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Escort Babylon Reviews & 84+ Sites Like EscortBabylon.com

This is all about Escort Babylon and what I know about the site. I’ll kick this real deal and raw review off by saying that I hate escorts. There’s absolutely no reason why any guy should pay an escort to have sex with them. I’ve been down this road before and when someone asked me what I thought about the Escort Babylon site, I told them I had never heard of it but would check it out. That’s exactly what I did and now I’m here to share everything I learned about this escort directory. Now if you’re looking for free sex, then register HERE – not on EB. Anyway, let’s get down to things…

But before I do, I want to make one thing VERY clear again. You do not need to hire these escorts to get laid. If you want to get laid tonight, then just use a local fling app to make that happen. No need to pay girls to bang you, seriously it’s for losers only.

Okay, now that I got that done, here’s what you need to know about Escortbabylon.com.

Attention: Oh, but one more thing first…Something I feel like I should disclose here to all readers, especially YOU! I’m a guy that basically lives to “get off” if you know what I mean. You could say that I’m somewhat of a nympho. My crazy orgasms are all due to one thing. Click Here To Find Out What My Secret Is

escort babylon reviews

My Report On Escort Babylon (And Why It Sucks)

I’ll kick things off with the boring legal aspects of this website. When you first enter the website, you’ll need to click the “I agree” text which allows you access to the site. There is a very discreet link there which contains the terms of the site. It’s what’s in these terms that really pisses me off.

Did you know that the website collects personal data of yours and that they use that personal information? They do so in order to provide services to you, monitor your activity, and enforce all the terms that you didn’t read when you clicked the enter button.

They do much more than that though, trust me. It’s all in the terms. The website will disclose your personal information to third parties as well if need be in order to market things to you. They will also share your personal information with law enforcement if need be.

I’d like to also mention that Escort Babylon links to third party sites, some of which are advertisements in which they are trying to squeeze more money out of you. There are LOTS of other things that I don’t like about the terms of service, but I’m not going to go out of my way to list them all out. If so, I’ll be here all night long, seriously.

Immediate Pop-Ups

The second that you agree to the terms and conditions, you’re immediately redirected to some awful site called Secret Benefits. I’ve never recommended this site to anyone nor would I ever.

This is further justification that this site is simply trying to get you to join some bad sites and that they are taking advantage of you.

The Escort Listings Suck

If you click into some of the escort listings on escortbabylon.com you’ll quickly learn that they basically are a front for Backpage and nothing more. The images that you’ll find are literally pulled from Backpage and they do it in a way that apparently allows them to get away with it.

If you decide that you want to post an ad, you need to click the “post ad-free” button and it too redirects you to yet another website called MegaPersonals.com. I mean, this tells me that none of these escort listings are verified, legit, or even real perhaps. Again, just my personal opinion which I’m totally entitled to.

megapersonals pop up

Now, a little more about the listings. I took a close look at some of the girls on this site and I’m sorry but most of them look like crackheads or they look like they are stolen Snapchat snaps.

I’d also like to add that none of the ads have a way to actually connect with the girls. Sure, they display phone numbers but how on earth do you know that you’re not getting set up for being robbed or a sting operation? YES – another reason why I refuse to pay for sex. I don’t want to get arrested for paying for sex, not worth it!

Risk Of Diseases

I’ll go out on a limb and assume that the escorts are real. Heck, maybe one or two really want to meet up. You best be ready to head to the doctors if that does happen.

The reason I say this is that your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease goes through the roof! Most of these girls may not be clean, they may have IV drug addictions. Perhaps they have a life-threatening illness that could be passed on to you.

The Links Are Ads

You’ll notice that there are links on each escort listing in the right sidebar area and they read, “Live Sex Cams” and “Fuck Now” well these are simply ads sending you to other websites.

No United States Johns Allowed

This site recently went out of its way to not allow Johns aka males looking to pay for sex within the United States access to this site.

In my opinion, that’s actually a good thing because this site SUCKS and it’s only going to cause you legal problems if nothing else! The EroticMonkey.com actually did the same thing and that site sucks even worse.

