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Happy Escorts Review: The European Escort Agency Aggregator

Are you sniffing around looking for escorts in countries like Poland, Ukraine, and Spain? Perhaps you’re searching in cities such as Dublin, Lausanne, or maybe Malta? If so, then you might eventually end up on the Happy Escorts website.

I was doing some searching and came across it myself. Within minutes, I knew it wasn’t all that it’s cracked up to be and that I needed to steer clear from it. However, since I’m curious about everything, I had to dive in and see what they were offering. Here’s my full review covering the HappyEscorts.com website.

Happy Escorts website

Is Happy Escorts The European Site To Use? Find Out First!

I’ll just come right out and say it, using the services of an escort is pretty much illegal in most places (not the outskirts of Las Vegas, but you still want to run like hell from these girls). Everyone knows why, and everyone knows that using the services of an escort is risky. Nobody needs to be reminded of those things, so I won’t dwell on them, especially since we’re all adults and should know better.

Since I can’t convince everyone that there are better options out there for getting laid, I try my best to find the sites out there that are worth your time and money and to expose the ones that are a complete rip-off. Happy Escorts is an escort site that claims to have thousands (over 40,000 plus) escorts available across Europe but don’t let that fool you. This site is really nothing but a headache.

The Agency Fees Add Up

I don’t use aka hire escorts, but if I did, I would much prefer the services of a woman who isn’t working for an agency. The girls are the ones doing the work and they should be paid accordingly. I don’t agree with splitting up the fees with an agency, it just doesn’t seem fair.

Happy Escorts is really chock-full of escort agencies posing as single women trying to lure you in. They also claim that all the ads are verified with their verification process. That may sound fancy, but in actuality, the only thing these women have to do is log-in every 30 days. Think about it, anyone can log-in and poke around a bit to make the profile appear like it is being tended to.

Escorts’ Details – Too Expensive

If you do find someone on Happy Escorts that you find promising, you can see the services she offers, if she travels, is in-call or out-call or both, her likes, and her starting rates. The cheapest rates I found were €200 an hour, so you better be ready to really pay up if you decide to go this route. This isn’t your corner prostitutes and they certainly don’t come cheap.

Creating A Profile – This Is Not Free

To use any of the services that Happy Escorts offers, you’re going to have to create a profile. This isn’t a quick process, you’re actually going to have to put in some pretty personal information that you might not want to share since you’re partaking in illegal activity.

This member profile isn’t free either. You do have to pay for a subscription just to use the site on top of paying for a date. Happy Escorts is really trying to get into your wallet in as many ways as they can, including with their chat service.

The Chat Service

Happy Escorts has a two-way chat service called the Happy Chatroom. Basically, this means it is a webcam service and it does not come included with the subscription rate you’re paying for using the site.

Using the chat will cost you the credits that you’re going to have to purchase and continuously add to your account if you enjoy watching and interacting with the webcam girls. If you’re not satisfied with any of your cam chats, the site will only refund your credits on a case-by-case basis, which I’m sure they don’t grant all that often.

Conclusion: Happy Escorts Is Not For You.

If you are looking for a free hookup site, Happy Escorts isn’t for you. They charge for everything and all they really are is a glorified paid search engine for escort agencies. With its extensive and intrusive sign-up process and the high price tag just to use the services, Happy Escorts just doesn’t deliver.

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