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LeoList Review: Canada’s Classified “Dating” Ads & 5 Alternative Sites

The other day I was checking out Twitter and in doing so, I ended up coming across a classified site called LeoList. I’m here to tell you that it’s 100% not worth your time and possibly the next Backpage.com and yes, my guess is that it will eventually get shut down. I’m sharing everything you need to know about this site and all the girls posting classified ads on it. The question of the day is quite simple. Is Leolist safe or is it a complete scam? This review will reveal the truth today…

LeoList Canada Classified Site

Why I Suggest Avoiding LeoList.cc

Okay, so I went through the TOS and learned quite a bit about this website. No doubt about it, the site is a carbon copy of Backpage and all the scams that go along with these types of adult classified ads. The site is owned by a company called Unicorn Media Limited which is based in Hong Kong. That right there should tell you just how shady the company really is.

I don’t really care about the non-adult sections of this site, but I do have issues with the Casual Dating section of LeoList. I also have a problem with the Personals section of the website, which I’ve laid out below. Here’s everything you need to know about the website and why I don’t like it…

The first thing I noticed about the site was that within the Casual Dating section, they do not have a section called Women for Men or Men for Women either. Yes, they have a section called Platonic Dating but that in itself just seems messy AF to me.

leolist casual dating section

I went ahead and clicked into one of the listings. The screenshot below shows the listing that I clicked on. Why I think this sucks and is a total scam:

The individual posting this ad does not display any photos at all.

The listing claims that the person posting is a horny college girl seeking a horny BJ. Really? Come on, this is so fake IMO!

She then shares her email address which is something like sweethornyx69@gmail.com and I went ahead and did a reverse search for this email address. In doing so, I discovered that not only does she have multiple listings but they are literally geographically spread out so far that it makes it impossible to believe that she’s looking for a platonic relationship based on what I’m seeing. My guess is that she wants you to pay for sex if she’s even real – chances are she’s NOT.

leolist.cc platonic dating ad

Personals Section Is Just Escorts

Now, if you click into the Personals section, you’ll notice that they have listings for all types of escorts as well as massages. I clicked into the Female Escorts section to see what they offered.

Just so you and I are on the same page here, prostitution in Canada is NOT legal. Back in 2014, they made this 100% illegal and by that, I mean that they made it illegal for consumers to purchase sex services for money.

Verified Ads Mean Nothing IMO

example of a leolist verified ad

If you dive into each of these listings, you’re going to find that some of the ads are posted as being Verified but I’m telling you right now that it doesn’t mean anything based on my experience.

The verified ads are supposed to help determine whether or not this person and their photos are real, however, I don’t see any photos at all.

I think its strange that the ad says that it’s been verified and that ten pictures are verified and confirmed yet the ad shows “No Picture Yet.” Riddle me that one my friend?

What About Messaging?

If you think that you’re going to message girls using this site and do so without any repercussions, then you’re out of your mind. This is just like contacting Backpage girls and the girls on Preferred411.com.

In doing so, you’ll be putting yourself in a position where your information may be exposed or provided to local law enforcement. I don’t care whether it’s a free Canada classified ads site or a dedicated escort ads site, it’s not worth getting in trouble over.

Possible Major Legal Issues

I’m going to go ahead and say that at some point in time, this website could find itself in serious legal trouble.

If Canada decided to change the law and make escort listings and escort sites illegal, then all the Ottawa escorts, Calgary call girls, and Leolist Vancouver VIP massage girls are going to find themselves in big trouble.

Not only that, consumers need to understand that hiring these girls posting the listings is 100% illegal as of 2014. If you do, you’ll end up possibly getting arrested if done and caught.

Conclusion: Leolist Isn’t Worth Your Time

The bottom line is that using the LeeoList website is putting yourself at risk for many things. There are laws for reasons and it’s to protect both consumers and escorts from potential harm.

You never know what might happen if you attempt to hire a girl to have sex with you. You might get arrested, acquired a disease, or perhaps get physically hurt and even robbed.

