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SkipTheGames.com Review and Alternative Sites Like It To Consider!

I’m sure you’re fed up with games when it comes to meeting girls. Trust me, I get it. There’s nothing more frustrating to me than dealing with deals that don’t put out. Which is one of the reasons why the SkipTheGames.com website was created. However, what you need to know is that the name can be quite deceiving. Having spent a full week investing SkipTheGames, I know that the best thing to do is to skip this site entirely! Find out exactly why I suggest avoiding this site, especially if you don’t like paying girls to have sex with you. I personally refuse to pay girls money in exchange for sex because I don’t need to when I’ve got adult dating sites to turn to for that. At any rate, here’s my personal rundown of this site and everything I learned using it.

SkipTheGames Site

SkipTheGames Review – More Like Skip The Site!

I’ll waste no more of your time than necessary here. Let’s jump right into the terms of service so you can understand why I hate this website.

The first thing you need to know is that the site claims that the content you post is non-confidential and non-proprietary. In other words, anything you post on here, you’re giving the site permission to do whatever the heck they want with it.

They also make it clear that each time you decide to post anything on the site (including an ad) you’re agreeing to the terms that they have set forth. The company also clearly states that they have every right to send you e-mails that contain promotional material and information related to the services. If you want to avoid getting these emails, then the only thing to do is to cancel your membership, period.

If you read even deeper into the legal jargon that they throw at you in the TOS page, you’ll quickly learn that the company assumes zero responsibility for you and your actions related to any of the material or information posted on the website. Basically, what they’re saying is that you either use the site at your own risk or don’t use it at all. If you have a bad experience or interaction with one of the members, they will not back you and will not help you out at all.

Skipthegames.com Review

No Refunds or Cancellations Ever

I hate a site that doesn’t honor cancellations or refunds. In fact, I’ve got zero time for crappy terms like that. Also, I find it funny that the site says they will comply with legal duties and obligations, yet they are basically promoting people to hire girls to have sex with them. It’s no different than the Nightshift.co site. They promote paying for sex.

Using The Site

I went ahead and attempted to go through the motions of using the site. Yes, I did so for research purposes only as I needed to investigate things in full before giving my final opinion on the site.

skipthegames.com search

Testing the site made me yawn.

Seriously, it’s no different from the typical Backpage and Craigslist-style sites. It’s even worse than the others though because the site logs all the emails and interactions between you and the escort you’re trying to hire. I mean, what idiot would use a site that retains records of you paying money to girls just so they will sleep with you?

It’s illegal and part of the reason why law enforcement officers troll these sites.

Skipthegames Escorts

Speaking of Internet trolls, some of the listings may not even be real. They could be scams posted by people looking to rob you blind, steal your money, or even worse perhaps physically harm you!

One other thing I’d like to point out is that the listings all have the same stupid legal disclaimer as if that’s going to protect all parties from harm and even worse, law enforcement issues.

Just. Stop. Please.


Law Enforcement Confirms Use Of Skip The Games For Sting Operations

Local Police in the Allentown, Pennsylvania area is officially letting the cat out of the bag. I have confirmation that local law enforcement is going out of their way to arrest both escorts and those looking to hire escorts. A website called The Morning Call recently published an article in great detail on the subject matter.

When they did, Lehigh Valley Law Enforcement came right out and confirmed that they’ve been using the SkipTheGames.com website. The local area reported a drop in arrests and crimes related to prostitution once Backpage was seized, but that all changed when other sites like Skip The Games to its place.

I guess my point is that police are responding to these ads on this site and I have proof of them doing so. They’ve confirmed just that and you’re going to want to read that story here!

Conclusion: SkipTheGames Puts On A Good Front, But It Sucks

This escort directory tries to play itself off as awesome, safe, and ad-free. But that’s just lies. Sure, they don’t post any banner ads on the site, but they spam you with email offers and even worse, then catalog your interactions with girls. If you are the type that likes to be tracked and you want to eventually get in trouble for paying girls to have sex with you, then go right ahead and join SkipTheGames.com. However, in my opinion, there’s nothing BUT games taking place here.

5 Sites Like SkipTheGames, But Worth Trying

This is a list of the hottest alternative sites for those looking for something similar to SkipTheGames without having to pay for everything. Find out what works and what doesn’t work!

Stop wasting your time. Join a real dating site that connects like-minded people looking for sex and call it a day. Whenever I’m looking to find sex near me, I just turn to the sites listed below.

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Ryan Malone is a serial dater who enjoys casual flings. He created this website for all the cocksman out there looking for the best ways to find casual encounters in all the weirdest places. You can follow him on Twitter and sometimes find him posting videos with opinions on dating sites on YouTube.

15 thoughts on “SkipTheGames.com Review and Alternative Sites Like It To Consider!”

  1. Summer classy not trashy, I had a dream about her and it’s the best experience I’ve had since my stay here in Charleston. She honest respectful and she is all about pleasing. Give her a try. Yes a lil pricy but way worth it

    • Come on John! After reading ALL the negative things about this site you decided to go ahead and hire some call girl to have sex with you and you paid? Man, what an awful idea. People, let me make it clear. What John has decided to do is 100% illegal and if caught, you will be arrested. It’s a terrible idea. For those looking to hookup for free, check out the homepage or one of the sites in the “best of” list above.

