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Private Delights Review & Alternative Escort Directory Sites To Consider

Originally published on 12-31-2018 and now updated on 11/20/21: I’ve recently updated the review on Private Delights and if you’ve not tried using this site as of yet, then you should hold off until you read this review in full. Trust me, it will be worth your time and money to do so. Find out all about the Privatedelights.ch site in an updated review below…

Most of these new escort websites are one some weird extension. Something like a .de, .ch, .ie and even .nl domains. The Private Delights website is no exception to this.

The official site is Privatedelights.ch and it’s not one that I expect you to check out. You won’t even want to do so once you’ve read this review.

Maybe you will, I don’t know really! Either way, here’s the full rundown of this escort site. Full disclosure here, I need you to know that this site is not nearly as bad as the BedPage site.

Private Delights Site

My Review Of Private Delights Escort Site

Here’s everything I know about this escort network, nothing more, nothing less. You’ll want to simply read this, not take action.

PrivateDelights.ch Overview

PrivateDelights.ch is a website that caters to those that are paid sex workers and the men who love them. While it is originally a Swiss site, once you pop on over you’ll see that they have listings for all major US cities as well.

While I’m definitely not on the “pay-for-sex” bandwagon, I can see why Private Delights would be a better option for someone looking for a quick, NSA aka no-strings encounter.

Let me start by answering a question that I get asked all the time by my readers…

What does bumped mean on private delights?

If end up on the Private Delights site and you see people talking about this, it means that a post got bumped. In other words, the OP also known as the original poster made a comment to bump the post to the top of the forum. This is a way to get more exposure. I wanted to just cover that quickly since it’s such a hot topic. Now, time to get deep into things.

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Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Most escort sites are nothing but a cesspool of lies. The pictures are usually fake to lure you in and whoever shows up on your doorstep is most likely not the person you picked from the site.

There is absolutely no vetting of the workers on those types of sites, and let’s face it, there is no vetting for the users either.

Everyone really is at risk when using any of the more mainstream escort sites out there. Private Delights seems to be quite different, though.

Again, this is just based on my personal research, nothing more!

Why It Exists

Private Delights exists to bring sex workers together with paying customers. There are actually two different versions of the same site, one for the women and one for the men.

Each person who wants to use Private Delights has to go through a screening process. There are not as many profiles of workers listed, only around 300, but rest assured that these women are genuine.

Their photographs look real, they aren’t “too pretty” and “too perfect” and “too professional looking”, but instead look like real women. Yes, they’re attractive, but the photos don’t look stolen.

And you will certainly find something that appeals to you, whether that is blond women or brunettes, thin, curvy, or even a little bigger. Whatever you’re searching for, you can find on Private Delights.

What They Need

When you sign in as a user, you will be asked to provide a short biography. They do ask that you don’t put any information into the bio that you wouldn’t want others to see and they also ask you to link an email or phone number that can’t be tied to you.

Private Delights warns you that most providers (escorts) won’t see you unless they can see what you’ve written and if you’ve left any reviews, so try and make sure to get that information included quickly.

Paying For Sex

When you do find an escort you’d like to spend time with, you will just click on her ad where you’ll find her information. This will usually be her body shape, age, location, nationality, and what she is open to doing, such as BDSM or sensual massage.

You will also get her rates depending on incall or outcall, and what methods she accepts for payment. If you’re not familiar with these terms, think of it like this. An incall would be like visiting the Bunny “Love” Ranch in Las Vegas. Outcall means the girl comes to your location.

Most of the women accept major payment forms like PayPal and Apple pay, as well as cash, Bitcoin, and Venmo. You can also read the reviews that have been left for them by other johns.

Oh, by the way, if you do leave a review on Private Delights, don’t make it obscene or leave any specific details about what you did and where you did it. You want the reviews to be pretty generic, as this is still an illegal activity in most places in the US.

Conclusion: PrivateDelights.ch Might Actually Be Different

Using an escort site is always risky, that holds true for using Private Delight as well as any other site. It’s risky for you and your health, as well as it is an illegal act. But, if you absolutely must use an escort site for your casual hookups, Private Delights seems to be an easy, quick, top option for finding a legitimate and screened paid date.

You need to know that hiring ANY girl to have sex with you is dangerous. You’re far better off simply reaching out to some horny local girl using one of the ranked sex dating apps that I’ve been using.

There are greater chances of getting laid without legal issues using these apps versus hiring some escort to have sex with you. Stick to what you know, avoid paying hookers if possible. Now, that’s not to say that you will always get arrested or in trouble or catch a disease or any of that, but hookup apps are safer – trust me on this.