There are also concerns for the girls safety and well being. The bottom line is that you do NOT want to hire the girls on Leolist or any other classified ads site for that matter.

There’s no need to do so when there are casual sex networks out there that are free. There are free networks that connect you with local people looking for sex for free.

I promise, there’s no catch with these and no charge. The best part, the casual sex networks guarantee that you’ll get laid. What’s not to love! Try some of them listed below…

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My name is Ryan Malone and I'm a serial dater who enjoys casual flings. I created this website for all the cocksman out there looking for the best ways to find casual encounters in all the weirdest places. You can follow me on Twitter and sometimes find him posting videos with opinions on dating sites on YouTube. If you want to learn more about me and my site, then read this page here.

54 thoughts on “LeoList Review: Canada’s Classified “Dating” Ads & 5 Alternative Sites”

  1. Great post thanks for sharing since backpage has shutdown leolist has become alot better here is a new blog post reviewing the pro’s on con’s of leolist. [link removed]

    • I cannot recommend that people use leolist just because you think it’s become better. I read your post and I’m not convinced. Sorry.

    • Sweetheart, I advertise on LL. Made the dif of me being homeless and living in my car! If there is no pic showing the reason is because the person posted a picture that was in violation of the posting rules. This ad was reported and the pics were removed.

      I am verified, and I am real! I do agree however there is a lot of shoddy stuff and shady people. This is were common sense comes to play. I also agree, in time, this could become the next shut down Backpage, however Backpage was shut down because the owner(s) was swindling cash and breaking the federal rules of the USA, where it was based. Google it for the correct info, as I may be off a tad.

      You seem more like an advocate for all the other sites without having all your facts straight!

        • Ryan, if this comment is directed at me……….Do you think I haven’t tried to find a “normal” job? Like most of Alberta, I also am having a hard time. Telling people not to look at LL where they may find me…..is sad for me and them.

        • Very interesting comments. I am an escort BY CHOICE. Im 48 years old, a world class healer, marketer and dog mom. I am also a prostitute. I like my work and while I appreciate that you might want to save a girl from selling her body, some of us actually LIKE it! I love sex and I love the men who purchase my services. I am safe and sane, using condoms for EVERYTHING and I dont kiss. I only add that because those who hate hookers usually come up with the disease thing next. I am not addicted to anything nor in an abusive relationship. Leolist has saved my ass since backpage went down because without these sites girls are much less safe. Anyway, keep an open mind, selling my sexual services–something Im really good at is the best job that I have in my repertoire.

        • Who appointed you the job police? It’s not your concern what someone does for a job nor what two consenting adults do in their spare time. You want to be productive, go fight the government regarding their ridiculous spending on other issues such as welfare.

      • Crystal, you are correct. The main reason BP was shut down was due to the owner taunting the authorities with other issues and won. They didn’t like it and kept on him until they were able to gather 93 count indictment. Otherwise, they could have simply shut down the personal ads just like Craigslist. The idiot who wrote this column is advertising for the dating/sex sites which want CC info to gain full access. I’m sure he gets a percentage of it. Otherwise, he’s a nosy body who’s jealous of the Leolist site for some reason in which case, he needs to MYOB. If you don’t like the site, don’t click on it. If you don’t like the channel, don’t watch it. If you don’t like the restaurant, don’t eat there. Get the picture, you little bitch?

        Keep up the good work, Crystal.

    • Leolist female massage adds are all studded with FAKE photos and false promisses. It is a waste of time and money. DON’T GO THERE. THEY ARE ALL WHORHOUSES FILLED WITH WOMEN WHO HAVE ALL KINDS OF SEXUAL DISEASES. SOME OF THEM ARE ILLEGALLY IN THE COUNTRY AS WELL.

  2. Agree with the comments in this post, but the “top free websites” recommended above are nether free, nor are they different. If you register for one, and try to register for another one, it reports that user name/email is already in use. From my experience, their claims and content are questionable.

