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Humpchies Review: Girls In Canada & 84+ Sites Like Humpchies.com

I recently came across an escort site called Humpchies and I’m here to share everything I know about it. It’s a classified ads site featuring free erotic listings of escorts located in Canada, specifically Quebec.

Before you go hiring any escorts on Humpchies.com I suggest you read my review. I’m covering all the reasons why it’s a really bad idea. You’ll quickly understand that it’s not as safe as you think and it’s certainly not cheap.

Here’s my full rundown of these escort ads and why you must avoid all of the listings.

Humpchies Homepage and Review

My Humpchies Review

I’m sure you want to know why and how I ended up on this website. I started out on a site called Leolist.cc and eventually ended up on the Humpchies site.

I can confidently say that I found an alternative to both of these sites and opted to avoid them entirely, not hiring anyone.

Here’s everything that I learned about this Canadian escort site and why you need to proceed with extreme caution if you’re looking for an escort in the Montreal or Quebec area.

At First Glance

When I first landed on the Humche site, I thought to myself, this looks amazing! I figured it was just a free dating site with listings of girls looking to hook up with horny men. Guess what, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I quickly found out that Humpchies was a Quebec and Montreal Independent Escort hub giving random girls the ability to place ads showcasing their services.

The Homepage

If you take a look at the homepage, you’ll notice that it’s in both French and English. The site claims to be an adult social entertainment website but that’s just a cover for being an escort directory built for connecting hookers with men.

On the homepage, you’ll find links to sections of the site e.g. Escorts, Escort Agencies, Erotic Massages, Erotic Massage Parlors.

I decided to dive into the Erotic Massage section and what I found was ridiculous. Not to mention, I’ve told you to not hire these massage girls before. Rubmaps.com proved that doing so is a horrible idea.

The photos of these girls all look professional and even some looked photoshopped. It doesn’t seem like they are even real listings based on what I saw.

I drilled into an Asian massage advertisement to get a better idea of what she had to offer. Funny, all they give is a phone number and a few photos that look like they were done during a porn photo shoot. I’ve blocked the girl’s phone number for privacy purposes but you get the picture.

There are no reviews associated with these girls and they are not verified at all.

Asian massage on humpchies.com

The Escort Ads

I went ahead and decided to dig into some of the escort ads featuring girls in photos offering sex in exchange for cash. Sure enough, this listing was quite similar.

It provided very little information, a mobile phone number, and some photos. Oh, the girl’s name was Andrea and she quoted her service rates and the fact that she does not have sex with black men. Apparently, she’s a racist!

Guess how much you’re going to pay? She’s going to charge you $200 an hour and $160 for a half hour!

humpchies racist escort listing

The Searches

This website is so suspect because it presents itself in a similar manner as a porn tube site. What I mean by that is they show the top searches that are done on the website (mature, MILF, swallow, domination, etc). I’ve never seen a dating or escort site reveal these types of searches but I know that all the tube sites do this.

The Banner Ads

If you take a look to the right of one of the screenshots, you’ll notice that they have a couple of banners posted on the site.

Strangely enough, these banners lead you on a wild goose chase meaning that you’ll be redirected to a funnel of fake questions and distracting images all to simply grab your credit card information.

I’d like to mention that these sites that they are sending you to likely incorporate fake profiles aka fantasy profiles.

banner ads on Humpchies

The Terms of Service

These terms are pretty common in a sense that Humpchies.com accepts no responsibility for any inaccurate information, harm caused, offensive communications or anything of that nature.

They mention that by using this Humpchies site you’re literally waiving your legal rights and will not hold the site or its owners responsible for anything that might come about should you decide to use this website.


Why do so many shady escorts post ads here? Simple, it’s free for them to use. Yes, the site does not charge these escorts any money to post ads which makes it even more dangerous!

I’m dead serious!

The fact that this is the case means that any scumbag pimp or shady escort can post an advertisement and scam someone in a matter of minutes.

The Danger

You may run into danger using this site. Some of these girls may be drug addicts, scammers, criminals, perhaps they have life-threatening diseases too. It’s really impossible to say that none of that is true because they do not verify who these escorts are.

Conclusion: Should You Avoid Humpchies.com?

My personal suggestion would be to avoid Humpchies and not even bother visiting the site. While this might not be as bad as the Listcrawler.com site, it’s still really bad!

You’ll not only get charged a ton of money for hiring girls on this site, but you will also end up having legal and health issues if you’re the unlucky one that runs into an escort with bad intentions.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you don’t need to hire escorts in Quebec or Montreal if you want to get laid. All you need to do is use one of the many casual dating sites that exist out there today. All of those that I suggest do not require you to pay girls for sex.

Yes, they are premium sites but you don’t have to pay the girls to have sex with you. Instead, they put you in touch with local women in Quebec and throughout Canada who are looking for sex.

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5 thoughts on “Humpchies Review: Girls In Canada & 84+ Sites Like Humpchies.com”

  1. Many of these girls do not have sex with black men because they are abusive toward them. It’s their prerogative and their bodies which they value. Many have had unpleasant experiences with not only black but Hindu, Pakistaki, Metis etc – Frankly I don’t blame them and even black female escorts often refuse sex with black men ! So I guess its reverse racism?!

    • He what a load of crap. Am a transgender woman escort in Montreal and all the girls on hump are real most of them and yes black man are not all assholes but most of the time i was treated like garbage. So i had to stop taking black idou muslim pakys and any arabs

  2. A lot of girls are now asking for steam cards, neosurf, google play cards.
    Don’t do it, they ask to send them a picture of the card and either scratch in the back, and send them the numbers. They use the money and they never show up and you get screwed!!!!

    • Robert, thanks for the comment. More proof confirming how awful this site is and why it must be avoided. You da man and thanks for giving us all further insight.


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