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Ryan Malone is a serial dater who enjoys casual flings. He created this website for all the cocksman out there looking for the best ways to find casual encounters in all the weirdest places. You can follow him on Twitter and sometimes find him posting videos with opinions on dating sites on YouTube.

27 thoughts on “Private Delights Review & Alternative Escort Directory Sites To Consider”

  1. It’s the oldest profession in the world and I think your a moron if you think that it’s easier on a hook up site. First of all if your married you want to hire a professional cause she wont ever text, call or show up where you live. A professional waits for you to contact her. So you never have to worry about having some unprofessional random falling for you and messing up your whole life or better yet threatening to tell your significant other if you dont give her what she wants. Seeing a professional is a guaranteed thing you dont have to buy her food or drinks and go threw all the other bull to get her pants off. You just show up and get together she does what you like then you go on your merry way to your home.

    • Ryan is right. The conclusion of the review is confusing. Nobody asked for your moral stand on paid sex work, just whether the site delivers. And I can personally attest that it does.
      Mwah ~
      Mia Vida 415

      • Mia,
        Thanks for your feedback and input here. Since you’re using the site to illegally escort and collect money for services, it makes all the sense in the world that you’d have nothing but positive things to say about the site. You’re entitled to your opinion! Have a blessed day!

    • Ryan,
      A couple of things to touch upon here. First off, how can I be the moron when you’re clearly the one with that seems to be the lesser educated of the two of us (the spelling and grammar does speak to me). Next, you’re telling me that it’s better to hire a “professional” so that some girl doesn’t come along to start “messing up your whole life” and whatnot? Based on what I’m reading, it seems like you’re doing a fine job of that yourself. Carry on, dear friend.

    • Actually your the moron. You can’t get laid without paying? pathetic, this guy was trying to help your lame nerdy ass. Think how you want the females in your family treated. Yet no, you’d rather imagine the girl your paying actually gives a rip, she looks at you like a wallet and a sex addict. Both likely the case. Anyways hope you enjoy VD, court rooms or phyco’s, because your bound to catch one sooner or later.

      • EVERYONE pays for sex…..In one way or another. In fact sex in a relationship will cost you far more than a couple of hours with a working girl. Think about it, that is if you can use that peanut sized small minded brain of yours…..Sex will cost you time, emotions, sanity, as well as money….
        Everything but the cash carries far more value than the all mighty dollar. For instance Time is time….Once its gone you cant get it back…..So you spend 3 years with a woman “dating” her. At best you guys are “okay” you probably never got laid with out having to beg for it….and then Poof 3 years gone. As well as a shit load of money, and resources and now you either have a broken heart or she is psycho right.? All that for mediocre sex. Uhmmm no thanks!
        It makes sense pay a professional, have the best sex of your life, still hang with your friends, save your feelings, your sanity and probably a large amount of your money.

  2. A somewhat weird article. Not very informative and include some preconceived notions about the industry without anything to back it up. The writer seems to be mocking his audience/anyone actually interested in the site.

    • Hey Joe, sorry you feel that way. These notions are far from preconceived, I’ve been around for 38 years man…..

      • Their all different…

        ….sex peddlers are almost alway the same and 99% of the time have or have had pimps. It a disgusting scam. Stop feeding it.

        • Another ignorant comment.

          Oh by the way – one way or the other you PAY FOR PU**Y. One way is with a HOPE you’re gonna get some, the other is the Guarantee you’re gonna get some!

        • Never had or will have a PIMP! I don’t need someone to broker my pussy. If you hate the industry and subject so much what are you even doing here? You must have searched it out because you are pretty involved for someone who is not for it……So lame

  3. First off your research is lacking, you said the Bunny “Love” Ranch is in Las Vegas, if you did any actual research you would know that isn’t true at all since any kind of “sex work” including legal brothels are not legal in Clark County and are only legal in a couple counties in Nevada period. Secondly Any profession can be dangerous to your health and safety if you do not take the proper precautions. “Escorts” and “prostitutes” have always been a part of Las Vegas, and for the most part always will be. The thing is though it may be illegal it’s really not all that dangerous for the Johns as it is for the ladies in the profession. Third Las Vegas Metropolitan Police do not actively seek out “escorts” unless they cause trouble which most do not. They will however detain and arrest street walkers especially the well known ones with a criminal history that goes back a long time or the ones that are loitering around or inside businesses for too long. 9 out of 10 times if and escort comes in contact with LVMPD while they are working it’s because they either are being pulled over for other infractions or they have been contacted for their services. Yeah I know it may be hard for you to understand but it is fact.