Conclusion: Escort Babylon Is Not Looking Out For Your Best Interest

The bottom line here is quite simple. You’ll want to avoid using EscortBabylon.com. If you’re currently using it and go get yourself checked out by a doctor if so. There’s nothing good that can come from using this website. Nothing at all. It will cost your thousands to pay a girl to have sex with you, not to mention even more if you get into trouble with the law attempting to do so. Just stop.

If you want to meet local girls looking to have sex for free, then all you need to do is visit the “best app” pages of my site shown on the homepage. I’ve laid everything out for you in black and white.

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Simple. As. That.

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My name is Ryan Malone and I'm a serial dater who enjoys casual flings. I created this website for all the cocksman out there looking for the best ways to find casual encounters in all the weirdest places. You can follow me on Twitter and sometimes find him posting videos with opinions on dating sites on YouTube. If you want to learn more about me and my site, then read this page here.

27 thoughts on “Escort Babylon Reviews & 84+ Sites Like EscortBabylon.com”

  1. I read what you had to say and maybe your area is the only women with crackheads.
    The way that they do listings is free and not every girl understands it so they are weeding out some girls. Plus there are a multitude of other sites that are just as good.
    Of course, they don’t verify anyone but you can go to escortbabtoin to find reviews on a girl or even ask her for two references.
    Why do the girls have to do your work for you.
    Just use adultsearch if you are just going to complain. Adultsearch verifies every single girl with identification and a personal phone call.

  2. First of all, congratulations for not having to “pay for sex” as you put it (if that’s indeed the case, makes one wonder why you feel the need to write a post about it if it doesn’t even affect or concern you). It is fairly evident in your opening which direction this entire post is headed in as you profess your hatred for escorts, in no uncertain terms, right off the hop. You clearly have some past residual issues with escorts, in which case, I suggest you get over them and move on with your life. If you had a poor experience with an escorts before that’s not any other escorts fault nor should any other escorts be condemned for the actions of one. Pretty sure you don’t go to Subway, receive poor service and promptly hit the Internet to post a review declaring how you hate all Subway restaurants and no one should eat there ever again. You simply go to a different Subway next time. Most adults realize that it is absurd to hold a group of individuals responsible for the actions of one. That onus falls on you. After all….you chose her. You then proceed to discuss the legalities of the website with this air of shock and disbelief woven intricately through it. A website that collects your personal data!?! Links to third party sites!?! OMG…who does that? I’m pretty sure almost every single website on the Internet. It’s not like this is the first ever case of companies sharing /selling your info to other companies. Telemarketers do it. Websites do it. Your local utility companies do it. The government even does it. It’s not just Escorts Babylon. And if it’s stated in their legal disclosure and/or agreement of terms that you agree to, then guess what….it’s not illegal. Onto to the escorts listing and how it sucks and the pictures look like they’re stolen from various places and used. That’s probably cause most of them were. That’s not the girls’ fault at all. And if you think the listing sucks so much then just be grateful you don’t have to “pay for sex”. Again…doesn’t affect you. Up next…risk of diseases. Well I don’t even know why this segment is in here. I guess for the plethora of flaming retards out there that don’t want to use condoms but request creampie, anal and swallowing, etc. and think the most they have to worry about is getting an escort pregnant (that’s right… cause every escort wish is to have a baby by a trick. I forgot!) There is no more risk involved with contracting STD’s just because she’s an escort. To even elude to that is sheer lunacy. Prvoided the appropriate protection is used for the activities you will be engaging in, your chances of contracting anything are slim to none. Unlike your sex app suggestion where you meet a girl in your area that wants to have sex with you for FREE! Think about that a moment…A girl that’s putting herself online to have sex with random men for free. Oh yeah…she’s disease-free and mentally stable. For sure. No questions asked. Typical girl next door. Please! There’s your disease-laden, cum dumpster right there. But because she’s FREE I suppose she gets a pass when she gives you the clap and then starts stalking you, right? And your conclusion is about as shocking as your comments on legalities. Escorts Babylon is not looking out for your best interest. Naahh….really? You don’t say! Again…this is a company/website. Their sole interest is profit. Period. Like any other company out there. Of course they’re not looking out for your best interest. First of all, you’re an adult who should be looking out for your own best interest. Secondly, they don’t care about you. They don’t know you, they have no personal or intimate ties with you so why would they give a rats ass about you? Remember…their sole interest is profit and they care about you for as much as they can profit off you. Thats how every business operates. There’s no room for caring, feelings or remorse. That’s money and time wasted. While what you’ve done here was a noble attempt to warn and inform the masses, you failed to provide any concrete proof to substantiate the majority of your claims. There mostly just guesses, assumptions and what sounds like a lot of hard feelings over a past experience gone awry. I do hope you see past that bad time and realize not all escorts are the same. If you don’t ever want to see one again that’s fine. But don’t hate them. Most fail to realize this but they are people too. They’re not all disease-infested, I V using, crackhead-looking degenerates that no one cares about. I say the same thing to people I know that are escorts. These men are not just tricks/Johns. They are people who maybe looking for some fun or companionship, which you claim to provide, and they don’t deserve to be robbed, misled or mocked. Just provide the service you promise for the price you promise and men need to pay what they agreed to and not get any silly ideas and there would be no problems. Follow through on your word on both sides and everybody”s happy! In a perfect world that is. Thanks for the perspective and insight.

