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Doublelist Review and 11+ Free Alternative Sites like Doublelist.com (2023)

Article Summary: This article answers all the questions you have about Doublelist.com.You will learn all about the Doublelist alternatives, how to use the site, the features, types of users you’ll find, which cities have the most users, alternative adult personals sites, and more. If you’re looking for my favorite alternative to this, check this out here. Whatever you do, definitely read my Doublelist app review before joining.

For a while now, Doublelist has been the go-to site for finding personal ads with a good variety and plenty of opportunities. But this has changed in recent times, and people have grown bored with the Doublelist offers, and have gone searching for other alternatives.

We have done the homework and searched through any such websites. We use more advanced analysis methods than the regular person, which means our results are substantiated with proof and you can rely on them. Plus, we have only included the personal sites that offer free services so you can have the best of the best.

Doublelist homepage
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Doublelist (Review + Alternatives Below)

What the heck is Doublelist? That’s what you might be asking yourself now. Well, Doublelist.com is the replacement for Craigslist, the largest classifieds site where people can post ads looking for relationship options. The design of Doublelist is very good, and people can post ads looking for a date, a companion, or a relationship of a sexual nature. 

The site is relatively safe, with ways to filter out most of the creeps. This leaves way for exploring your sexual desires without any worry or fear of being ostracized. This website is rather new, so many of you may have not heard of it before, but no worry, here we’ll introduce you to Doublelist and all its offerings, along with suitable alternatives.

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How To Use Doublelist.com?

The Doublelist.com website requires its users to open an account and they are free to post their ads. The design of the site is intuitive and its use is straightforward. Along with the section for posting ads, there is an educational section with articles on sexual education. You may think you know a lot about sex, but there is always something new to learn.

The site also has a chat feature where any user can strike up a conversation with anyone else on the site. The contact between the users is simple, just message anyone you like through the message option on the ads.

To simplify things, there are filters that can be used to filter out the people who share the same or similar interests with you. The filters include gender and sexual orientation, so you can have options narrowed down to your wishes.

To facilitate the meetings between people, one of the filters is geo-location, and you can select to meet only with people from your immediate vicinity. You can be certain that you are talking to real people, as each profile is verified by a phone number.

There are advantages of using Doublelist.com and other similar sites, as there is no guessing what the other person is after. There is also convenience in using the sites at any time of day, and there are plenty of other features that make this way of finding a match the preferred way for many people today.

The downside is that Doublelist.com still does not have a dedicated app. But to remedy this, the site is very mobile-friendly, so you can access it from your mobile device.

Who Can You Find On Doublelist.com?

The Doublelist personal community is wide in terms of wants and needs. You can find anyone who is looking for a person to date or simply to hook up with someone who knows of the struggles one needs to face. The matters are even more difficult when looking for a simple one-night stand. The other person may expect romance, while you are after sexual fulfillment only. This is unfair to both sides, as no one gets their expectations met.

To help fix this, people have turned to online dating. This manner of finding people with similar interests helps eliminate plenty of unpleasantries that may arise otherwise. The personal ads clearly distinguish the relationship a person is after, and you are in the clear from the start. People who share similar interests can make contact through the ads and make further arrangements. 

The largest site of this nature was Craigslist Personals and it was immensely successful. Still, this section was shut down in 2017 under the FOSTA act. This act states that the site is responsible for the actions of its users, and if any person would post an ad for sex services, the site owners would be responsible and would be liable in court.

The closing of Craigslist Personals gave way to other similar websites to gain momentum, and one of these is Doublelist.com. This site has better security and hopefully better filtering out the creeps within the system. The verification process makes it much safer, and the improved interaction options allow better communication between the parties. Of course, you’ll have to get yourself a Double List login in order to take advantage of it all. 

Scammers are a real threat on sites like these, and there are plenty of sites that have poor security measures and a multitude of fake profiles and users. The biggest threat is the risk of credit card scams. Luckily, Doublelist.com and the other alternatives we’ve listed here are well protected, and the users can safely and securely use their services.

Most Popular Doublelist Cities

Here’s some information on which locations throughout the United States are most popular in terms of consumers using Doublist. How did I determine this? Well, I looked at the trends and demands within fifty cities or towns. If one is listed below then that means it’s popular. In other words, the Doublelist Chicago member section seems to be the most abundant of them all. Anyway, you get the idea. Just trying to share some local city and town data with you.






Kansas City


San Diego





Las Vegas







Fort Meyers


New Orleans


New York City

If your city isn’t listed above it doesn’t mean people are not using the platform. It only means that they’re using Double List as much as they are in other cities. Either way, you’re going to want to have something else in your back pocket, which is why I’ve got some alternative sites similar to this one listed below.

Common Misspellings Of Doublelist

I’ve got a real bone to pick with ALL the people trying to access the Doublelist website. It’s pretty pathetic that I have to even cover this but because it happens so frequently I’ve decided to share it with you. People spell the brand name incorrectly more than any other casual encounter name out there. For that reason, I’ve done the research and have decided to share all the misspellings of Double List and how people totally mess up their hookup chances because they cannot even successfully end up on the right website.


doubke list





dounle list




double listing

doubble list


doube list









double lost


doible list





doubles list

It is absolutely ridiculous that people cannot get this simple spelling correct. Please, for the love of all that’s good in the sex dating world, figure out how to spell people!

Top 11 Personal Ads Sites Like Doublelist

Without further ado, here is our list of the best personal ads sites you can use for free now!


