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ASexyService Review: A Bad Backpage Knock-Off?

There are a TON of really, really, bad Backpage copycats. One of these sites that I’ve recently come across ASexyService.com. I’ve done something to save you time and money too. What have I done you ask? Well, I reviewed the site and investigated it like any good Internet dating expert would and yes, it’s been confirmed that the site is sketchy. Here’s what you need to know about the site.

ASexyService homepage

My Expert Opinion On ASexyService.com

Ever since SESTA-FOSTA was enacted in 2018, finding easy hookups and the services of sex workers has gotten a little bit harder for casual sex fans. If you’re not sure what SESTA-FOSTA is, let me explain.

The U.S. government decided around March of 2018, rightfully so, that sex trafficking was probably a bad thing and there needed to be ways to prevent people from being used in ways they didn’t agree too. Trust me, I understand it. However, what happened was far from good for those consenting adults that enjoyed being able to get together with random strangers for hot times.

If you’ve been living under a rock, SESTA-FOSTA meant that some major changes occurred to the old reliable sites like Craigslist and Backpage. Backpage is pretty much gone, other than knock-off sites that trick you into thinking they’re Backpage, and Craigslist has taken down its personals sections completely to avoid being fined and dealing with the feds.

Since these two sites are gone, other sites have tried stepping up to fill in the holes they’ve left in the world of hookups. Some have succeeded and some have just been miserable excuses for advertising and fake ads that are only there to lure in as many horny men as possible and rob them of their hard-earned money with fake promises of sex.

So, when I saw the site, I was curious as to which camp this site would fall into. Luckily for you, I checked out what they had to offer and hopefully, this review will help you to decide if ASexyNetwork is the right site for you. (Spoiler: It probably isn’t, but keep reading to find out why I wouldn’t recommend this site)

What is ASexyService?

ASexyService.com kind of confused me at first. When you land on their webpage, you see that they just aren’t about sex ads, in fact, it is kind of hard to find where those posts are. You see, this isn’t just about being a Backpage replacement, but it also offers up writing services, help with branding, and media solutions for businesses.

From what I can tell, A Sexy Service aka SexyNetworking does focus on sex-related branding and marketing, which is useful I guess, and also offers up a way to advertise for sex activities like Backpage used to offer. Dirk, the owner and brains behind the site, also provides articles on the tricks that the adult entertainment industry uses in its advertising. That’s great and all, but does it work for finding sex?

I mean, isn’t that what we all want?

Does SexyService Work?

Truthfully, that is the biggest question here, right? Does it work for finding quick and easy hookups? Hell, does it even work for finding sex workers?

Well, you know I’m not the best person to ask about finding paid sex services. I honestly see no reason to use any paid sex worker. EVER.

Listen, guys. I don’t judge, but I don’t know why anyone has to pay for sex when there are so many apps, dating sites, and other means of finding sex out there. And, these women are ready, willing, and able to have sex with you for free. No negotiations, no hoping you aren’t going to get beat up and robbed, no real worry about STD’s (unless you’re not being safe, which, shame on you).

However, if you’re hell-bent on having paid sex with someone, you go ahead. Just please, be safe about it. There are so many risks, and no amount of sex is worth getting hurt, seriously sick, or killed over.

Let me get off my soapbox now, nobody likes a nag. So, does ASexyService actually lead to any sexy activities, in whatever form they may take on?

The answer is this: I don’t think so. When I look at the site for sex, all I see are ads for escort websites. Sure, I bet if you actually contact one of these sites it could lead to a meeting, but I stopped short of that because I’d rather spend my money on rent and food and have free sex.

So, What Else Can I Find?

If you’ve found an escort site and you’ve contacted them and you’re just waiting for your lady-friend to arrive, you might be inclined to poke around on the site a bit to see what else it has to offer. Here is what you might find:

  • Small business marketing
  • Logo designing, branding of your company, social media marketing, and writing services
  • Communications services
  • Blog posts about achieving your goals and dreams
  • Mysteries of the world and kinks

A guy named Dirk runs it and I have a strong feeling that he uses his site to advertise himself, discuss the kinks he’s into, and what he can offer you more than anything. Like I mentioned, if you have a few minutes before you bust a nut, ASexyService could be an interesting read, especially if you like things a little, shall we say, different.

Final Verdict

I’ve been on a lot of sites that promise much and deliver little. I’ve also been around the block with sites that claim to step up and fill in the hookup void so many of us have felt at the shutting down of many good sex sites. Unfortunately, ASexyService is one of the sites that delivers very little and just doesn’t fill the boots of the other sex sites like Craigslist and Backpage.

If you’re considering finding an escort, there are so many other sites out there to find one that will work better. And if I’ve convinced you that hiring a sex worker is a bad idea, you also have many, many other options that will not only get you laid, but have you just swimming in horny, sexually adventurous, women who want nothing more than to have sex with and are not at all interested in you paying them for the evening. You’d be better off hitting Tijuana for the weekend IMHO.

If I were you, I’d avoid A Sexy Service unless you need some help with your business. And not that “business,” but legit business.


  1. why would anyone take backpage ads serious? They are mostly all STINGS. Use hook up apps, thank me later.

  2. Looking for a sexy mature woman to have sex with and a good time with no strings attached? [phone number removed]

  3. Hi in Columbia but coming to NY. What’s easiest way for quick clean discrete hookup? Thanks

    1. Ryan Malone says:

      My advice would be to join one of the sites on my “best apps” page and you’ll find someone, no problem.

  4. Ariel, Angelic Adelene, Annabelle, Genevieve. All 1 chic tried to trust her dated for almost 4 years. Got her out of lifestyle moved her to bail caught her living with a douche.they all use fake names. Tried to help her what a waste of. You can not help someone who enjoys what they do.tried to give her a better life. If you got ripped off by her I no her real name an where she’s at let’s talk

  5. You came into it like a newbie idiot anyway. Backpage had escort reviews in the past. You obviously looked at the wrong people.
    There are great escorts, both male and female. I don’t know how you managed to get this put online, but whomever reads this don’t believe this man.
    You got played is all that was.

    1. Ryan Malone says:

      Jean, thanks for stopping by. I always love when hookers who depended on backpage escort ads to generate income come and chime in. It’s laughable that they think this is legal!

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