    • Indeed…FOR REAL!!… There you have it people, All the info in one paragraph…Lana..I’m soo turned on after reading that…I love a powerful woman…

    • Well said. Thank you for elaborating on it because the guy who made this horrible post is a complete moron. Lana you replied to it perfectly.

    • BEST comment here! A person of reason and rationality. Everything you said was EXACTLY what I was thinking. And he “HATES” escorts? A little creepy if you ask me! He can have all the “free sex” he wants. lol. Sorry, but there’s NO WAY IN HELL that any same woman would post as to screw for free! I highly doubt that any hot ladies will entertain a dumb app when they can get whoever they want. So, I’m guessing it’s a bunch of ugly, crazy , not to mention desperate, women. Anyway, just wanted to respond to your comment and say thanks for defending the case for sanity and reasoning as a whole.

  3. @Lana – Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it. We’re all entitled to our own opinion. Although I don’t have to pay for sex, I know people that do and I choose to let them know that it’s unnecessary to do so. I don’t have to get over anything if I have had bad experiences, period. That’s none of your concern really. Your feedback is very much appreciated but it’s certainly not going to change my opinion of Escort Babylon or any of the other shady escort sites. Sorry.

    • Not all escorts are diseased up or hooked to a pipe or needle .I’m most defiantly am not ..maybe you are the prick that keeps writing bogus reviews and comments on each escorts page? I’m hoping you are not considering you are claiming to be an “adult” …xo MISS HARLEE xo
      Just an escort addicted to shopping

      • I’m not saying that ALL escorts are diseased, hooked on drugs or anything like that. The chances of encountering that increase through these connections. You 100% cannot deny that fact. They’ve done studies on this and full on documentaries on it as well. Also, hiring an escort to have sex with you is 100% illegal in the United States. There’s NO WAY that I’m going to suggest that people partake in illegal activity, that’s just foolish. If it works for you, then more power to you, but my personal opinion isn’t going to ruin your career or chances of making money. We are all entitled to our own opinion I guess. That said, best of luck with your career and stay safe out there!

          • B, you’re partially correct. It’s only legal in rural areas in Nevada aka the middle of nowhere. It’s definitely NOT legal in Las Vegas, NV and other parts of Clark County. But if someone is really set on paying for sex and doing so legally, I guess they’ll need to fly to Nevada and drive to one of the eight counties that allow brothels. You won’t find anything special there though I’m sure.