Fling blue background

This Doublelist personals alternative site is crazy popular and famous for helping people hook up. It just might be the best of them all. Having flings today is way more popular than traditional dating. So if you’re looking for something casual, this network will fit your needs and make it easy for you to connect with horny people. Trust me on this one! It’s the best of the best as far as hookups go!

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder, or AFF for short, is a website that offers plenty of opportunities for finding your new adult friend. The site has a very large user base, and there are people with different interests, needs, and wants.

The site’s main focus is on helping people find hookups. That’s why it made this list. However, there is plenty of other content as well, like blogs, forums, chats, live cams, and things like remote sex toy manipulations. Talk about options, right? The only downside to AFF is that they need to improve their filtering options.


Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison Blue Background

The infamous adultery site, Ashley Madison is still a great place for people to find a hookup. This site offers a way of finding a person to spice things up in the bedroom or find a lover suited to your wants. The excellent privacy options that Ashley Madison has in place make this a great option for people looking for purely sexual encounters or looking to stray outside the marriage. If you want affair sex without headaches, this is it.



Instabang Blue Background

The name of this site is pretty self-explanatory – find a friend for an Instant bang. The whole process of finding a suitable partner is straightforward, and all the users of this site understand it, as all have the same ultimate goal.

The user base of InstaBang is open, and there is a lot of sex talk everywhere on the site. There are plenty of other options you get like live streams, rating of the members, and interactive games, all of which make it very fun to find a casual sex partner. 


Fuckbook Blue

A copy of Facebook, but with another goal in mind, Fuckbook is an online place where people go to find casual hookups. The site has plenty of features that enable easier communication between users, and worthy of commendation is its messenger feature.

Their algorithm for matching people is excellent, and the filters are amazing. There are extra features like live cams and more, but these are not available in the free membership option. We need to note here that FuckBook is only focused on finding someone to have a fling with.


Wellhello Blue

This online place offers the chance for people that share similar wishes to meet and interact. Here you can find a date, someone to talk to, or even someone to have sex with, as the site encourages all its users to openly share their desires.

The site has excellent search and filtering options, but there is a downside as well. This pertains to the completion of the profiles, so you can miss on someone that would be a good match for you, or you could get matched with a person with completely opposite desires and interests from yours.


Uberhorny Blue

The people who designed UberHorny have outdone themselves, and this site has a lot of excellent features and options. There is also an excellent customer support system, and all questions get answered almost instantly.

UberHorny’s search and filter options are great, as are the galleries and the live streams. For a fee, users get access to premium live cams. The main focus is on people who are after hookups, so if you are after a long-term relationship or a friendship, then UberHorny is not the place for you.


So Naughty

This SoNaughty network is an online place that caters to both people looking to get naughty and people looking for friendship or love. The users get to customize their user interface, thus getting a unique user experience focused on customer satisfaction.

The extra features include live cams, adult chat rooms, and more. For better catering to your needs and desires, SoNaughty offers quizzes that the users answer. Based on your answers, the moderators tailor your user experience and offer the best matches for you. 



I love AssTok. It is the sex version of TikTok and it rocks the house in terms of classifieds. This is a website with the main focus on hookups. There is an almost equal number of male and female users. The female users get all the premium options for free, and this is a large part of the appeal for joining this site.

The users here can search for a casual hookup, or friendship, or even look for a person for a serious, committed relationship. The AssTok website lacks some special features and it does not offer special features, but it is still a good place to find a hookup.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish

This site has a large user base, explaining the name of the site, as there is plenty of fish in the sea. The main focus of the PlentyOfFish.com website is to help its users get an appropriate hookup.

The free options are amazing, and people can find a lot of options and easily get a hook-up matched to their desires. The user interface is simple. If you expect flashiness, this is not the place for you. All the focus is on providing a better match and easier hookups. 


The last entry on the list is a website with plenty of personal ads, as from all the other listings here, this is most like Doublelist.com. Bedpage has similar functionalities, with categories and search options.

Now, the filters are good, and the geo-location search allows you to find a match near you. The users need to have a verified profile, which ensures they are talking to a real person in a safe and secure environment. The focus on the site is on sex meetings, so you are not likely to find a date or love here. 

Conclusion: You Have Lots Of Options

Doublelist.com is one of the premium personal ads sites online. It operates as a substitute of a kind for Craigslist Personals. The site offers plenty of options and extra features. It requires all its users to have verified profiles, making it a relatively safe and secure platform. This is a good option and people that are after a casual hook-up can freely use it.

But to help you get a better grasp on the available options, we have made a selection of the best personal ads and online dating sites that have similar features ad Doublelist.com. On our list, you will find sites like Adult Friend Finder as one of the best places to find a casual hookup. 

There are also InstaBang, FuckBook, and Backpage as entries on our list, and several others that make it easy to find casual hookups and dates. All of these come with excellent features, and all have a free membership, albeit with limited features which still make it possible to find a partner for a romp between the sheets.

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Ryan Malone is a serial dater who enjoys casual flings. He created this website for all the cocksman out there looking for the best ways to find casual encounters in all the weirdest places. You can follow him on Twitter and sometimes find him posting videos with opinions on dating sites on YouTube.

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  1. I don’t know why I was kicked off double list. They won’t answer. Can you help ? Are there any totally free sites like double list? Thanks

  2. I was also kicked off they said i was to explicit in what i wanted i thought that when i joined that as long as it wasnt sex for sale it was alright i guess i all depends on what person makes the opinion if it too resque Maybe just for that person i went no forther than i did any other time

  3. Since doublelist started charging , I no longer go on it. Not that it was that great to begin with. But since it has changed , it has only got worse. I no longer use the site.


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