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Independent Girls Board Review: Overpriced Premium Membership, No TOS, No Privacy Policy = Shady AF

Some people are going to be pretty pissed off at me after reading this review, while others may be super happy. It depends on what side of the coin you land on, to be honest. My review today covers a website called Independent Girls Board aka Indiboard. The site claims to be a great escort review site for those looking to connect with South Florida hookers and Miami escorts, (indie board escorts ft laud included)
but it’s nothing of that sort.

In fact, if you’re turning to this site in an attempt to meet some local hooker then you’re without a doubt out of your friggin’ mind! I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to hire girls to have sex with you. You’ll understand that very shortly once you finish reading this review.

However, what I need you to realize right now is that this site is not your friend. They will not help you out if you get in a jam and ultimately you’re putting your health and wealth at risk in my opinion. Read my review before you take any action here.

IndependentGirls Site Review

My Review Of IndependentGirls.com

First thing is first, I’ll come right out and say that I think this site sucks – BIG TIME. If you’re looking for a professional escort website, then this is not it.

At first, you won’t even know what the hell the site is. The main page is nothing other than a blank white page with one link that leads you to the actual board. This is the meat and potatoes of the site, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it that because it kinda sucks. Well, not kinda, it DOES.

When you first visit the board, you’re going to notice that there are more than a half dozen banners and ads all over the site. You’ll see ads for things like South Florida escorts, Platinum Pleasures, Queen of Hearts, and VIP Club Rates.

independentgirls ads

It’s all a bunch of hogwash and the sites advertising here are shady AF. They are the type that I would say are not worth spending your time and money on. In fact, I wouldn’t even attempt to put any credit card or personal information on any of these sites, period.

The VIP Specials Are Whack

The Independent Girls Board website tries to spin this board as if they’ve got a bunch to offer. You’ll notice that when you click on the VIP Treatment offers. They make claims that being a VIP member will get you discounts on hourly rates with the Independent escorts. Well, guess what, you have no way of actually knowing that’s the case.

They also claim that you get to attend VIP parties. The site claims to have thrown 20 parties, where you get to meet all these escorts. Here’s the thing, you have no idea whether or not these parties are close to you. How the hell do you know that you’re going to be within driving distance to meet these girls?

The VIP page of Independentgirls.com

The Price Is Crazy

The website tries to squeeze $229.95 out of consumers for an annual membership or $295.00 for a lifetime membership to the IndependentGirls.com website. Don’t forget, you’re going to have to still pay these girls to have sex with you on top of this ridiculous fee just to be a part of the VIP club.

It’s crazy if you ask me, especially when you can join a real casual dating site for 10% of the cost and enjoy many perks, one being free sex with horny locals just looking to bang.

No Terms and Conditions / No Privacy Policy

I noticed that the site did not have a TOC and Privacy Policy listed on the website. In fact, I don’t suggest using any escort website or forum unless you know the specific terms of doing so.

Why? Well, your information may not be as safe and secure as you think it is. What if I told you that the site would share your personal information with anyone they wanted to share it with?

Would you be pissed? I would definitely be pissed if I were you too! Well, you have no way of telling whether or not your personal information is safe and sound, sorry.

Reviews Not Verified

If you stubbornly decide to proceed with checking out the reviews of all the Independent Girls, then you’ll notice that none of them are verified. Some of these reviews may even be written by the same girls posing as other people on the Indieboard. It’s pretty much impossible to tell whether or not that’s the case here.

I tried digging into some of the reviews and most of them wouldn’t even open or load on the website. That tells me this site is not very well monitored or maintained.

Eventually, the site loaded and this is what I saw…

My guess is that this is some escort writing a review about herself to get clients. SMH

independentgirls.com escort review

Contacting The Site

If you’re looking for contact information, unfortunately, you’re not going to find any here. The IndependentGirls website has a contact form but you have no idea who’s reading the submissions. It’s about as shady as it gets.

