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P411 Review & A Few Amazing Preferred411 Site Alternatives

I’m been on a rampage lately since the whole Backpage.com takedown, trying to search out escort sites to review them. One that I’ve just recently reviewed is P411 also known as Preferred411. What is Preferred 411 you ask? Have no fear, I’ll explain.

This site is a bit different from the rest as they keep things very private but that doesn’t mean that it’s any better than the rest. I took the time to dive into the site so that you can get a better understanding of what it is that this site has to offer.

What I can say before getting into the details is that you should not be hiring any escorts period, especially those listed on P411.

Don’t worry, I’m explaining exactly why I suggest avoiding this escort site, not leaving you in the dark at all, I promise…

Before I Dive Into Things: If you’re worried about getting in trouble hiring outcall and incall girls (and you should be) then you should probably try an alternative to P411 that can get you laid without the potential issues. My advice is to try my favorite app first. It’s much cheaper and safer than hiring preferred 411 girls.

P411 screenshot

My P411 Review Reveals All – Do Not Use Preferred411.com

Okay, so here’s what you’ll find when you visit the website. The site looks like an outdated spa services website which is likely displayed like that purposely.

My guess is that they want to avoid getting labeled as the typical bad escort directory e.g. eccie.com and eroticreview.com. They don’t allow consumers or escorts to access the information without being registered as a client or a companion.

I took a close look at all the information and details that the website provides. Here’s what I can tell you…

The Terms basically iron out everything about the P411 website and they come out and explain the exact reason why the site is to be avoided. I’ll kick things off by explaining the restrictions for call girls.

How To Join P411

If you’re an escort looking to join the site, then you’ll need to pay for a membership. The website comes right out and states that they can and will revoke memberships, deny applicants, and cancel escort memberships anytime they want and you will not be given a refund for your application fee.

Now, for John’s looking to meet escorts, they aren’t accepting any members right now, but they may in the future. If you do decide to become a member of Preferred411, you’ll be required to submit images as well as other forms of verification to verify that you’re really who you say you are.

Sure, it’s safer for the escort versus using sites like the Listcrawler.com who doesn’t verify, but you’re opening yourself up to potential legal issues if they get raided. I’ll explain more, just keep reading. Oh, let me not forget that the website can cancel, revoke, and deny your account at any point in time.


When you become a member of P411, you’ll be subjected to advertisements and marketing material the entire time you’re on the site.

They’ve all been posted by third parties and Preferred411.com makes no guarantee or warranty of the ads being placed. They do not claim to be liable for anything posted and they admit that the information/ads might not be accurate at all.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not thrilled to hear that I have to pay for a membership, provide personal information about myself, and possibly get fed inaccurate information that might even be dishonest.

Local Law Enforcement Agencies

The preferred411.com website misleads you into thinking that they will not disclose your info without your approval. However, they absolutely will act as an open book if a local law enforcement agency approaches them and makes requests for data.

In other words, your data isn’t safe and it will be shared with whomever they need to share it with. Paying for a membership is going to do nothing to protect your information, period.

Preferred411 Not Liable For Anything

As a member of this site, you have to agree that P411 is not to be held liable for anything that you do on this site.

In other words, if you get robbed, a disease, or anything like that, they refuse to take the blame for your bad decisions. Sounds like something worth paying for right? WRONG.

The site right out there stating that they do not condone in partaking in any illegal activity. Last time I checked, hiring someone to have sex with you for money was and still is illegal.

I’d also like to add that the company behind this site is located in the UK and that they don’t have any real customer support, just a submit form and email address. Sounds real comforting to me!

Ripoff Report Tells All

I dove into a few of the Ripoff Reports submitted on this site and they are awful. Truth be told, they’re as bad as I’ve ever seen, seriously. Most of them were reported years ago, but it just tells me the truth about this website.

Preferred411 Ripoff Report

Conclusion: P411 Should Be Avoided

Look, the bottom line is that paying for a membership on Preferred 411 isn’t going to protect you. It’s also not gonna prevent you from having to pay girls to have sex with you.

