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Adult Directory Review: Fake European Massage Escorts

Not everything on the Internet is worth your time. In fact, 99% of the sites online are garbage and they yield nothing in return for your time. That holds especially true for the Adult-Directory.com website aka Massage Europe. I’ve taken quite a bit of time to dive into this website in order to disclose all there is to know about this. Trust me, you’ll want to read it before attempting to use it!

Adult-Directory Site

My Review Of Adult-Directory.com aka MassageEurope.com

The things that some dating sites do really does not shock me even the slightest bit today. Some of the shadiest sites have really perfected the art of tricking horny men out of their money or presenting themselves as something they really aren’t.

Adult-Directory.com is one of these sites and doesn’t even really exist! Yep, when you visit the domain of Adult-Directory.com, you will be immediately redirected to another site, which is equally as shady as any other pay-for-sex site on the internet.

Meet MassageEurope.com

So, what is this other site you’ll be taken to? MassageEurope.com is a site that represents a massage parlor chain in Europe. Of course, these aren’t legitimate massage parlors, but instead are “massage parlors” that offer adults-only services. These parlors are located in most of the major European capitals but do have locations in some other larger cities.

Massage Europe Review

They pretty up what they’re doing by calling it Erotic Massage or Body-to-Body Massages, but we all know what they’re really offering: a rub and tug with a happy ending (like the girls on the Rubmap site). And don’t be fooled by their offers of “cuddling services.” They are just trying to skirt the law with their creative terminology. No matter what you call it, it is illegal.

Yes, It’s Illegal AF

If partaking in illegal activities is your thing and you want to find yourself, someone that will make your massage parlor dreams come true, you will find the process on Adult-Directory.com (MassageEurope.com) isn’t quite as easy as you’re hoping for. First, if you find a girl you like, chances are she doesn’t really exist…

Pics Might Be Stolen Or Ripped!

Many of the girl’s pictures are shown in multiple places that she couldn’t possibly get to easily or quickly. I have a feeling that these are pictures of hot girls they ripped from the internet to create excitement and convince men to come in. And then, if you still want to continue on, you will have to input a lot of personal information about yourself. I don’t know about you, but if I was going to be using a site that is known for shady dealings, I wouldn’t want to have to input too much about myself without some guarantee of safety.

No Real User Reviews

Finally, you really can’t find many user reviews about Adult-Directory.com, which makes me think that they aren’t really active. Especially since I saw that they are currently recruiting new “talent”.

The “We’re Hiring” Ad Tactic

Adult-Directory.com has an advertisement to try and hire new girls. They want women who are either students or women over 18 that want some side work. Basically, they are an escort agency that will charge a commission on behalf of the girls and organize all their “dates.”

This means the girls do all the work and the agency gets a cut for doing next-to-nothing. I mean, I don’t much like escorts, but I really don’t like agencies that take money from someone working their tail off on a regular basis.

Conclusion: Adult-Directory.com Sucks, Move On To A Real Hookup Site

I really found nothing positive while researching Adult-Directory.com or MassageEurope.com or whatever they’re currently calling themselves. No matter how you “pretty it up” it is just an illegal escort site posing as a semi-legitimate massage service site to try and keep off the government authorities radar. If you are smart you will completely avoid Adult-Directory.com and find your casual hookups on a legit dating site for adults only. Not sure where to find them? No problem, there are TONS of them out there but I’ve listed the best of the best right here.


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