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Listcrawler Review: Useful Escorts Ads Or A Total Scam?

Summary: This is my Listcrawler review and everything I know about the website. Yes, it’s an escort site and they collect a ton of hooker ads and put it all in one place. No point in sugar-coating anything. This is my review and below you will learn what I know about the site, what I think about Listcrawler.com, the pros and cons of it, and more. If you’re looking to save money and get laid for free, then you do not want to use listcrawler. Just use this here for free. Keep reading below for more insight into this escort website.

I did the unthinkable today…I went ahead and decided to give Listcrawler a try. Why did I do it? Well, one person reached out to me, and the subject line read: Is Listcrawler Legit? Guess what, I didn’t know what it was and you’re probably wondering what in the heck this is too. Well, I can confidently say that my time spent on Listcrawler.com was the biggest waste of time ever. I know, I shouldn’t be looking for escorts but neither should you.

In fact, I don’t hire any girls to have sex with me. I simply used this to report my findings. Again, for what it’s worth, I am testing and investigating things just to be able to report them to you. It was perhaps the worst mistake that I made all week. As far as I’m concerned, this site needs to be exposed and shut down. That’s exactly why I’m sharing all the information below. But first, let me answer this and get it over with…What is Listcrawler? It’s an escort listing aggregator.

Listcrawler screenshot

Listcrawler Escort Directory Gets Exposed Below!

Okay, so the very first thing that happens when you visit listcrawler.com is that they present to you an age verification check. I have nothing against this but it’s the “terms of use” link (located on that page) that I have an issue with.

If you take a look at the terms of service, you’ll quickly realize that this website is willing to feed you to the wolves at a moment’s notice.

What I mean by that is they are willing to provide third parties any and all personal information that you provide them. Whether it be law enforcement, advertisers, FTC, FBI, banks, whatever, they will expose you to them and share your information.

They also mention in their terms of service that their data may at times be breached and unsecure. While they don’t say it like that, they are basically saying that it’s not their fault if someone gets a hold of your personal data.

Did I mention that Listcrawler assumes zero responsibility for any of the escort listings that are posted on the site? You heard that right, if you meet up with a shady escort that robs you blind, it’s not Listcrawler’s fault and they will not do anything for you. It’s 100% on you. I don’t know how you feel about that but I think it sucks.

listcrawler main page

Getting Into The Site

I went ahead and clicked on listcrawler.com and in doing so I decided to just pick a random city. Actually, I was looking to get into the Listcrawler Chicago section as well as the Phoenix section, but I was blocked because they’ve legit blocked people in those cities it seems. That said, I quickly learned that this site was nothing special and in fact quite dangerous if you ask me.

All this site is really is simply an extraction of a ton of Backpage listings. They’ve scraped classified ads of escorts and are presenting them as if it’s a new listing. Guess what, they’re doing nothing new here and in fact, they are putting you in more harms way than anything since the site operators are so far removed.

Taking a closer look at the escort ads, you’ll notice that they have direct phone numbers listed on the ads. Now, what you don’t realize is that the phone number might not even be real. What I mean is, this listing might not be real.

Just because there’s some good-looking girl in the ad, that doesn’t mean that the same girl is going to show up to provide sexual services for you.

They Try To Send You Elsewhere

The more you click around here on this escort site, the more chances you’ll be sent elsewhere. In fact, that’s this sites main objective. They want you to click on either ads or links to send you to sponsored listings.

For example, the “Live Sex Cams” and the “Fuck Now” text links on the right of the page send you to other sites. These other sites are just as bad as this listing.

listcrawler.com cities page

Site Stays Out Of It

I hate the fact that this site assumes zero responsibility and will not help you if you have a bad experience with an escort. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong but is it not this website’s job to make sure that you have a good time with a girl?

To me, it seems like they just crawl a bunch of ads and list them in one place and that’s it. That is literally all they do. Which tells me that this site sucks big time.

Girls Might Have Diseases

Don’t forget that some of these girls in the escort listings might have serious diseases. What, you thought that you were the only person calling them? I don’t think so! Real escorts have sex with hundreds of men each week.

Seriously, I’m not joking…that many people! Why the hell would you want to risk that? It’s definitely not worth it at all, trust me!

