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TNA Board Review: An Escort Forum To Be Avoided

I recently decided to give the TNA Board a try. If you’re not familiar with what this is, it’s a forum or public board that reviews local girls. They refer to these girls as “Providers” and for those of you not sure what they are providing, well, you’re joking right? These girls are essentially doing something that I do not condone.

They are provider sex services in exchange for money. I’ll come out and say that I am not a fan of the TNABoard.com and I’m going to share every reason why with you right now. If you’ve taken the time to use other sites like this one, heck, even some of the Snapchat sexting forums that exist, then you’re going to want to read this for sure.

I’ve covered all the main reasons why anyone would be wise to stay away from this site. I even dove deep into the terms and conditions which most people don’t bother reading. Time to get down to business…

TNA Board reviews

Reasons I Suggest Avoiding The TNA Board

I’ll just get right into things here. There are various reasons why I suggest avoiding the use of the TNA Board. But I’ll kick things off with some of the terms that I’ve uncovered.

The first thing you need to know is that if you head down to sections 6 of the TOS, you’ll learn that the company admits to having no control over the links and advertisements being posted at TNA Board. They make it so you cannot hold them liable for anything that might come about when clicking those links and/or advertisements. In other words, in my opinion, there’s a good chance that you will not get anything out of TNA Board if you have any issues with the links clicked. This shows me that they do not care about users.

I’d also like to point out that in section 8 of the TOS, they claim to be able to cancel your membership without having to refund your money, period. Even if you request termination, they state that fees will not be refunded.

In the last section of the terms, they have what’s called the Hotel California Rule, which to me is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever seen. They essentially claim that your posts made on the site are never deleted. Based on my research, there’s a good chance that your profile will never be deleted as well. A perfect reason to NEVER register as a user on this website.

hotel california rule TNA Board

Another reason why I suggest staying away from TNA Board is that it’s virtually no different than any of the escort websites on the Internet today. Take this girl featured on the homepage as user Anna69. She’s got photos posted of her and basic stats as well as bio information, but is that enough? Do they verify that this is an actual local girl that you can meet?


Instead, they post photos of girls that cannot be verified as being real call girls.

Even worse, what if these girls have sexually transmitted diseases? I mean, you have to think that these girls are going out of their way to have sex with men in exchange for cash, so best to believe that they have some STDs. It’s almost inevitable in my opinion.

Besides the fact that hiring an escort is illegal, there’s another reason why you should avoid this site. Based on my research, there are only 690 users on this website right now. Now, with Tinder, Fling, and all the other hookup apps out there that have millions of users online 24/7, why on earth would someone choose to use a site that only has 690 active users at any specific time? That’s an extremely low number of users.

TNABoard.com users

If you take a look at the links on the homepage, you’ll notice that the site has a number of them. Many of the links are external links which lead to popups and being sent to other sites. For example, the Meet&Fuck, Live Sex, Local Singles, Live Cams, and GFE Escorts links are ALL third-party links that will cause you to leave the site when clicked. One of the links is an upgrade link but I cannot understand why someone would want to upgrade on a site with so few users online at a period of time.

I’d also like to point out the fact that they run banner ads on every single page. Some of the banner ads are for XOCompanions and Cams.com. If this site is so great, then why do they need to showcase other services in banner ads? Ask yourself that question.

Conclusion: TNA Board Does Not Meet My Requirements

I’m confirming that I 100% do not agree with what TNA Board does and why they exist. The site is nothing more than a forum for people looking to connect with possibly disease-infested escorts. Not to mention that hiring an escort is illegal in most areas of the United States.

That’s the bottom line.

If you’re looking to meet and hook up with locals, then start by reading this page and don’t take action until doing so.

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18 thoughts on “TNA Board Review: An Escort Forum To Be Avoided”

  1. Wow, bullshit article. TNA is the most highly used site in Oregon, at least, and has been really good to me. Don’t listen to this ignorant view!!!

    • Kitty, I get it…this site’s been good to you and helps you find Johns to take money from in exchange for sex. Good for you, a round of applause. I’m entitled to my opinion as are you. Which is why I’ve published your comment. However, I just don’t see the need for it knowing how there are so many better sites out there and ones that cost next to nothing to join (in fact, most are 100% free). Again, no offense but TNA is just not for me and I’m sharing my thoughts.