    • You’re worried about something being free, yet you’re sniffing out ads of ugly escorts? Come on guy, get real. As for the low fee, some of them have a low cost to keep the tire kickers out of the mix. You know, the cheap guys out there that don’t have a pot to piss in or window to throw it out. If you can’t afford to buy $50 worth of drinks, then no one should even attempt to date anyone IMO.

      • Ty for a real opinion
        Not everyone Advertizing on Leo list offers Sexual experience
        Gentlemen ,a real ones deserve to be pampered and most important is to make sure that Establshment is fully licensed,By law licensed means legit establishment ,A real licensed staff ,HIGHLY SKILLED =Means educated and exp in pampering 5quality of services ,So you do not waste your
        IF PEOPLE NOT PUBLISH THAT THEY ARE LICENSED 18+ that means illegal and Anybody offering sexual services on line =MEANS FOR YOU IT IS ILLEGAL to RESPOND TO BUY SEX and you get busted!
        And most important If Not licensend means Not checked by health unit means Not guaranteed healthy!
        You do not get seek just sleeping with people,Ypu get sick trough Touch,Skintouch,Body to body,Kissing (herpes guaranteed )etc.
        Your health and safety most important,as well don’t come of the
        So always use a beauty of your brain ,before you decide to go for a fun;
        Play safe

          • Wow…
            This comment comes across awfully nasty and judgmental…
            Just because you do not like their post and the comments made does not mean this individual is on drugs .
            !!! and if they were on drugs who f caress… they are a human being at the end of the day… With feelings the same as you.
            That doesn’t make you any better or any less than….. Your comment reflects more about you than it does about the post you’re speaking about.

    • You’ve proven my point that some people are just not worth my time. Thanks for the solid suggestion! You’re a real genius, good luck to you my friend.

    • I agree totally and as long as there are men willing to pay for it, us women are willing to sell it, versus just let you put another notch in your belt for free. Just saying

      • One thing I can guarantee is that I’m not going to let some escort named Tara tell me what to do and how to do it. Remember, you get told what to do by people who pay, not the other way around. #Sorrynotsorry

      • Go Tara! I’ve been treated so much better in this field than in any other! Someone who think he’s/she’s so much better than a “hooker” should realize it depends on the 2 individuals involved – not every provider is a druggie, liar, or thief. Some of us have more class, empathy, & responsibility for our fellow man than u, bud! Some guys are just jealous because we generally make out very well, lol! Some pigs just want to use a woman for free, then laugh about it. Some jobs entail being perved, molested, & downright raped without recourse. I get respected more now & I don’t get told what to do or not do by anyone. Maybe Ryan should do this job for a while b4 he decides how it works.

        • Btw, anyone wanting to be pampered by an escort needs only to pay for massage services, not sexual services. Consenting adults may legally have sex for free, & pay only for the massage part. That’s the way a dude keeps safe from contradictory laws. Dude please stop making us the target of yr rants, I sense u need to put down someone, but u know nothing about this business.

    • Lol this guys so ass hurt because he desperately wants to find love online lol. Fuck off dude. You wasted an hour of your time to write this post when you could been banging one of Leo’s escorts instead LOL

      • I know, you’re totally right. However, the photo your mom posted was a fake – so I decided not to waste my time. Have a blessed day!

  3. Just FEI. The reason anyone in the U.S. has no access to pictures on leolist. Is because of the internet censorship that we have allowed “our Government” to impose on us.

  4. I agree LL is a scam you can’t trust the photos you can’t trust the profiles if you engage your probably going to get into something you don’t want and I’m speaking from experience I walked away with an education

    • Iv’e actually be posting on LL since 2017. I almost always revive abuse from customers accusing me of being fake before meeting me and it gets exosting. I have never yet had any problems working with people that request vists with me. I have heard so many stories of bad business and have never been the one to do it. all i’m saying it that you can choose not to trust the site all together and let that ruin fun for everyone else or you can be prepaired.