A Better Option

In my humble opinion, a better decision would be to join a casual dating site. Not just any site though, one that connects you with locals looking to have sex. That means you will NOT have to pay them to sleep with you. For example, take a look at all this casual fling site for adults.

I can 100% guarantee that they work. You’ll have a better experience using them versus hiring some scrub escort hoe that’s slept with 1,000 guys this month.

Listcrawler Misspellings & Popular Searches

If you insist on using the crawlerlist then you need to know a few things before doing so. First, people spell Listcrawler incorrectly multiple times a day. It’s pretty foolish to think that people looking for escorts can’t spell, but that’s just the way it is. Second, there are lots of really popular searches that people make. I’m talking about hundreds of thousands of people searching for things related to Listcrawler and Escort Alligator girls. Today I’m here to share both of those lists with you.

The first list on the left is spelling errors. The list on the right are the most popular city searches.


list crawler



escort alligator

list crawlers

listcrawler com

alligator escort

list crawers


list rawler



alligator listcrawler

www listcrawler com


crawler list escort










list crawer.com

list cralwer

listcrawlers com




listcrawler eu


list carwler


list craler


list crwler


backpage listcrawler

list clawer

scort list

lisr crawler

listcrawler long island

listcrawler atlanta

listcrawler chicago

buffalo listcrawler

listcrawler phoenix

listcrawler queens

listcrawler louisville

listcrawler dallas

chicago listcrawler

listcrawler orlando

listcrawler tampa

listcrawler new orleans

list crawler chicago

phoenix listcrawler

listcrawler miami

dallas listcrawler

listcrawlers detroit

listcrawler houston

listcrawler boston

Bottom Line Laid Out

The bottom line is that Listcrawler is nothing special. It’s not even a legit escort classifieds site. There’s nothing unique about it and it’s simply an aggregator that steals listings from other sites and doesn’t protect your personal information. I hate to say it, but you’d actually be better off using The Erotic Monkey or even the original Backpage site, both which of course totally suck big time.

If you want to get laid and do so economically with no legal issues and fewer chances of getting diseases, then use a legit dating site. It’s that simple really and whatever you do, stay the hell away from Listcrawler.com, please!


My name is Ryan Malone and I'm a serial dater who enjoys casual flings. I created this website for all the cocksman out there looking for the best ways to find casual encounters in all the weirdest places. You can follow me on Twitter and sometimes find him posting videos with opinions on dating sites on YouTube. If you want to learn more about me and my site, then read this page here.

30 thoughts on “Listcrawler Review: Useful Escorts Ads Or A Total Scam?”

  1. You realize an escort has MORE to worry about than you ?
    “Omg what if I have a bad experience I can’t believe the site won’t take responsibility”
    You sound dumb as fuck. You know how many bad experiences escorts worry about ? Getting robbed, raped, murdered… way more than what a client has to worry about . You sound bitter.

    • Lola,
      I don’t come on your blog and call you an ugly dumb escort not worth two nickels, do I? Nope, which is why I don’t appreciate you talking to me like that. If you get robbed or whatever, that’s your own problem. I mean, you’ve chosen a profession that’s illegal and all of it can be avoided. In my opinion, Listcrawler is setting both escorts and Johns up for failure. Simple as that.

      • You are a conservative prude who is against all escorting period and so your review is utterly tainted and without any credibility whatsoever. You should stick to comments on such equally conservative sites as maintained by sex-hating prudish groups like the Family Research Council, etc.

    • You save it all escorts have sex with hundreds of man each week? I think you got your numbers mixed up because there’s not enough time in the week to do hundreds. You’re probably just so ugly that no girls will sleep with you no matter how much you paid. take your commentary and shove it.

      • dumb asf. Do you live in reality? Did you do any research? Some women see 10-15 men a day and this data is drastically changing because more young men are paying for sex as the days go on. Hundreds is not far fetched lol. Especially the popular ones get seen a lot. Some popular women in the industry keep a tally of how many men they see a year and its always in the thousands

    • They stole my pictures and my content and put it on their site and I changed my phone number I’m not participating in that bullshit. Not one single woman has put her own ad on that website they’re all stolen.
      They thought they would ride on my phone number for when a guy tries to Google me they going to find their website so I changed my phone number and I hope Every Other Woman is smart enough to do the same thing. I’m not going to let these bastards pimp out my phone number.

