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Affairhookups Website Review: Why I Suggest Not Giving This Company Any Money

After having the opportunity to use the Affairhookups website and many others alike, it’s easy for me to tell why it’s one of those really bad dating sites. Before I get into all that, let me tell you a little bit about the layout and how they pull you in. The gorgeous blonde standing with her robe open on the front page of AffairHookups.com suggests that this dating site is a little naughty and caters to people who want to cheat on their spouses or just hook up. The question is, can you actually hook up with any real women?

After checking in to the site, I would say that it’s not very likely. I saw much of the same as I would on any other below average dating website. There was not much there to make it stand out and be anything less than a waste of time and money.

If you want to know how I arrived at my conclusion, read the entire review below. I gave the site a fair chance and it just didn’t come through. I hope my experience will help you make an informed decision on whether to spend your money on this site. What’s that you say? The site says it’s free? Yes, it does and that’s the first problem. Let me tell you a little bit about this supposed hookup site.

Affairhookups Website


My Affairhookups Site Review And Analysis

The main reason to avoid AffairHookups can be found right in their own “terms” section. In section 9; they admit that the site is an entertainment service and not a personals service. I’m guessing that you don’t come to a hookup site to be entertained. You came to hook up. Not much of that will be happening because you will only run into what this site and many other sites refer to as “Online Cupids.”

This is the not the first time I have seen this term. I have never visited a legit site that used “Online Cupids.” It’s a term commonly used among bogus sites to describe the fake profiles and the computer-generated messages that they send you to encourage you to continue to use the site and, more importantly, spend your money on it. If you ever see this term being used; you should avoid it.

Many sites like this offer zero chance for talking to a live person, much less hook up with them. The only real women I found on the site were on the live cams. After checking into this; I determined these were real women, but there is a catch. These real women were employees of the site who are paid to perform for you on webcam. You can get better content on live cam sites that are built for this sort of thing. Why would you pay an expensive membership for a site that poses as a dating site for adults, but is really nothing more than a live cam site that fools you into thinking that you are going to hook up with these women?

Personal Experiences

I did not have a very fun or fulfilling experience on the site. I didn’t have much of an experience at all. The shady stuff started happening right away, when I wasn’t even finished filling out my profile. Keep in mind that I had not yet uploaded a picture and had added very little info to my profile. Before I knew it, there were extremely hot women writing me wanting to hook up. Do you really think that gorgeous women would start flirting with a guy and wanting to hook up with him before they even see what he looks like? I didn’t think so.

As I suspected, I was not allowed to respond to the messages that were sent to me. When I tried to respond, I was directed to the payment page. I fully expected this, so I went ahead and paid for a month membership. All I got, the entire month, was more hassle, fake messages, and fake profiles. I chatted with a couple of women on live cam, but it became clear very quickly that these women were paid employees of the site who just wanted to lead me on until I was charged for another month.

Site Features

When it comes to features; the site is generic. It has a simple search that you see on every dating site and you can add users to your buddy list like a social networking site. There is also live cams and live chat, but as I said, the women are all employees of the site and I never encountered a real one.

How Much Does It Cost?

AffairHookups.com might make a lot of claims to be free, but they are far from it. Before you can use the site or answer any messages; you must purchase a monthly membership of $29.95 which is a recurring charge that will come out of your account every month until you cancel it. You can save money by purchasing 3 months at a time for $69.00.

Conclusion: Stay Away From The Affairhookups Website Unless You Want To Waste Your Money

You should not allow yourself to be fooled by this site or any site that uses Online Cupids. This is common among fake dating sites and this one is no different. It is not free, the profiles are fake, they reuse your information and send you fake messages, get the point?

What Actually Works Well

Assuming that you are not afraid to spend money, there are some sites that actually work quite well. You’ll need to purchase a membership, but then again, nothing in life is really free! Here’s a list of the sites that I recommend you check out. Chances are you’ll find a sex dating app as well site that caters to all your needs. If I did, then you will too!

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