Conclusion: Independent Girls Board Is A Bad Forum

If you’re looking to get laid and learn how to do so, then you don’t want to spend all your time on independentgirls.com. In fact, that’s the last thing that I would do. It’s an escort forum that will likely lead to major trouble down the line for you and anyone else that attempts to use this website.

My advice would be to avoid this site and other sites like the Erotic Monkey and more because they’re nothing but trouble. In fact, they don’t work at all in my humble opinion. If you want to meet people that will actually have sex and not ask for money to do so, then you’ve got two top options in my opinion. Check this site out and this right here as well.


My name is Ryan Malone and I'm a serial dater who enjoys casual flings. I created this website for all the cocksman out there looking for the best ways to find casual encounters in all the weirdest places. You can follow me on Twitter and sometimes find him posting videos with opinions on dating sites on YouTube. If you want to learn more about me and my site, then read this page here.

11 thoughts on “Independent Girls Board Review: Overpriced Premium Membership, No TOS, No Privacy Policy = Shady AF”

  1. The owner of independentgirls.com, Neil Steven Greenberg of Sunrise, was arrested in April 2019 on 70+ child pornograpy and underage sex charges. The documents available on his case file, which can be found on the Broward County Clerk of Court website, indicate he had direct knowledge that one of the underage victims was posting ads on his escort site. Of course, while this was taking place, he simultaneously assured people that human trafficking, especially of minors, was strictly prohibited on his website. It was all lies.

    He hid away 36 videos of himself having sex with these minors, but luckily the cops found them during a search of his home. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit to learn that he also had the personal information of all the website’s VIP members available for discovery by the cops as well. I imagine those folks are sweating bullets while the investigation into the board and its owner continues.

    Good call on this website. Shady as fuck doesn’t even begin to describe it!

  2. That’s your stupid opinion or you get paid to write this? if you could compare others safe sites they charge much more for to be a member .Why you not said about that there a lot free members they do not pay any membership . ViP members get discounts 20% . Owner arest has nothing to do with the Indi board as well you don’t have any prove that underage girl been advertising on this site . It is safe for everyone. Verification system work and this site for 20 years !.The site get monitored and there no under age companions advertising on! Any one from outside see all post and what they say site about ! Aslo all reviews for a real providers with real pictures yes sometimes if it’s fake you could read about it and do more serch in exectly companion .. You probably try to get in to become a member and was banned from the site ! Bullshitters like you not allowed to be there! It is a nice community with a people who on a board long time and everyone helping each other ! There no other better board then Indi board! Otherwise you could choose to go somewhere else !

    • I took a closer look at your profile on IG. There’s no way in hell I would pay for your services. I’m not going to expose your name and phone number because that’s not my style. You’re entitled to your opinion and I am as well.

    • Owner arrest has nothing to do with the Indi board as well you don’t have any prove that underage girl been advertising on this site . It is safe for everyone.

      I call BULLSHIT. 4 Agency owers at leat went to jail for underaged girls
      There is also ICD owned by one of the ex agency owners. You don’t even have to join to read everything

      BTW the board is now under control of BSO FBI and DOJ.
      Some prostitute wa arguing with some john(jerk) that it is legal until you get caught and its illegal but the 1 amendment protects it

      I would never join that board. I just rad it for laughs and giggles after work

      They showed the female genitalia and such and all the bbbj cim ect
      As far as Jezabel , if you can cook and fuck , she showed and asked if a shaven oussy was better than unshaaven

      You can’t say it is not a house of prostitution and be real, Oh and the reviews are dream. That doesn’t work either

      Underage girls are all over the place , all you have to do is read about it in the sun sentinel. One owner went to jail for 20 years for underage girls

      It seems to me all the vip gets you besides the discount is unlimited posting all day every day, Politica ect

      I can do that on may rel blogs and NOT pay and I see craigslist is at least for now allowing prostitutes to post again

      When Neil went to the bail hearing, the a.d.a brought up the web site and if you look now, its gone for good.