It’s a website that must be avoided at all costs and as far as I’m concerned it’s no different or better than those other awful escort networks.

If you want to get laid by girls who aren’t asking to get paid, then simply join an adult dating network. I’ve listed all the best that I recommend below. If you can’t get laid for free using those networks then you’re out of luck, sorry!

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32 thoughts on “P411 Review & A Few Amazing Preferred411 Site Alternatives”

  1. I have never seen such an idiot talking about a great website like this after just reading about “terms”.
    Stop trashing the website and tell people where to go and where not to go. If you have never been a part of this website, you have no reason to review it!
    P411 is still safer than going on Eros or any of those sites you mentioned.
    P411 has verified each person with real pictures and names. While other apps, websites have fake ads and photoshopped woman asking for $200. Oh and they are around 40 yrs old. If that’s what you all looking for then look there, but don’t be trashing around about p411 if you have never been a member!! So disrespectful.

    • Hey Megan!

      I’m an idiot. I’m disrespectful. Yet you are out there on an escort site, just waiting for your time to get pinched. So who is worse?

    • Megan, I have some questions about the ID verification to unlock my account. I’m really nervous about that is there any way around it?

  2. God damn, this is a dumb review. It’s painful to read, actually.
    “The site right out there stating that they do not condone in partaking in any illegal activity. ”
    Seriously, that’s a gripe? It’s called plausible deniability.

    • Hey Jim,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my “dumb review.” I know plenty of people in jail singing the same song about plausible deniability. Good look skirting the law, amigo. Stay out of trouble.

  3. Obviously a scorned individual who was kicked off the site or has no clue about the industry. You can tell by his immature insulting comments towards the site and other commenters. Most of his “facts” are misleading. Escorts do not pay to be on this site. This is one of the safest sites out there for escort/client relations. Disregard this nonsense.

    • I took a look at your profile EroticMonkey.ch profile. You’ve got unverified photos of you supposedly being a runway model yet you’re turning tricks on an escort site? Seems legit…

      • That’s correct. That website made a profile without my consent or verification. I just found it the other day! Websites like that steal peoples photos and put them up to get people on there. Unlike p411 where they are submitted by the provider and not stolen.

  4. YOU are an arrogant and ignorant schmuck who has a hatred and hardon against escorts and ALL escort sites. Since you start off telling readers that they shouldn’t ever use any sites, why the hell are YOU setting yourself up as a reviewer of same?? Seems to me you’re akin to a moron who hates Italian food and then reviews Italian restaurants. As to your facts: first off, you are 100% misleading and wrong in asserting a user risks absolute criminal liability. Only a user who actually writes/offers that he is paying money for sex (2 discrete elements which MUST be linked) can have liability; any prospective user should have the brains to use specific circumventional language and avoid have liability. Even if raided, the government could NOT use a user/advertiser’s mere presence as grounds for a charge of patronization/solicitation absent the aforesaid language. YOU are a pretentious prude who knows nothing whatever about criminal law and procedure.

  5. Look, the bottom line is simple and I don’t really care what anyone else says. It’s 100% ILLEGAL to hire an escort and pay them to perform sexual acts. That’s a fact and although some of you may disagree with my opinions and thoughts about these escort sites, you cannot deny that a lot of human trafficking occurs due to the existence of these shady websites. I’m sorry, but facts are facts and unless you want to get arrested, thrown in jail, and slapped with a bunch of fines, then you should stay the heck away from all of these call girl directories.

  6. Oh James L. Rosenthal,

    There is no hate in my blood. Please read my posts as a sign of caution, or end up in jail.

    Clearly you choose not to read the commentary I put out there, and clearly you are out here assuming that people don’t get busted for being JOHNS. You, my friend, are a JOHN. I write very often about JOHNS LIKE YOU getting busted in the USA.

    If you read my offshore mongering guides, you’ll see there is no hate against your “hobby” as you call it. Just do it in a legal jurisdiction. Suggesting otherwise would be criminal. Come back with facts, and not lobbing out what you feel my agenda is.