    As for the reason these websites are using domains from other countries, well that’s simple, you can read why here: https://blog.massagerepublic.com/2019/04/end-of-service-in-us.html

    Just so you are clear, I am not a “John” nor am I a sex worker. But I do know a bunch of both as I do live in Las Vegas. Hope this clears things up for you. For any potential “Johns” all I can say is this, Do whatever you feel is right for you, but be smart about whatever you choose to do. You will likely find there are very good, safe, and friendly escorts in Las Vegas and many other cities around the states, the chances of running into a bad one is 1 in a million, unless you pick up a street walker of course. Don’t be a low balling cheapskate either. Take time to talk a little with your “date” before you just hop in the sack, get you and her time to relax, helps make things more fun and enjoyable. Always use protection and always know your STD status before and after seeing an escort.

    For those of you who don’t want to be a “John”, don’t, it’s that simple! No one is putting a gun to your head and making you do it. Don’t contact them. Do what Mr. Malone said, go use one of those dating or hook up apps, chances are you may find what you are looking for there.

    • Annonomouse, yep, you are right about the bunny ranch. That’ll be changed. I’ve been in Vegas enough to know this, this was a brain fart on my part. Too much late night writing.

      And yes, it’s like any other city, they won’t seek them out unless they cause problems.

      Thanks for clearing this up, it seemed like it was very important for you, being anonymous and all, to come make sure things were 100% factual for you Mr. “not a john or escort.” Maybe a pimp? Hey, pimpin’ ain’t easy…..

      You give good advice in the end. Solid. Please return with more thoughts. We love them.

      • Well he’s not exactly 100%. Prostitution in legal in all counties with less than 400,000 people in Nevada. That’s every county except one. That’s Clark County, with 2.2 million residents, and you guessed it Las Vegas is in Clark county. This is a concession the state gave the casino, since they believe party girls take away from gambling at the tables. Cheers.

  4. Your just an annoying complainer and you don’t like escorts don’t use them and keep your comments to yourself no one really cares what you think and on the other hand you don’t know me and I am educated a bachelor’s in health care so thank you for assuming anything about me.

    • I don’t call you names, that said, I’m entitled to my opinion. You think you’re educated, holding a Bachelor of Science in Health Care? Could’ve fooled me with the piss poor grammar and spelling that you so proudly boast. Time to go back to school. For the record, a basic undergraduate degree is not something outstanding today, it’s pretty much a requirement. Talk to me when you’ve got multiple bachelor’s, a master’s degree and when you’re a PhD candidate – then we’ll talk.

  5. Just a side note, of all things said and considered.. despite the use of a paid sex worker (gender friendly). I would say that there is just as much of an opportunity to contract std’s from your local bar hook up..

    Point A) any chick at a bar that’s willing to take you home and bang you on the 1st light after having known you for 3-5 hours, says a lot. Just because the cost of a few drinks differs from an hourly rate, Stay safe and understand that, while the chances of STDs are a risk from being sexually active- random hookup or sex worker alike.
    In conclusion, of you hear “Dont worry I’m on birth control… ”
    You never know the sexual history of a person. Oral or vaginal/anal doesnt matter – wrap it up before you fuck it up..

    Point B) with sex workers, despite the different volume (case by case of course) at least you can understand a sex worker is usually going to play it safe 99% of the time. You know what you’re getting, and what to expect. Plan accordingly..

    For the mathematical wizards – solve this.

    1 escort has 3 dates per week. Uses protection 100% often time. What are the odds of that worker contracting an std?
    A) 0 – 1%
    B) 1 – 50%
    C) 50 -99%
    D) 100%


    1 woman in a bar has random sex 3 times a week. Sometimes with protection, sometimes without.

    What do you think the odds are?
    Answer ___________%

    Food for thought peeps!!

    *disclaimer – never been with a sex worker, and never had a one night stand or casual sex. Just being the devil’s advocate. 🙂

    • The only way 100% safe way to not catch an STD is to not have sex with anyone. That’s literally the only way to keep yourself risk-free. However, you can’t tell me that an escort who has had sex with 1,000+ guys is less likely to have STDs versus a college girl who banged a few dudes. It’s pretty much a known fact that working girls/guys with serious diseases exist out there. Look, don’t be stupid, don’t sleep with some random hooker or college girls or an “easy girl” of any kind without wrapping it up. That’s a no-brainer.

  6. It sounds like EVERYONE on this thread should utilize the site because you all need to get laid. On a side note: I’ve been almost raped and actually robbed using dating apps. I know guys who’ve been robbed too. Lastly….ESCORTS ARE NOT HOOKERS RYAN. No offense to either: it’s like the difference between an rn and an lvn. Both nurses- but they have different duties and different pay grades.


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