  3. I was once a member to this website and, payed for a VIP membership. If you’re looking for the cream of the crop, THIS AINT IT! The discount you get for your VIP membership is superficial and minuscule. And the girls I saw were complete hacks! All of them. Didn’t look like their pictures, aged, heavier than what the photos show. Shithole hotel rooms. One girl who is supposed to be an upstanding and highly reputed escort on there had a heroin needle in her hotelroom bathroom. Another one who is highly reviewed took money out of my wallet when I went to the bathroom. most of those girls are druggies and went along with Niels pedophile agendas. I’ve heard some stories about girls recruiting underage girls to bring to the owner of the site. They do not ask for ID from the models when providers register to the site. It’s a breeding ground for child trafficking, shady activity, pedophiles, druggies and scum. And since the owner got busted for child porn, the website is now in direct possession of Broward Sheriffs Office. If you’re gonna get an escort, be smart and go to switter.at, listcrawler, trust.link or usasexguide.nl

  4. That site has a evil people in there bullying and posting persona information to provider. There is a lot jerks that sit in the computer all day long to hurt people emotionally bashing around with lies and also jelouse girls like that lady Jezhabel, Jasmine and others wants to control the girls in their way giving advises to later kill your business little by little. They did it to me and also this people takrle the time to text you ugly things harrasing by phone to scare you later find the way to banned you from the site.

  5. Crazy stuff . i remembering being 16 and working on this website i had no idea what was going on . My parents kicked me out and had no other place to go so PP took me . i currently work now independently now i am 24 . Sometimes i think to my self if the man that was getting me my John’s was selling me for 1000 and i would only get a petty 160 for an hr .. I get horrible thoughts about it . Maybe neil has some pictures of me . maybe PP still have my pictures from 16 yrs old . who knows . i signed up for indi in december 2017 and some older man was like “didnt you use to go by Daisy?” 10 yrs later and he still remembers me . Since they changed the whole web site and renovated it all post have been deleted from over the 20 yrs its been open and only a few reviews and content stayed. pretty shady . The men treat the woman like scum honesty . & i cant lie there are a view trashy girls but there are more bombshells

  6. Selina aka Shamira aka Ligia Cecilia Moore stop badmouthing ladies ! You were banned because you are crazy and had problems with every single person on that site. You thought guys were your boyfriend and some even had to disappear to avoid you. No one bullied you especially not Jasmine or Jezhabel. In fact those were 2 ladies trying to help you yet you threw them under the bus and turned on them too. You are almost 50 and telling these well known and beautiful girls they are all jealous of you. You bareback your clients and your adult son was living in the next room while you were seeing clients.

  7. Bullshit site aquí todos los comemierdas hablan mal de las mujeres el día que no haya más puta van a tener que coger se a la fea de sus esposas que por algo las cagan con prostitutas

  8. The site was seized by the Feds earlier this month. Now all the paid members can lose a good amount of sleep wondering if LE has their private information. Or whether LE will show up unexpectedly at their homes / workplaces to question them or to arrest them. The board was run by a pedophile, and his pedophile buddies scattered like the cockroaches they are when Greenberg was arrested. They can run, but they can’t hide. Their day of reckoning is coming too.

  9. This site was full of cheap guys. Some real cheapskates/popular posters wanted to get discounts for writing reviews even if you did not advertise there. All the reviews were not fake but every site has fake reviews. When there are incentives for guys to write reviews they will whether they saw you or not. I’ve even had several positive reviews removed at my request on another site bevause the date never happened. I never joined because of the discount situation mainly plus other reasons. Guys who post on these sites all day are very undesirable as clients IMO. Why a working girl wouldn’t just pay for an ad on Eros which is less than the price of one business date but agree to give so many discounts makes no sense. I’m not surprised it got busted because all review sites do.


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