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GFE Monkey Review: A Weird Name For An Escort Site

Ever since this whole Backpage shutdown stuff occurred I’ve taken the time to really dive into just about every escort and casual dating site that I come across. I recently came across GFE Monkey which to me is the strangest name in the world. I’ll tell you everything that I know about this site after investigating it for hours. Here’s what I learned…

Before I get started, let me tell explain what this site is, it’s basically an escort listing website. The GFE in GFEMonkey stands for “girlfriend experience” and it’s a common term that many sites use today. Keep reading to learn more about this site and whether or not it’s worth using. I can tell you right now that it doesn’t come close to working as good as my top five suggestions, not a chance.

GFE Monkey homepage screenshot

meet horny girls banner

The Rundown of GFE Monkey

When you first land on GFE Monkey, it’s pretty clear what the site is about. It’s basically the same thing as The Erotic Monkey, nothing more than that just a different layout. You’ll notice that there are a number of cities listed on the site. They’ve showcased 15 cities where these call girls are located.

I went straight to the Miami section just to check out the girls in the local area. Based on my research, I was pretty disappointed and primarily because the number of girls listed on the site in Miami was lower than I’ve ever seen. They only have 142 girls listed in the Miami section.

Given that I was traveling to New York that weekend, I decided to take a closer look at the NYC escorts section. It turns out that this section as 800+ girls listed.

I liked the fact that they made it easy to filter through the girls based on location, ethnicity and hair color but none of that matters if the girls aren’t real.

The Girls

See, they make it very difficult to check if the girls are real but not impossible. I did some digging and determined that some of the photos are photoshopped big time. For example, take a look at the image below. The GFE Monkey writing on the piece of paper she’s holding is not real. It was added in there by someone and definitely not the girl, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

GFE Monkey Selfie

Now, I took things a step further and did some searching on via the Internet. A few reverse email and phone searches revealed a lot. For one, they confirmed that these girls are not GFEMonkey.com exclusive call girls. In fact, for all I know, this site may have ripped the images from somewhere else just to post them. Who the hell knows!

Every single thumbnail has the word “Real” across it. I mean, wouldn’t you expect it to be real? I certainly do and so do every other guy surfing the web for girls to bang. Oh, and they think adding a selfie makes it more credible. Seriously? If you buy into that, then you’re a complete moron really.

Donations To Real Charities

Donations page on GFEMonkey.com

This site does do one thing which is pretty nice, they encourage visitors to donate to charities. Apparently, they don’t make any money from visitors and they instead require a donation to one of the sites listed. Now, oddly enough they encourage you to donate to charities like Missingkids.org, Savethechildren.org, Fisherhouse.org and many more. I find that very strange given that they are encouraging consumers to hire girls they provide. It’s kind of hypocritical in my opinion.

I hate the fact that they don’t have any terms and conditions listed. They also don’t have any contact information displayed on the site. All they provide is a basic plain jane contact form and nothing more. This makes me think that they are trying to hide something here.

Conclusion: GFE Monkey Might Work, But It’s Not For Me

There’s no telling who’s running this website and for that reason alone, I’m not going to recommend using it. Sure the close to $500,000 in donations is great, but that doesn’t make me feel any more comfortable about hiring these girls to have sex with me.

In fact, I basically refuse to pay anyone for the so-called girlfriend experience. Whether you’re on GFE Monkey or any other escort website. The fact of the matter is that hiring these girls is 100% illegal. You’re better off using a real casual sex site and meeting locals looking for sex. Doing so eliminates the chances of hiring an undercover cop looking to bust solicitors. Don’t chance it, find locals to bang instead – you cannot go wrong using this one here!


My name is Ryan Malone and I'm a serial dater who enjoys casual flings. I created this website for all the cocksman out there looking for the best ways to find casual encounters in all the weirdest places. You can follow me on Twitter and sometimes find him posting videos with opinions on dating sites on YouTube. If you want to learn more about me and my site, then read this page here.

5 thoughts on “GFE Monkey Review: A Weird Name For An Escort Site”

  1. They are a total scam. They stole my photos and phone number and will not let me remove them. They are hosted overseas so it’s impossible to sue.

  2. GFE Monkey is a total and complete scam. I doubt that even their charitable donations are legit. I know for a fact that they take models’ images from Internet sites, like Met-Art, Femjoy and Stasy Q, and use those images in their so-called escort listings. If you follow erotic nudity sites like Met-Art, etc., as I do, you’ll notice images you recognize. Also, no matter how often I e-mailed the so-called escorts or the website managers of GFE Monkey, I never, ever got a response.

    • Hi Monroe. Can you tell me what you know about these people. My husband has a few texts from a yasmin over at this place. Trying to figure out if indeed he cheated with a prostitute or of the texts are fake. He happened to be on a business trip in the same city as her. Thank you.


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