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AdultWork.com Review: Main Reasons Why The Sex Worker Site Totally Sucks!

The adult industry is a wild one. I’ve been the doing a lot of research over the last few months and one of the sites I’ve been sniffing around in is AdultWork.com. Most people using this site likely end up leaving the site because they find out its garbage and not going to get them laid.

So typical it’s unbelievable. I hate the this and so many other sites that deceive consumers, tricking them into thinking that they can actually get somewhere with the services they advertise.

What I need to make very clear here is that if you’re using AdultWork and other sites like this one, then you’re going to end up doing so at your own discretion and responsibility. In other words, if you get scammed or fooled – it’s YOUR FAULT.

Don’t worry though, you will not because you’re reading this article today and you’re taking precautions to avoid risk – 100%.

A pat on the back from me to you for doing that today. Now that we got that nonsense out of the way, time to share some more information on this sex worker site and why you need to avoid it.

AdultWork homepage

Four Reasons Why AdultWork.com Is Not Worth Using

Here are four of the main reasons why I don’t like this site and why you should avoid it at all costs…

Poorly Structured

This site is so disorganized it’s unbelievable. The main reason why I don’t like adultwork.com is that it seems like every single click is nothing but a weak AF advertisement for some awful service.

They try to segment these so-called services in order to keep you enticed and curious, but it’s nothing but a plot to siphon you to some shady advertisement. You’ll find things like phone chat sites, SMS chats, webcams, local escorts, movies, photos and other types of ads.

While by the sounds of it, you think that it’s totally awesome that they have all these options, but you don’t get anywhere here. In fact, the various sections of the site are nothing but dead ends based on what I know and have seen. In other words, the categorical sections of the site don’t function as they should and many don’t function at all. So, you’ll need to deal with classified ads that suck and escorts that scam you along with some half-ass technology that just doesn’t function the way that it should!

Basically, the site is weak as it gets.

Crazy Scammy Links

You’ll notice that this website has links to third party sites that you need to avoid. It seems almost impossible to dodge these spammy links as they basically lead you to nowhere good. You’ll notice that the site contains links to sites like Swingfree.co.uk and other terrible dating sites.

Not sure what swingfree.co.uk is? Well, it’s just a swinger dating site or community that tries to present itself as being the end all be all for all things swinger related. I’ll have you know that it’s nothing of that short and a super shady network. The site is basically a clone of the adultwork.com website.

Fake Featured Profile Ads

On most real dating sites, they showcase members willing to spend money to get their profile put in front of more people. Well, Adultwork.com tries to offer the same thing for the escorts posting ads but from what research I’ve done, it seems like this feature or function doesn’t even exist.

These featured profiles are not the same as the ones on my top 3 networks. So, don’t think that they’re going to lead to hooking up here on AdultWork because they will not. Well, not unless you want to spend money and take the chance of perhaps getting robbed by some pimp or thug.

Consumers Hate This

Most of the consumers that I’ve spoken with either hate this site or they don’t trust it. What can I say other than I agree with their opinion? Aside from the poor technology, bad UX/GUI, ugly girls, and the shady links, it’s nice – LOL. Just kidding obviously, this is as bad as it gets.

Conclusion: AdultWork.com Will Not Get You Laid

If you’re even toying with the idea of using the adultwork.com site, then you should think twice about doing so. Taking just a few minutes to read this review should give you a clear indication that the site is full of bugs, criminals, illegal activity and possibly more.

Do yourself a favor and stay the heck away from this site! If you want one that works – read this list.


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