  7. I find it odd that someone who is advising against hiring escorts, which to the logical person, means he, himself is not in the hobby, is not only visiting escort website, but is delving in far enough to do a research study of it….and not to mention gets a few key facts wrong…….if you are an active member, why bother reviewing??????Isn’t that like someone reviewing a restaurant or movie, but actually never going to either, but bases a review on the menu or trailer only??????? And for someone who thinks he is doing a great service by “reviewing” a site he knows nothing about except what he can glean off some legal verb-age and then insult everyone who actually can give legit info and credence, is off putting to me and rude to all others…….where P411 excels is keeping idiots like this off their site

    • and while it is illegal to hire escorts for sex, it is not illegal to hire them for their company…fine line, but it is a line and if you have half a brain, you can stay of the right side of it…..Dude, you sound like a bitter, unsatisfied individual just ranting about some odd slant you have on a world you don’t know or understand and then getting defensive when corrected….and then bullying everyone who questions your misguided opinion, and the RUNNING to yet another escort website, albeit a lower station one, to try and pull off an “I GOTCHA”……if you really want to blog on this subject it would make sense to take the useful info provided here and revamp so of your gross errors and misstatement….

      • Reanne, I looked you up on AdultLook and a bunch of other escort sites. I know you’re selling your services and don’t tell me you’re not sucking dudes off and if so, that you are doing it free of charge, for fun. I don’t buy it – not for a second. Stop getting mad because I’m telling it like it is.

        Hugs and kisses (only with a full-body condom),

        • Hilarious, wow. I know, I’m getting hammered! Likely similar to what your mom was trying to do when she joined all these sites but failed miserably because they don’t work.

    • Dear Reanne,

      With your comments, you are a glowing representation of why I advise people not to joint P411.

      Thanks to your lack of grammar, ridiculous claims, and clear escort-speak, many people will continue to avoid P411 and all the trash that congregates there. Totally appreciate you putting an exclamation point on my perfect review.

      • Hey…thanks for proving my point…….anyhoo…..don’t see any agreements or accolades in support of your nonsensical review…..who are you attempting to write this for or what audience are you gearing this to? It can’t be the escorts nor the hobbyists, so are you are just blogging for your aggression release? You seemed to have done some research, but why bother? Outside of the folks who “use and appreciate” p411, no one else has even commented….where is your audience???? Or just playing to yourself? You don’t use the system but insult everyone who does, and tear off in a childish direction to point fingers at situations that aren’t even part of the subject you are ranting about……….if you don’t want experienced answers or corrections to your ranting blurbs, to a subject you are shut out of, don’t stick them online…or is this your attempt at mental masturbation in a world where you never entered??????

    • Fred, why would I fuck myself when I can just fuck your wife and mom? I’m assuming they’re listed here and on a ton of other sex dating networks…just sayin…

      Have a nice day!

      Toodles ~ Ryan

  8. You seem to have access to a lot of escort sites for someone who isn’t into it. Why, the moral superiority. Does your shit no stink like everyone else’s. You are obviously young by your responses. Once you get a bit older you will realize life isn’t that black and white. Yes, some bad things happen in the sex trade but for a lot of these people, they enjoy sex and get paid really well to do it. For the Johns sure some are sad sack but most are just out to have some fun instead of going to a movie they want to fuck a stranger. No big deal. When you get a bit older you will realize those hang-ups you have really aren’t that important. I’ll let you know a secret we all die in the end. Lighten up and have some fun.

  9. Are you wanting free sex?
    I assure you nothing in this life is free
    You will have to buy meals, drinks, flowers, gas to pick her or him up, oh yeah you have to hear her or him yap about their feelings on everything…after all of that.
    You MIGHT get laid…
    Maybe this system that is frowned upon makes people that can’t afford it mad.
    It’s a cut and dry here’s what’s going to happen. After this no feelings, no texting back and forth about when am I going to see you again. It doesn’t seem to be as tawdry as you make it out to be.
    Last thing, I wouldn’t go bashing this stuff because karma might end up putting you or someone you are close too in the pit with the ladies and gentleman you are bashing. Seeing it from another perspective might be all you need to humble yourself.
    Good luck in the future.


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