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Slip.cc Review: Marketing Redirect To Shady Affair Site

Too many adult dating sites are just horrific. I mean, they’re beyond terrible, seriously. If I had to guess, I’d say that probably about 75% of the people out there today waste their precious time joining bad sites and messing around with fake profiles. There’s one more that you can add to the “bad apple” list and its Slip.cc. How I stumbled across this is a bit funny but I’m not going to dive too deep into that. Whatever you do, you need to read my official review of Slip cc to see exactly why I recommend avoiding it.

If you think you’re going to get laid using this site, then you’re dead wrong. There’s literally no chance in hell that you will meet someone on this website. That’s because it’s filled with nothing but false promises and a terrible scam.

Slip.cc homepage

Why I Hate Slip.cc – My Official Review

If you take the time to read this, then good for you! You’ve just saved yourself a ton of time and money. Slip.cc does nothing good for the end-user. In fact, the only thing that they do is try to get you to spend money on crappy dating services.

The site is nothing but a marketing scam that incorporates the use of redirects to other networks. This one currently redirects to the Affair Alert site.

How They Do It

Here’s exactly what the company does. They first try and drive people to Slip.cc and they entice you to click the “click here” text. When you click the text, you’re redirected to another website (affairalert.com) and from there, things only get worse.

They make it seem like you’re entering the website, but you’re not. I’m wise enough to know that presenting a blank page like this as the entrance page to an adult community isn’t going to cut it. Not for me, but for those new to adult dating, they will for certain fall for this.

affair alert screenshot

Like I said, when you click on the “click here” text, you’re redirected to AffairAlert.com, which is a network that sucks, BIG TIME! They end up on a site that has fantasy cuties. These are profiles of people that do not really exist. The company even admits to incorporating them into their profiles. That’s how upfront they are about it.

Just because they are honest about using fake profiles doesn’t mean that you should use the website. Oh, on top of that, they charge a ridiculous amount of money to use the website. They’ll bang your card each month for hundreds of dollars and make it almost impossible to cancel.

That’s exactly why you should stay away from the Slip.cc website. Heck, you’re better off hiring some gross escort on Listcrawler.com, at least you might actually get laid even though it’ll cost you your health and perhaps your freedom (if arrested).

Conclusion: Stay Away From Slip.cc and AffairAlert.com

You will not get laid using any of these sites. They don’t work and they never will. All the company wants is your money, nothing else. If you want to get laid, then use the sites listed on this page right here.

Want to skip all the nonsense and find out which is the absolute best? If so, all you need to do is read this article and find out which site is the best.


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