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Massage Planet Review: Shady MPA Forum You Must Avoid!

Today I’m here to share with you some information about a site called Massage Planet. If you’ve been to Toronto and you’ve done a search or two looking for some massage therapists, then chances are you’ve ended up on MassagePlanet.net.

If not…consider yourself extremely lucky!

Without a doubt, this site is bad news and one that you’ll want to avoid. In fact, there are lots of Canadian sites out there that you want to avoid in order to dodge high prices and shady girls in general. As far as I’m concerned, this site is no different than Perb.cc and the LeoList.cc website. Complete wastes of time and I’m going to tell you why!

massaeg planet homepage

My Review Of Massage Planet (Full Details)

Before I get started with the details, many of you may not be familiar with some of the lingo and/or acronyms used in this industry. If you come across the acronym MPA, it means massage parlor attendant. You actually don’t need to know that because I’m not suggesting that you even bother hiring these girls. You’ll understand why very soon.

Okay, so here’s what I discovered while checking out the Massage Planet forum, specifically, the Toronto section of the site. However, I’ll have you know that this site operates in more than just Canada. It’s a worldwide site which lists out American massage girls, Canadian, Europian, Asian, and even South American girls. However, I’ll be focusing on the Toronto section of Massageplanet.net versus other sections.

Homepage Info

When you visit the homepage, you’ll quickly notice that the website is covered with advertisements. These ads lead you to other sites. These ads are sending you to shady sites like Terb.cc, Spasbywendy.ca, Canpages.ca, and others.

What I want you to understand is that these girls featured in the banner ads are not worth your time. Unless you live in the local area where these massage girls work, you’re not going to get anywhere. The ads are so cheesy and I wouldn’t trust the numbers on the site if I were you.

You’ll notice that the homepage is just the beginning. If you don’t fall for the massage ads above the fold, you’ll eventually find yourself deep in one of the sections of the site. Like I said, I focused on Toronto versus simply just checking out the New York City aka Manhattan section of the site and other locations in America but I’ll still cover that information for you.

The Toronto Forum Section

massage planet toronto section

When you visit the Toronto Massage Planet forum, you’ll notice that it’s nothing special at all. The same crappy banner ads are located above the fold and it’s nothing other than a run of forum updates that people can freely post.

You’ll notice that the people posting in this section are doing so as freely and careless as can be. I can’t believe how forward and upfront some of these people are posting this information. Truth be told, I don’t necessarily believe that they are legit, trustworthy, or honest updates.

I find it strange that many of the forum posts have lots of views but no replies.

Why Worry?

Think about it for a second, these people are so forthcoming and free to give their feedback on these massage girls. They do so without a care in the world about being exposed for doing so. I’ve also managed to easily uncover the fact that these women may be recommended by anyone, even those in sting operations!

What I’m driving at is that when you use this site, you may run into MPA suggestions and reviews that may entice you to hire a girl that’s involved in a sting operation for illegal services.

This holds especially true within the USA section of Massage Planet. It’s almost effortless for a police officer or law enforcement agency to pose as a consumer and suggest or recommend that you hire a girl. Well, the hiring of that girl may land you behind bars if you attempt to connect with the wrong one!

The Terms Are Vague

massageplanet.net site terms

I’m not a very big fan of the terms here on Massageplanet.net. They come out and state that they are not responsible for any user-generated content and/or accounts. The content which is being published is the view/opinion of the author only.

In other words, if you take advice from someone on the forum and you hire some massage girl that ends up giving you a disease, robbing you, or even getting you arrested, it’s not MassagePlanet.net’s fault. That falls back on your actions only.

Conclusion: Massage Planet Is Shady, Stay Away

The truth here is that you cannot be sure what you’re getting into and many of these forum members may not have your best intentions in mind. The chance that they are setting you up for failure certainly exists. Not to mention, you’re going to have to pay up big time if you want to get off. That holds especially true with any of these massage parlor attendants in the ads.

None of it is worth it, period! If you’re spending time using this site, then you’re wasting it. You are far better off trying to connect with a horny local girl using an app to bang versus taking a chance with one of these massage mutts or undercover cops. Not to mention, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper!


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