  2. Not all the chicks on the site are scams or shady ive seen several. My favorite is miss. Hotti her name is Mercedes shes now my one and only , quite a pleasure. Shes clean professional, makes time for me spur of the monent, always making sure its all about me. So not all the girls on the site are fooling around you just have to weed through the bullshiters to get to the good ones thats the hard part. Call her you will enjoy every visit .

  3. Well for me it’s a total turn on to get cash for sex.. It really gets me hotter than ever to want to fuck.. So I say yes to Skipthegames.com fuck all the silly talk about your likes and dislikes and where you grew up.. when all you have to do is scroll through, pick a girl in your area, and cum or play or do what ever turns you on for some cash.. And walk away.. Hell you may call that girl or me over and over and fuck for weeks without getting bitched at nor commitments.. So YES I like only this site.. And Yes it’s better than backpage.. and no it never knows who u are if you call or text the girl.. They don’t know you!! It’s fucking silly to say they do.. No the dating sites make you fill out more than this site does..

    • Jamistone, you better hope that local law enforcement doesn’t catch you in action. If so, I hope you get turned on by giving cash for bail because that’s what’ll likely happen.

  4. Lindsey/kellie. I am a 61 year old lady who she lived with for a while all she wanted to do is rob the clients. And she is bad on herion she is out of my home now thank god and she robbed me as well all men. Tread that water carefully.

  5. the only girls on there that are real pictures are the fat and ugly ones any picture that looks good is fake went to 3 different ones that posted skinny pictures got there they were all fat I left this site sucks all the girls at the hyatt at exit 57 they have 5 adds are fat and ugly

  6. Well aint you just an opinionated asshole?

    You state that you hate the site because “Find out exactly why I suggest avoiding this site, especially if you don’t like paying girls to have sex with you.”
    Well honey this is an ESCORT site. You will be charged by the escort if you set up a date with one. If you dont care to pay for your dates then stay off the site.
    I also must beg to differ your statement that the site name is misleading. On the contrary it is quite fitting. The site is very open as to its purpose and because of this escorts and clients can skip games and guesswork and cut right to the chase.

    I must also refute your claims that the site sebds you aby type of email. The only email they burden their users with are two emails upon sign up, emails forwarded to you by skip from interested clients, and warning mail if you break any rules.
    Furthermore members are not required to include email or a phone contact on posts or can choose to include contact info in their bio instead of opting for Skips assisted contact practices.

    Also, the site is completeoy ad free and there are no costs associated with site use. Nor do they attempt to sell or solicit to you by any means

    The disclaimer you mentiobed seeing on “all ads” is voluntary and members can choose to include or exclude the disclaimer with only a click.

    My question to you is why review a site you margionally at best examined and used for review purposes? And why would you blantantltly lie about the site, its behaveures, practices, and policies. Anyone after spending merely a few moments on the site will clearly see that you have lied and that only makes you look bad not the site

    • Hi Tina,

      As we stand in 2019, paying for sex in the USA is illegal. I blog about it all the time. With you post, and your egregious email address, I assume you are openly accepting money from men in exchange for sexual activity, which we don’t really condone here. I’ll stand by my write-up and point out that I’m a law-abiding citizen, while you, well……I’ll let others judge.

  7. I met a chic goes by the name good head becky, LOL. That was truly just it. As my time tick away without reaching my goal i started noticing thing like teeth, her stomach, then she makes the statement” take the comdom off” lol. Later on tells me shes pregnant by a different race. The worst part of it all is she has irresponsible actions that is bringing a child into this world and no clue whi the father might be. And still going strong today Come on skip the game, this is what yoi have on your site.

  8. Just an update on this Becky with the great head, which is by the way her new name. Guys watch out she is a con artist that is pretty good. Lies about her age, and being alone , make you feel sorry for her, the second you turn ya back her, her girlfriend, RIP you off and has someone come while yall are busy before your done her phone ring . The entire time your being tricked . Literally. Fellas watch it with her. I wish they would kick her off before someone gets hurt.

  9. Well it been about 2 weeks ,and I be damn if I dont get a knock on the door. I open up and who is it our ol friend BECKY WITH THE GOOD HEAD, OR HER OTHER NAME JOLLY RANCHER AKA MISS SLOPPY. I wanted so bad to treat her like a man. I said she was good at playing and ripping you off. Well she immediately started balling saying she didn’t know etc. This fake story about being rapped and being pregnant. No where to stay. No food etc. No matter I have a big heart plus her leg was wrapped in a bloody bandage. Almost time for me to go to work. Told her she could stay. Nobody was to come in and if one thing was missing. Said she was going to sleep, had a gut feeling something wasn’t right.told her I’d be back and forth, long story short. After me leaving her pimp arrives comes in and proceeded to rob my home of small things ended up being like $700.00 . People this chic is dangerous. She knew I was coming back she dont care who gets hurt or goes to prison. Later after I find out she tell me it’s my fault. skip the page yall are allow. Good job

  10. You have to be one of the biggest assholes i have come across. So just because you dont want to pay for sex it makes it a bad site because they charge. But that is the problem today people like you think that their opinion is fact. Sorry to tell you last time i checked just because someone doesnt agree with your beliefs doesnt make them bad


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