  5. Rebecca aka lia hand me held at gun point by her pimp at the days inn her pics r very fake nothing like the picture shes acted like she he had nun to do to with it they took my money credit cards n phone wixh all had to be replaced out of pocket im WARNIBG EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM HER SHE IS VERY DANGOUERS!!!!!!!!

  6. I agree totally and as long as there are men willing to pay for it, us women are willing to sell it, versus just let you put another notch in your belt for free. Just saying

  7. Not saying all are fake, but most are. Phone numbers are virtual numbers. I e mailed one girl who kindly left her e mail address. I immediately got back a very loosely worded e mail supplying me a link to a website called Escortknight. Supposedly this website makes it safer for call girls by verifying the customer. However you have to register and supply personal details and credit card numbers. I don’t think so! The home page has spelling errors also.

  8. Evalovia aka Native italian !! New in town

    guys avoid this escort cause she will ask you to pay her first or put the money ,besides where she would see to make sure she will get paid after you done ,,and then in few seconds she will grab the money then start acting like crazy ,screaming at you freaking you out until you let’s her go with the money without doing anything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please stay safe and avoid this scammer
    you will pay her for an hour an takes money after 5 min!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Guys when you are planing to use Leolist please be aware of “Evalovia”
    She uses fake pic and then you will agree with her to spend an hour together
    But she will not even stay 20 min she will come and ask you to pay first or count money
    and put it besides her to make sure she will get paid ,,and after couple minute she will ripp you of screaming at you ask you to do not touch her !!!!and leave you staring like a sea lion

    Please be aware
    and play safe

      • What in the ass, nobody’s fake in free dating sites? Have you ever been to a dating site?
        Do you have way unrealistic expectations, you look at the pictures for 350 ahour, and then check the free area and omg the hot chick isn’t who she says she is when she’s free. You get what you pay for. Women will cost money even if your just dating. Pay up front.

        • Yes, there are plenty of shady dating sites that don’t work and that have fake profiles. But NOT ALL of them. Some of us don’t have to pay to play. I guess you’re not one of the lucky ones. Sucks for you and your wallet.

  10. So all the escorts who take care of themselves and only play safe are all diseases. But the married cheaters and stuff who go all over probably not playing safe that’s a better option? Nobody on a free dating site could have the clap? Only Escorts that charge money?

    • I didn’t say that. Now you’re putting words in my mouth. Escorts charge money and have sex with MANY more people, increasing their risk of catching and spreading diseases. It’s their behavior that puts others at greater risk. Who sleeps with more people? The average girl next door or the hooker turning tricks for a living? Exactly…

  11. So your telling me that women on dating sites aren’t fake, or talk to you then drop the fact they need money. Fake pictures, cheating on their spouse, with no standards, probably not using protection? Nobody ever got the clap that way!
    And that’s supposed to Sound better than a quality smoking hot escort who only plays clean? It sounds like this guy is going after the lowest hanging fruit, you can’t go picking apples off the ground and get mad there rotten.

  12. I hired an asian woman from the dom and fetish to fuck me good with a strap on and a few other things. Wasn’t any kissing or skin to skin contact, facesitting she wore panties etc.. no kissing or anything of that nature.
    She looked like her photos, wasn’t as short as described but idgf about that.
    Costed 300 for an hour, wasn’t as good at dirty talk as the ad suggested but I imagine that has more to do with English barely being a second language. Was set up at her house, nice place.

    Overall I rate that a 8/10

    • Hi Steve, facesitting with panties on. Mmmm, you’re an interesting dude. The type one can tell stories with over a beer or two. Cheers to no doctor visits in the future for you (hopefully)…

  13. And “he” goes on to list a bunch of known scam websites, I wonder the kind of commission “he” makes for getting guys to go signup for all those fake sites…!

  14. Beware SCAMMER Sophiaa who sais she is french on leo
    paid around 200
    Didnt even let me use shower at the end
    fucking 200 can get at one night at fancy hotel at least


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