    • I agree with you Electra. I’ve been able to meet wonderful women through this site. No bad experiences. I especially like how reviews can be left on providers, so you can feel safe. Providers can leave reviews on gentlemen too. I just wish this site extended to other states, especially after I recently moved.

      • Oh no, Jay! What are you going to do now that you’ve moved? You mean you’ll actually have to try and communicate with a girl and get her to have sex with you for free? You’re better off doing that anyway.

    • Kitty get a real job and contribute to society. Stop spreading your legs for men and inviting diseases to yourself and others.

      • my god man, put your brain back in your head. its men like you that end up killing one of us and stuffing our body under your house. if it wasn’t for men coming to us there wouldn’t be us. DON”T you get it?

  2. How did you find the site to begin with if you’re so disgusted with what it is that they provide you had to have been looking for something when you found it and really need to be educated you sound ignorant if you knew anything about anything this actually keeps people safe and keeps them accountable. Try walking up and down or driving up and down any of the tracks in the United States that’s why you’re going to see diseases you idiot I hate people that put stuff up about this that have no idea what they’re talking about not to mention you hate this site so much but yet you were looking for what when you found it you’re a hypocritical uneducated uninformed blogger who needs to keep your opinions to yourself and stop acting like you are better than thou when in actuality you were probably looking for something and that’s how you stumbled across this site I’m just saying

    • Hi Electra,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the TNA Board. If you read more of my posts you’d know exactly why I’m writing this escort site review and why I’ve written hundreds of other reviews on these types of sites and dating networks. I share my thoughts and personal opinions because I can and because you can as well. I’m not fond of the TNA Board / Forum and I’ve shared what I want to about it. I didn’t come right out and personally call you a dirty hooker, did I? NOPE, I did not, which is why I don’t appreciate you calling me names either. If I want to get laid by a hot local girl looking for some D, then I’ll just head on over to my favorite fling site and make it happen within 12-24 hours. “And that’s a fact, Jack!” Have a good day sweetie!

      • Are you serious?? Guys like you almost always have to “pay for it” fyi you actually did “name call” “disease infested escorts” I believe was the term you used. Furthermore you come off like a pompous ass

    • This sight, any sight that advertises prostitution is discusting! These women degrade what woman are all about. They are flat out whores who spread their legs for any man. I see sexually transmitted diseases coming from them. Breaking up families and relationships. These woman have no conscious.

      • Actually the fastest rising group of STD’s are amongst the 65 and older crowd who live in retirement communities. They know they can’t get pregnant, the men are all horny and taking Viagra and many have turned into virtual swingers communities.

        Next are guys and girls you meet at bars. There is a low rate of condom use and people believe because they are not prostitutes the risk is lower, but it is actually higher.

        In communities like Tnaboard the rate is way lower than street prostitution, those seeking sex without condoms are called out immediately and sort of blacklisted, and realizing what the do for a living make them naturally more cautious. So they aren’t spreading diseases as you may think. Women could end prostitution tomorrow if they wanted to. Start giving your husbands blow jobs, the number one reason men see prostitutes and be a little more adventurous in the sack, they also seek out variety in sexual activities. Be open to some role-play.

        Jay, women are not allowed to leave reviews on the guys that see them. No business reviews its customers. What the women are allowed to do is leave an alert on a guy who appears dangerous or violent or asks for bareback services, which keeps the women much safer than the alternative which is working the streets.

        The Fling Site is also used by a lot of prostitutes. So there is that and not all of us have the looks or the social skills just to go out and meet sexual partners. Do we have to go the rest of our lives without sex? And it has been shown to increase the risk of rape and disease. Ever wonder why the United States with some of the strongest laws in the world against prostitution has some of the highest rates of disease and our not showing sex on TV and such and despite that we have one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the world? Countries where sex is out in the open and prostitution is out in the open and accepted have much lower rates of STD’s, teen pregnancies, and rapes. The German brothel girls get tested once a week. The American underground prostitution market is lucky to get tested once a year or two.