  4. If someone wants to pay for sex what’s so wrong about that? Guys pay for sex in many ways and sometimes a lifetime and end up never getting laid. This is a clear cut way of paying for sex without the relationship drama. There are also a lot of girls that prostitute there selves even in the relationship whether it’s.money jewelry gifts or shopping. So, to say you don’t have to pay for sex ??? Guys end up paying for sex one way or another so don’t be foiled yourself. I’ll bet you have ofter pined for the attention of a girl and gave her something just to get her to notice……..it is what it is and a business going way back to the beginning of man. There will always be ladies that want to provide men with what they desire. I think there is something sexy about paying for sex and getting paid for it. Your extreme attempt to veer men away from escorts looks like a lame attempt to cover up experiences that did not make you a happy camper. Take the chip off your shoulder you never know there might be some mysterious girl that will change your mind forever and end up a companion for life. It won’t be the first time an escort and a hobbiest fell for each other and made there dreams come true.

    • I’ve seen Pretty Woman and I do agree that this type of relationship can happen (although rare I’d say if I had to guess). However, you’re trying to compare apples to oranges here. Just because a guy goes on a date, pays for drinks, and dinner, and gets laid doesn’t mean it’s the same as paying an escort for services. That’s a cash exchange that’s considered to be an illegal activity in the United States today. Yes, even in Las Vegas, NV. I think there’s something sexy about a girl being horny enough to want to have sex for free with someone because they’re attracted to them. I have my opinion and you have yours. That’s the beauty of the world today. We can share our thoughts with each other.

  5. I was all for the escort business when I first tried it out saw two different escorts 4 months later when time came for my 6 month check up because of the work I do ended up with hepatitis B and C and I do not use IV drugs or any other illegal substance I caught it through these nasty-ass escorts and I wore a condom both times but my condom got Tour on the second escort I was scared to death and the sad thing is I was relieved to find out all I had was two forms of hepatitis let me tell you that’s no fun either so try it at your own risk take it from me it’s not worth it save your money for good girl that don’t have 50 different men inside of in them a couple each month of the year maybe more than that disgusting

    • you should’ve gotten vaccinated then you wouldn’t have even gotten hep B. Hepatitis is a blood borne pathogen which means there was some time of blood or vaginal fluids that managed to get into your system. It could’ve been avoided if you were more careful and chose your escort more carefully. Paying very close attention to the condom and making sure that it is on there and not broken is a great way to avoid any diseases and also DO NOT DO BBBJ. you think that its “safe” but its not. thats stupid. use a cap for everything.

  6. Someone has listed my phone number to an add on this site. Do you have any info on how to get the post removed?

    • Sure enough, the contact info on the site is broken. This site sucks and that’s more proof that it’s not worth using. Send an email to escortbabylon.com[@]whoisprotection.domains and see if that goes through. Let me know how you make out.

      Remove the [] brackets around the email.

  7. Sure you are an idiot girls that are posting just a f*** for free you risk more disease with them than you do with an escort every escort I know is an avid user of condoms there are a few out there did don’t use condoms that are probably full of disease I have to agree with you on that part but most escorts have some class in her very clean like I said you stand more chance to catch a disease from a s*** then you do an escort maybe your problem is you don’t have enough money to pay for an escort you have to go on these free site yes a lot of those pictures are scanned out of magazines lot of those girls are fake on there but there are a lot of us that are not and I for one am not a crackhead nor do I have disease most escorts get regular checkups with their doctors the ones that look like crackhead you steer clear from go to the ones that look like they have some class about their self you know your opinion is is your opinion which is fine but don’t lump all of us escorts in a class like that most of us are very clean

    • Brandi,

      You use run on sentences, speak like someone with a first grade (at most) education, and ASSUME I don’t use condoms? I hate to stereotype dumb escorts at Babylon but thankfully I don’t have to since you just helped me make my point as to what type of women men would potentially meet there.

      THANK YOU!

  8. if you happen to use this sight beware. probably 75% of the adds are scammers. And if you leave comments that they are scammers you get blocked. Recently I found several woman who had posted the same in in over 20 citys on same day. left comments on each woman say and listing some of the citys they were in. And messaged EB and let them know. the have me blocked and removed all comments. So they are aiding the scammers. stay away


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