      I can assure you not a single woman has ever put an ad on this website and many of them have probably done the same thing I’ve done just change their phone number so these motherfuckers are not using me to make their money on their paper click links.

      • This happens a ton and i always report it. A lot of ads are stealing pictures from instagram!! Which is why i urge you woman please just make it private. I always do my research before calling a woman and if i find the ig i dm them to make sure and 9/10 its not them who posted it!!! BEWARE and be safe. ive used this site for yrs and im now tired of it especially now with all these fake postings and scammers. I love the fact the author of this article made this article to expose listcrawler

    • LOL this user sounds dumb as hell. We customers have a lot to worry about as well. ITS NOT A ONE WAY STREET. The most important thing we need to abstain from is the police. We also have to worry about getting robbed, murdered etc. There is a girl in my area who still uses the very site and is known to rob people with her pimp!!! The site listcrawler is a joke. The site allows girls to use fake pics and police use fake pictures to lure people in their sting operations. Everything said in this article is true. Some have pointed out in my area that some girls have stds. Thats why i hate when girls give bare services

      The site bans people for telling the truth in comments yet they leave ads up of scammers and woman who are outright robbers and are fake. The site doesnt care about safety at all which is the number one priority

    • Kj,
      I think you mean you’re not your. Oh, and give yourself a strong pat on the back for doing something illegal every single day as your profession. The bottom line is quite simple. Listcrawler is promoting illegal activity! There’s no other way to spin it.

  2. This guy is a dumb a** why would the site take responsibility for you being dumb ass a door nail dont head into the hood with a smile and pocket full of money legit escorts are in safe places dummy!!!!! You are pathetic some hoe fucking ppl for free one the web is safer than escort i think not !!! That dumb girl believes you guys want more than sex will risk it with no protection your escort will not ever she knows better and gets regular check up also does lots of other things to make sure she is safe sounds to me that this guy is hiring crack heads posing as escorts and there is a simple way to make sure ur girl is real get her reference number check her reviews out this guy fell in love with his escort and she broke his heart awwwe ….. shut ur cup cake ass up im a escort and I am well worth it I have men call me back again and again in always sexy clean and professional this guy sounds like 1 of my stalkers

    • Tera,
      Thanks for your grammatically incorrect response. I don’t appreciate you calling me pathetic. I don’t sit here and call you an uneducated ugly hooker with zero talent and even worse looks do I? NOPE…so please, if you’re going to leave a comment, leave it respectfully. Just to set the record straight, I did not fall in love with an escort. I’m not desperate enough to have to pay for sex. I get laid without having to worry about paying escorts like yourself. I highly doubt that you’re worth it too. Good luck sweetheart! Kisses, toodles!

      • Your totally fuck these hoes, bottom line is he’s looking out .. Because people do get robbed .. And only losers pay come on really

  3. Who wrote this sounds like a bitch. What would you want a escort site to do about a grown man meeting a prostitute and getting robed ??

    • Hi “Ash,” or whatever they call you. Perhaps Ashley, maybe even Smashley. Don’t know, don’t care. I’m merely giving my opinion on the transfer of liability here knowing that you’re using a service that’s connecting you with another service and attempted to limit or completely eliminate themselves from being a liable party in the event that something bad happens. On another note, I did some research on you Smashley and I determined that there’s a good chance that you’re an active call girl. Nothing wrong with that at all, it’s your choice. I’ll admit, nice curves, busty, and a slightly above average booty, but a bad attitude, trashy mouth (obviously) and no way am I paying for that. Not even dinner maybe drinks at best. I’d need about ten of them myself most likely because the rest of you does not match that body rating. Sorry, honesty is the best policy right!

  4. While I appreciate learning about the legal ramifications of list crawler, did not see a reason to jump all over and insult provider who made comments about the dangers of escorting. She was stating some known facts, albeit she could have done without the fu***king comment directed at the author. What was informative became “playground” ish once I read the comments section. As far as never paying for sex….if you are over the age of 16 and have gotten laid, you have undoubtedly paid for sex…..maybe not with a hand to hand transaction, but with gifts, dinners, houses, cars, kids and the list goes on and on and on………and a lot of times someone provides these “gifts” with no guarantee of sex or desirous of such….not the oldest profession in the world for nothing…….IMHO

  5. Somehow you have ended up with my phone number on your site and you need to remove it

    Please message me back so we can get this corrected

    • Steve, I’ve never posted a single consumer phone number on this website. I tried emailing you back to determine what exactly you were referring to if in fact that was the case but I’ve not been able to successfully get back to you because your email does not accept incoming emails and the domain on the email address that you submitted your message to just simply redirects to another website. My guess is that this is simply a fake comment and nothing more. However, in the event that it is a legit comment, I want to get your number removed if you do feel as though it’s been published here. My guess is that it most definitely has not, but if so, it will be removed should you provide further details. If you do, we will keep the correspondence private.