        And so what if some of the girls or guys for whatever reason do have STD’s, probably from visiting your Fling site? A smart person having sex with a stranger or a prostitute assumes that person could have a disease and takes the necessary precautions to prevent an exchange of disease. That means no exchange of bodily fluids and the use of condoms and dental dams. These have been shown to be over 98% effective of preventing STD infection if used properly. That is why the rate of HIV amongst gay people dropped to less that the general population so fast, they got on board with condom use immediately. STDs are an option not a necessity.

        And Tnaboard is operating for a very small market. For many, they had never heard of it. It wasn’t advertised, it isn’t in many larger markets where other forums are the norm. It’s basically for Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, and to a lesser extent some other cities, and it depends on what time of day you are on. I’ve seen over 30,000 users active at one time before too. And the cite is free, you get a few extra features like being able to comment on provider ads if you are a paid premium member but most of us get along just fine with the free version.

        • Jenna, sounds like you are really an advocate of the TNA Board. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion, biased or not, I love every comment that comes in here.

  3. WOW really, what are you five? Wife says…you need to get a fucking clue, if you were doing your job as a wife your husband wouldn’t be coming to see me. as for the NO conscious comment… We don’t seek your husbands out they come to us, so when your bitching about the kids, house, in laws I am banging your man making him feel better then you ever did…Though the only thing you got on me is your man loves you and wont leave you, We don’t want him to leave you, you can have the cheating piece of shit, OPEN your EYES.

  4. I’ve been all around the world, had numerous girlfriends, one-night stands, and a couple wives. I can easily find free sex and/or a meaningful relationship if I choose to however, some of the best experiences I ever had were with whores. It’s been around since the beginning of time, even Jesus was friends with a prostitute. Monogamy is a concept foisted upon us by religious institutions and society’s judgemental mores. The occasional safe-sex encounter with a consenting professional sex worker harms no one… and besides its just plain fun!

  5. I have 3 friends who are on TNA board. It is by far the best site of its kind that I have ever come across. A few points:

    1. The girls on the site that have feedback are very real.

    2. Of course you can have your membership revoked without refund. But they wouldnt do so if you didnt give them reason to. However, unless you are a provider, membership is free so not sure what the complaint would be.

    3. If you 100% are against what TNA board stands for, then why were you bothering to be on the site going through the TOS, looking at the providers, etc and then providing a REVIEW? Thats like if someone were to write movie reviews when they were in opposition of the idea of a movie in the first place. You arent going to give a legitimate review that is helpful to those that actually would be using the site.

    4. The review system that TNA offers helps keep hobbyists from being ripped off or misled by providers and vice versa. So you can know ahead of time if the provider/hobbyist is clean and follows safe practices. This is the OLDEST profession in the world. It will never go away. TNABoard helps keep it safer than the alternative of cruising the track and picking someone up.

    5. C’mon, grow up a little.

    • Hey Ryan,

      We all have our opinions here, and I thank you for stopping by and spending the time to share yours with everyone. For that reason I’ll address your questions.

      #3: Legit interest. I checked it out and didn’t like what I saw. Like you laid out, it’s no different from not enjoying a movie and writing a bad review about it. Different folks, different strokes.

      #4: I can respect that people are trying to help one another from being ripped off. What I can’t endorse, is illegal activity. Sure, it’s the oldest profession in the world, but it’s illegal. It’s not black and white.I detail prostitution busts all the time on my blog for a reason.

      #5: Coming from the guy who is out there jonesing for escorts? Belly laugh.

  6. So your main reason for not liking the site is because youi are against prostitition it sounds like. The site is free, sure you can sign up for a premium membership with a few extra privileges but most go for the free version

    The Hotel California rule is basically anything you post on the internet and includes match.com and eharmony..

    Every guy and every gal should assume any stranger they sleep with has an STD and protect themselves accordingly. You bash Tnaboard then list escort sites you feel are better. LOL! Sounds like you do promote which you claim to hate, you just want to direct people to your site.

  7. Dave,

    If you read my site you’d know I’m not against prostitution at all. I just talk about the dangers of doing it in the USA. Rules are rules. I suggest you learn them.

    I don’t promote a single ESCORT site. I recommend adult dating sites where horny people meet. Get your facts straight please Dave. Your comment about directing people to my site has no basis, you are already on MY SITE, and thanks to comments like yours, the readership continues to grow.

    Thank you, for being uneducated, yet still increasing the value of this post. Cheers.


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