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Adult Search Review & 8+ Sites Like AdultSearch.com To Consider

There’s been a lot of talks recently about sites that offer information about local escorts and rightfully so. The legal ramifications of running these sites can be quite damaging and perhaps more damaging than ever before. One of the sites offering escort information is Adult Search. Today, I’m here to share a FULL report on Adultsearch.com.

adult search review

Before I do, I want to ask and answer a question:

Is adult search legit?

The answer is NO and I need you to understand that you should NOT use this site. In fact, I’m suggesting that you not attempt to use any of the escort websites.

Yes, that includes Nightshift.co, TheEroticReview.com, Eccie.net, and EroticMonkey.com. AVOID THEM ALL.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, time to shed some light on this AdultSearch.com website and everything you need to know…

Adult Search WebSite – Full Investigation

If you read any of the adult search reviews that have been published, read this one today…no need to waste time here in this review, here’s what you need to know before you take action. The Adult Search is basically a front and full resource for people that want to connect with streetwalkers, hookers, call girls, and escorts. Specifically, people are using this site to illegally connect with San Diego escorts, Orlando escorts, Dallas escorts, Seattle escorts and many others across the country.

I took a closer look at the local Miami, FL section of Adult Search and went “all in” with regards to my review of the site. It required me to do everything you’d think, except full disclosure I did not hire any escorts. No need to as I was able to get the full details without putting myself at risk or harm.

Homepage Ads

The first thing that I want you to know is that the website profits from ads and they incorporate ads to sex cams and shemale escorts. The links are at the top of the website.

Now, to get to the real details…

As I dove into the Miami, FL section of the site, I noticed that the websites links at the top changed. They updated to show more localized text and that’s it.

The page I found myself on displayed what they refer to as “Escort Services,” “Erotic Massage Parlors,” “Strip Clubs,” and “Sex Shops,” as well as “Bath Houses.” However, the site is nothing more than a dangerous scam if you ask me and I’ll share all the reasons why with you here.

I took a very close look at some of the girls posting ads on AdultSearch.com.

Money For Sex (DON’T DO IT)

The first thing I have to report about these girls is that they hide nothing about accepting money in exchange for sexual services. In fact, they post the costs associated with hiring the girls. These girls are literally admitting to doing something illegal and it could definitely lead to legal issues.

One of the ads that I came across showed an email reply system which allowed “John’s” to send messages to the girls. If you do this, then there’s a good chance that your information WILL be saved and there will be proof that you’re trying to pay girls for sex. If the site or company gets raided, then you’ll be arrested for partaking in the activity.

Girls On Instagram

I noticed that the website connects people to Instagram profiles of hoes. Yes, they are nothing but hoes that want your money. Now, what bothers me is that these may not even be real girls on IG. It could be some law enforcement agency setting gullible guys up to arrest them. My guess is that the IG accounts are fake AF and those that you want to avoid 100%.

Professional Photos

You need to consider why girls would be posting professional photos of them posing as models. If these girls are professional models with expensive photo shoots, then why on earth would they post on Adult Search? Most likely, it’s that the girls in the photos are not really the girls associated with the phone numbers on the escort listings. I’ve heard so many stories of guys getting burned it’s insane.

Ads Everywhere

There are legit ads everywhere on this website. When you click on the escort listing, you’ll find ads for horrible sugar baby sites, fake swing hookup networks and more. These ads are scams, so don’t even bother clicking on them. I dug into each of them and noticed that all of them are awful, don’t waste your time. Especially on the sugar baby sites.

Terms Are Vague

The terms and conditions on Adult Search are so vague that I cannot even believe it. Most of these sites have huge terms of service pages to cover their asses legally. Not this one, perhaps it doesn’t give a shit about it, period.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts On Adult Search…

If you’re planning on joining Adult Search or contacting the girls posting on this site, then I’m sorry but you’re an idiot. In my experienced yet personal opinion, I’m going to suggest that you not waste your time or money using this website.  Instead, read my tips on finding other adult sites.

Look, if you want to connect with some real women or local college students looking to hookup, then all you need to do is join an adult dating network. This will remove the need to pay for sexual favors. There’s no need to do anything illegal like that given that these websites exist. I’ve been successfully hooking up with girls for years by using these apps and sites below. Try one or two and see what happens, simple as that.

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27 thoughts on “Adult Search Review & 8+ Sites Like AdultSearch.com To Consider”

    • Are the girls on this site ESCORTS? Or is it like a dating site? So basically people just meet each other and have sex with no exchange of money? The reason I’m curious is because I’ve been seeing so many of these kind of sites popping up everywhere.

    • Hey I’m a completely real escort that uses Adult Search and other sites; granted not every girl on here is real but a lot of those professional photos are in fact real. We take quality photos because, they look nice and neat and cause clicks. My advice is to call and if they are real and 100% then they wouldn’t mind proving some how just as long as you do the same.

      • I have met several dates on Adult Search ! All of them extremely nice . I just have a hard time remembering names . I have even had TV’s and ts’s off here. I’m not ashamed of it, I love it. So I would say stick with what works.

  1. are you suggesting to masturbate?
    I can’t find girl legal way.
    I did not get ANY interest on Match.com or smilar site

  2. What about the erotic massage parlors. On the website it lists which ones give extras and which don’t. Is that section true or is everything literally a scam on that website?

    • It is not a scam this guy is a hater itsnot a scam he must have had a bad experience o. Tbat website to feel so badly about it

      • Dovie, you’re entitled to your opinion just as I am. That’s what’s great about the Internet. You do you, and I’ll do me.

  3. Guys, Hes not telling a story, He’s absolutely right! I tried AdultSearch for an experience because I’ve tried other sites and had no problem with those sites, but AdultSearch was a site I never tried.. Almost 95% of the girls will be quite a Distance to get to. I called up this hot blonde, She was extremely Hot! She gives me the address and I tell her it’s too far but she tells me she’ll cut her rate down to 100 instead of 150, So I went… I Ended up giving the bitch 250 and it was my Bday Too! I told her I thought you said 100? But she said “yeah,…. but that’s just for a quick 5 minute service of me rubbing my body all over you.. she lied to me and told me since it was my BDAY she will do a full package for 250… and I give her the 250, I had to wait like 30 mins for her… and she comes back with her clothes just pulled down a little bit and just fake moaned and rubbed her body on me until I cummed.. I was soo Pissed but you live and you learn.. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT USE ADULTSEARCH.. where I was at had me very nervous and uncomfortable, like I was trapped at a place with no escaped! Just stick to the sites you know and that’s been working.


  5. Yall all sound like a lot of Pussy, Hypocrites, that in reality you have use, craigslist, backpage, adultsearch, etc. Or either done Took a girl out u just met the same day and fucked and bought her dinner,etc . So would you rather take ur chances with guys that buy pussy for a hobbies and take chances, or be that sick mf that join sites, with way worst , like the girl that kill the guy on that one site that farmer’s .com. and be with child molester, and other Sick fucks… so I’m wondering where do u stand cause I’m sure you’re on 1 of 2 sides or might be on Both. Cutt the B’S.

    • Yatta, want to try that again in English? Maybe where you were brought up people don’t use punctuation? Over to you….

  6. I went on Adultsearch.com and as I look for local escorts and text, the so-called escort wanted me to prepaid through digital bank before the address being sent, the first thing that came to mine “scam” ,,, from a disabled male, society stigma, other Countries have sex workers for disabled people

    • Mike- you aren’t wrong. Don’t ever send money, especially digitally, to anyone you don’t know. Thanks for stopping by and be well man.


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