      Please be sure to reply to this comment with the specific URL in which your phone number has been published and it will be removed immediately if this is the case. Trust me when I say that this site is NOT in the business of publishing ANY personal consumer information. PERIOD.

      Thank you.

  6. I’m with you 100% on this. I tried this site out and found nothing but problems. Perhaps it’s the city I live in. No idea, but I’ll never turn to this site or any others that blatantly are just hookers that parade around looking for money in exchange for a half-ass time. I’m all set, next…

  7. I tried the Listcrawler site looking for some local women to hookup with and it was a bad experience. I’ll second that this site’s pretty awful. It’s not necessarily the site but the quality of the girls is garbage. I’d rather whack off in my sock than hire one of these girls.

  8. It is risky for both clients and sp`s there no doubt about that.As adults we make our own choices,not everyone has to agree with what others choose to do in life.Bashes each other is childish and pointless.
    A person should be aloud to post their opinion and get feedback in a mature matter.Too much hate in this world,I mean if you don`t agree with something there are ways of expressing it without attacking or name calling.
    There are many different reason why men hire escorts,it certainly isn`t because they “cant” get laid.Anyways I`m just saying we can all give our two cents without being rude.
    Not all escorts are fake/will rob you/are uneducated or full of diseases.
    Have a great evening everyone

  9. When you’re with an escort, you’re going to get laid. You don’t have to worry about “if” because that’s not an issue anymore. You don’t have to deal with all the other bullshit because that’s not part of the package.

  10. I have been banned from Listcrawler.com for making a comment on a escort that was involved in a murder in my city. She was arrested, in jail, bonded out and came back and started hooking across state line.

    Would you want to risk spending time with this hooker knowing that her boyfriend might decide to kill YOU ?

    For this real and factual review, I was banned by Listcrawler.com. The site is totally bogus. If you write a negative review about a rip off or lame escort, you will be blocked and banned.

  11. I just got banned from listcrawler again. My first account was one i had for years and i did tons of good reviews and some bad reviews on girls who were straight horrible. That account got banned after i pointed out and reported a ad that was doxing a man. This ad is a group of women who do escort services as a group in a house. They posted for a week saying they will reward 5000 dollars to anyone who can give info on this man and they placed his photo on the site. I reported it etc nothing happened and the women deleted my comments and the ad. Since the comments got deleted i reported what happened and other people saw the same thing i got banned and all comments got deleted exposing these women. There are ads using fake pictures which can potentially be the police. Pointing out fake pictures gets you banned. How am i getting banned for something factual? Before you comment you see a note saying douchebag comments are deleted. I say nothing douchey and most of the time my comments are absolutely positive and it gets deleted. Asking in the comments “what are her rates?” gets deleted lol. ridiculous.

    There is a girl who still post in my area on that site and she is known to rob people along with her pimp. everyone knows that and the site leaves them on there. The site is a danger to the public literally. On top of that scammers are spamming the site and those ads dont get removed. wtf is this sites priority? i dont believe its safety of its users at all

    Does anyone know if listcrawler.com is based in europe? If so it explains everything because they monitor speech online lol

    To show how bad this site is. There was a girl who posted and she didnt do anything wrong and got banned from the site and she cant post on it anymore for no reason. This site has no customer support no contact information or guidelines on what constitutes you getting banned or what is a douchebag comment. Saying “I highly recommend this girl and she did xyz” in a comment gets deleted

    Another site i would consider to everyone is adultsearch. you can post reviews etc

    • For those who dont believe that they were legit going to pay 5000 which they changed to 2000 later on for info. I have screenshots of this and its illegal in the united states of america to do this and is a felony and they got away with this. This site is a joke and doesnt abide by the law nor does it enforce its rules. They literally let these women call for violence and you should of seen what they were posting in the comments


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