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Cheeposlist Review: Another Escort Marketing Redirect Scam

If you’ve visited my site before, then you know just how much I despise paying girls for sex. I won’t do it and neither should you. However, that said, it only makes sense for me to call things out like I see them and that means sharing my thoughts on a site called Cheeposlist. It has to be the biggest waste of time that I’ve seen in years. I’ll tell you exactly why too.

Cheeposlist scam

My Review of Cheeposlist

If you do a search for cheeposlist on the Internet, you’re going to come to a page of results which are completely worthless. Some of the results show up for a site called Adultsearch.com, some for Eros.com, and some for the infamous awful EroticMonkey.com. There’s one listing that’s the real site and it’s cheeposlist.com.detroit.hoxnif.com which isn’t really the site at all.

Cheeposlist search

In fact, it’s another one of those redirect scams that every other shady escort site has in place today. Only this redirect sends you to a site called Listcrawler. Which, in my opinion, is the worst site of them all. Trust me, I investigated that site with a fine tooth comb, you can read it here.

Confirmed…It’s Not Real

In other words, cheeposlist.com doesn’t really exist. There is no such thing and if you spend time trying to use the site, you’ll eventually end up on some random call girl site that’s going to cost you a bunch of money and a whole lot of headaches.

Like I said, the site that you’ll end up on is Listcrawler but this one poses as something called Escort Alligator. I don’t even know what the hell type of branding that is, but it’s complete bull.

Shady AF Strippers

As you can see, the site has links to shady strippers and girls that are not verified. You have no idea if these are really the girls that are going to show up when you call them and they’re not going to do anything for you, trust me on this.

3rd Party Links

You’ll also notice that there are links on the site which read “Live Sex Cams,” and “Fuck Now.” These are links which lead to other websites. They are not even associated with any of the escorts posting ads on the Cheeposlist.

Are Girls Real?

As for the physical listings, I can’t say for sure that any of these girls really exist. No idea, don’t know and I don’t care. All I know is that when someone gives me the runaround, whether it be the girl next door or some girl selling sex for cash, I’m all set. This site did not pass my test. Sorry!

Conclusion: Cheeposlist Is A Redirect Scam – Stay Away

If you’re looking to meet some horny local girls that are willing to smash, then you’ve got plenty of options. But whatever you do, don’t waste your time and money using the Cheeposlist.com website. It’s nothing but a marketing redirect scam that’s the same old run around. Do you want to get laid?

Then check out my main page and you’ll see how I do it for free. In fact, I can confidently say that I’ve had sex with more girls for free within these networks more so than I have with girls that I knew in college. They’ve been a game changer for me and I can guarantee that they will do the same for you.


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