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EroticMonkey.ch Review

Erotic Monkey Review & 95+ Sites Like EroticMonkey.ch

This review covers everything you need to know about EroticMonkey.ch and what you need to know about the hundreds of other escort site options out there today. I will share my conclusion up front for those who need answers. I did NOT like Erotic Monkey for several reasons mentioned below. 

If you’re reading this review, then chances are you’re as lonely as you’ve ever been and looking for a girl to meet for sex. Some people have turned to the Erotic Monkey to check out various reviews of local escorts.

The site claims to be the best discreet source for those looking to read quality escort reviews. The only problem is that in my humble opinion, they’re not all the quality they claim to be. Furthermore, I’m a huge believer in not paying for sex and most importantly, not using sites like Eroticmonkey.com, Backpage.com, and even Nighshift.co.

All escort-related sites are bad news (this article here even states that most are getting shut down) and I’ll share my thoughts on why they are.

Full disclosure: No images were taken to write this review. We’ve simply provided screenshots of the homepage and nothing more. 

Erotic Monkey Site Review
Screenshot of the eroticmonkey.com landing page.

My Review Of The Erotic Monkey Website

I didn’t waste even a second during my initial investigation. I’ll go out on a limb and say that I combed every nook and cranny of the eroticmonkey.com just to make sure that I could share as much pertinent information with you as possible. Here’s everything that you need to know about the site starting with entering the site.

At First Click

If you’re anything like the typical web surfer, then you likely land on a website and just click whatever pops up to make it disappear.

Well, the Erotic Monkey initially hits you with a set of terms when you land on the site. These terms cover things like your agreeing to not hold the site liable for any harm that might occur in meeting women on escortmonkey.com.

They also likely have legal jargon claiming jurisdiction rights and perhaps even arbitration when joining. Anyway, all of this is simply to put you in a bad position from a legal recourse perspective. Whatever you do, read the terms and understand what you are agreeing to if you choose to do so!

Free Sign up On EM

Signing up for Erotic Monkey is 100% free according to the site. They claim that in doing so, you’ll get instant access to tons of reviews written by people who hire escorts in the United States.

What they don’t tell you is that all your information is stored in a database and that in the event the site gets raided for encouraging people to pay escorts for money, the Feds and local authorities will have their personal information.

Reading Full Reviews

If you want to read the full reviews you have no other choice but to sign up as a user. You basically cannot do anything on this site at all except look at photos without signing up as a user.

However, I suggest you DO NOT sign up.

erotic monkey homepage

Advanced Search Functions

Unlike the Nightshift.co forum, the Erotic Monkey doesn’t make people pay for advanced search functions. If you want to search, you’ll be able to do so via Name, Phone, Email, State, Zip Code, Age, Hair Style, Pornstar, Implants, Breasts, Body Type and even Fetish.

I will admit, the search function here trumps all other escort site searches (pun intended). However, I don’t suggest you start searching just yet. There’s more you need to know.

Banners Everywhere

So, here’s the real reason why they’ve created this website. Based on my research and in my humble opinion, the folks over at Erotic Monkey have a clear objective and it’s to funnel users to banner ads and other site advertisements.

The website has a ton of Eros.com banners (which is another escort site). They also have links at the top of the site with the text “Escorts” and “Erotic Massage” which lead to external sites.

The Forum Sucks

I went to check out the forum on the site and noticed that the local Miami forum has zero activity. It’s about as lame as it gets with only 9 topics and 0 replies within the section. That tells me that no one is using this forum at all.

Very Few Reviews

Most of the girls on the site have 1-2 reviews at best. Now, this makes me question whether they are real or not. Are they reviews posted by the company?

Are they possibly reviews from law enforcement divisions trying to set up stings? Perhaps they are thugs trying to set up scams? Really, there is NO WAY to identify the true answers to any of those questions without leading to potential risks and even physical harm.

What Other Sites Are Saying

In this section, I’ve decided to showcase some of the things that other websites are saying about Erotic Monkey.

Reddit SexWorkers Call The BS – Many Redditors call the bullshit and tell how they believe the site is fake and isn’t good. In fact, one girl mentioned being listed on the site and she did not even post an ad. So, girls are ending up on the website without giving consent to publish here. This is a HUGE problem in my opinion. The validity of EroticMonkey.ch is questioned right here in this Reddit thread.

Dirtyscam.com Has 12 Bad Reports – The scam reporting website DirtyScam.com has 12 reports of people getting scammed on EM.ch. I mean, is that shocking to me? Not really. This is an escort aggregator service, so you best expect things to be loosely goosey here. That doesn’t feel good and it’s not a good sign either.

Trustpilot Rates Below Average – The Trustpilot website has four reviews showcasing a 3.2 score. For those who don’t know, this is not a good score. If you’re below a 4.0 you’re basically not trustworthy at all.

Conclusion: I Refuse To Use Erotic Monkey

I will not use the Erotic Monkey website and I suggest you avoid not using it either. It’s simply not worth the potential legal issues, physical harm, and emotional stress of doing so. Hiring an escort to have sex with you for money is 100% illegal and I cannot nor will I condone doing so.

If you want to meet people mutually on the hunt for a sex buddy, then you just need to use a real casual dating site. That’s the answer to your problems.

Trust me, I’ve done all the research necessary and I know which sites lead to hookups. Take action by joining one of the sites below and you’ll likely get laid tonight – all without paying for sex too!

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I also wanted to point something new out that I recently discovered here. If you read the terms and conditions of the site before even agreeing to the terms, they come right out and say, that everything on the site is fiction and for entertainment only.

This is just further reasoning as to why it would be a site I cannot recommend using. Why would you want to use a site that contains everything fake? I mean, I’m getting crap from consumers and they’re not even reading the terms and they don’t know what they’re talking about.
eroticmonkey terms

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  1. why would anyone take backpage ads serious? They are mostly all STINGS. Use hook up apps, thank me later.

  2. Looking for a sexy mature woman to have sex with and a good time with no strings attached? [phone number removed]

  3. Hi in Columbia but coming to NY. What’s easiest way for quick clean discrete hookup? Thanks

    1. Ryan Malone says:

      My advice would be to join one of the sites on my “best apps” page and you’ll find someone, no problem.

  4. Ariel, Angelic Adelene, Annabelle, Genevieve. All 1 chic tried to trust her dated for almost 4 years. Got her out of lifestyle moved her to bail caught her living with a douche.they all use fake names. Tried to help her what a waste of. You can not help someone who enjoys what they do.tried to give her a better life. If you got ripped off by her I no her real name an where she’s at let’s talk

  5. You came into it like a newbie idiot anyway. Backpage had escort reviews in the past. You obviously looked at the wrong people.
    There are great escorts, both male and female. I don’t know how you managed to get this put online, but whomever reads this don’t believe this man.
    You got played is all that was.

    1. Ryan Malone says:

      Jean, thanks for stopping by. I always love when hookers who depended on backpage escort ads to generate income come and chime in. It’s laughable that they think this is legal!

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