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Backpage Nashville Review: Bad Massages, Crackheads & The Worst Magic Ever

I’ve spent a lot of time researching Backpage and the various offers that people provide throughout major cities in the United States. I recently took a trip to Nashville for a work trip and decided to research things while doing so. This is my official Backpage Nashville review where you’ll find everything I uncovered during my work trip. I’ll share some details of this story to give you an idea of where I was and what I did during this trip.

I spent time in both Nashville and Franklin, TN. The time I spent in Nashville was my personal part of the trip. I ended up in Franklin for work and a convention/meetup so to speak. While doing so I must say, other than flying first class, the whole trip sucked. It’s mostly my fault though for focusing on the wrong things and trying to research this local Backpage site (now referred to as Bedpage.com) for perhaps the most popular cities in Tennesse. Here is the scoop and everything that you need to know that I learned during my work trip.

backpage Nashville, TN

My Backpage Nashville Review (During A Work Trip)

So, like I said, I spent an equal amount of time in Nashville, TN, and Franklin, TN. Yes, I attempted to check out the Backpage W4M section as well as the massage section of the site. I didn’t waste any time and got right down to business on the first night of the trip.

I spent the first night in Nashville and ended up staying in an area known as SoBro which is South of Broadway. The number of bars in the local area was unreal. I ended up having quite a few drinks (too many some may say) and I decided to call an audible after slugging down a few blue cheese olive Tito’s martinis.

Spending most of my time at the Miami strip clubs and after checking out Tuscl.net, I knew that the strip clubs were a waste of time here. So I headed back to my hotel and immediately started searching online for Nashville Backpage massage services.

Pricey AF

I found a bunch but most of them were way too expensive! I did find one that I thought was reasonable, so I went ahead and connect with this girl. She promised to meet me at my hotel room and was willing to give me a massage. I figured what the hell right, why not!

Well, the photo of the girl that was in the advertisement was completely different from the girl that showed up at my hotel room. She was as ugly as they come, overweight, and not my idea of a hot massage therapist. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the massage therapist was nothing of the sort and just a random girl that claimed to be good at giving rubdowns. She showed up without equipment and wearing an outfit that a hooker would wear. Long story short, I had to turn the girl away after giving her $25 just to leave. What a waste of time and money. Hey, to be honest, I would’ve been better off staying out at the bars in downtown Nashville.

Moving Things To Franklin

I obviously was there for work, so I needed to head to Franklin, TN for a work event. I think the event took place at the Drury Inn if I recall correctly. That’s where I stayed too. The hotel actually wasn’t that bad at all considering it was so damn cheap. I do have a couple of negative things to say about the buffet but that’s my fault for eating at a buffet, right?

Anyway, I spent two days listening to people talk in a big conference room and chatting with people that I could care less about. Safe to say I was stressed to the max and miserable. I tried to connect with some of the people and most of them I just didn’t connect with. Heck, one of the attendees tried to show off some crappy magic tricks and was spitting lies left and right.

bad magic trick

No, I didn’t ask him to show off his magic skills, that was just one of the lies he was sharing apparently. He was a total Joey to the fullest extent. Eventually, I put an end to that and did what any right-minded guy would do. I headed to Granite City for beers and Backpage scrolling. For those not familiar with Granite City, it’s a restaurant attached to the hotel.

Please, don’t do what I did! Sure, you can head to the Granite City Restaurant and enjoy the food and drinks (the place was actually very good). However, attempting to hit up a Backpage girl from the Nashville W4M section while in Franklin was the worst idea ever.

I found a listing of some black girl that looked decent and I was feeling a bit spicy so I went for it. After having to connect via text for about 1.5 hours, someone showed up at Granite City where I told her to post up and meet me. Man, if you look up crack head in the dictionary chances are you’re going to see her photo in there.

The girl looked absolutely nothing like the image in the photo. In fact, she was so ugly and shady-looking that I was afraid to even talk to her. My guess was that she was working with a pimp or something because I heard her talking to some guy on the phone. The thing is, this girl was straight up nothing but an ugly escort itching to make quick money. She reminded me of the one and only…

black crackhead

At that point, I ended up sneaking out of Granite City without even saying hi to the girl. She got burned by me and it was perhaps the best decision I made during the trip.

I did take my chances at a local bar nearby called Drake’s and believe it or not, there were hotter girls there. Hot enough for me to attempt some ass-grabbing in a drunken stupor. I know, bad idea, but at least I didn’t grab anyone by the pussy.

grab them by the pussy

Two huge Backpage fails during the trip and that solidified the fact that using any classified site to connect with girls while in the Nashville area is an awful idea.

Look, if you want to get laid while in the local Nashville/Franklin area, then you’re better off trying to meet someone via a dating app versus hiring some massage therapist or escort to have sex with you.

It’s more economical, more secure, safer, and quite frankly more fun if you ask me. Should you need some suggestions, then I suggest you check out one particular app. It’s my number one choice for hooking up.


  1. why would anyone take backpage ads serious? They are mostly all STINGS. Use hook up apps, thank me later.

  2. Looking for a sexy mature woman to have sex with and a good time with no strings attached? [phone number removed]

  3. Hi in Columbia but coming to NY. What’s easiest way for quick clean discrete hookup? Thanks

    1. Ryan Malone says:

      My advice would be to join one of the sites on my “best apps” page and you’ll find someone, no problem.

  4. Ariel, Angelic Adelene, Annabelle, Genevieve. All 1 chic tried to trust her dated for almost 4 years. Got her out of lifestyle moved her to bail caught her living with a douche.they all use fake names. Tried to help her what a waste of. You can not help someone who enjoys what they do.tried to give her a better life. If you got ripped off by her I no her real name an where she’s at let’s talk

  5. You came into it like a newbie idiot anyway. Backpage had escort reviews in the past. You obviously looked at the wrong people.
    There are great escorts, both male and female. I don’t know how you managed to get this put online, but whomever reads this don’t believe this man.
    You got played is all that was.

    1. Ryan Malone says:

      Jean, thanks for stopping by. I always love when hookers who depended on backpage escort ads to generate income come and chime in. It’s laughable that they think this is legal!

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