who depended on backpage escort ads to generate income come and chime in. It’s laughable that they think this is legal!

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