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HidePages Review: A Bad Escort Ad Site (WARNING)

I’ve been covering a lot of these Backpage alternatives that end up being absolute crap and a waste of time. One of the most recent alternative sites is Hidepages.com. I mean, I’m super skeptical when I come across a site with a title like this, “HidePages – Backpage Alternative.” Reason being, it’s the first sign that this is a big hunk of crap.

Don’t worry, I’m going to give you my full rundown of this entire site and why I hate everything about it. If you’re not using this site, then great – I just saved you a ton of money and time. If you’re using it, then you’re going to be pretty bummed out to learn that it sucks as bad as it does. My report tells all, so read it before taking any action.

HidePages screenshot

Why HidePages Is Awful

Okay, so, first thing is first…

Let’s cover the fact that I might be slightly biased because I don’t believe anyone needs to hire escorts today. I should also let you know that I’ve got zero faith in escort websites due to the garbage I’ve uncovered over the last few years.

Now that I’ve got that out in public view, I’ll continue with my rant as to why this site sucks.

Reason #1 – They’re not a real classified site

There is NOTHING real about Hide Pages and the service which they provide here. If you take a close look at the homepage, you’ll notice that they have a massive paragraph towards the bottom of the page, showcasing why they created the site, what it does and how it’s such an amazing alternative to the original Backpage.com.

The paragraphs that they provide is a bunch of jargon that means nothing and it’s just there to make you feel good – ignore it. The text is also there to make the site look more legit. Guess what, it doesn’t.

Reason #2 – All categories are empty (pretty much)

If you snoop around any of the categories other than the Adult and Dating sections you’ll notice that they’re completely empty. They don’t even do a good job of trying to play the whole Backpage role. The reason most of these categories are empty is that the hidepages.com site is a fake classified site. Any real, authentic, trustworthy site would be far more upfront about their site.

Reason #3 – The ads aren’t verified

You’ll want to understand that none of these ads feature verified girls. In other words, anyone can post ads on this site. Whether you’re an escort, a cop, a pimp, a felon, a murderer or all of those mentioned, you can post ads. Now, that’s not a good thing considering that you might end up chatting and meeting a cop in person and ultimately getting arrested.

Even worse, you might get physically hurt or you might get ripped off, scammed, or whatever. I guess things can get much worse here too. Perhaps the least that can happen is acquiring an STD from some random unverified escort that might even be involved in human trafficking stuff. That’s something very very bad that you don’t want to have anything to do with – TRUST ME.

hidepages TOS

Reasons #4 – The terms are total crap

So, if you read the terms, you’ll notice that they have baked in the terms that users will not use the website to do anything illegal. I mean, in the United States, you’re doing something illegal if you’re hiring escorts. Do I make myself clear enough? I’ll say it again, hiring escorts on HidePages.com or any other site like that, then you’re breaking the law.

Conclusion: HidePages Is Not Worth Your Time

Unless you’re looking to use some shady AF escort classified site with low-level support and a cookie cutter layout, then stay away from this website. It’s not worth using the site and if you do, then you’ll likely find yourself on the inside of a jail cell, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or anywhere else but happy.

If you want to get laid, then just join one of the five sex apps I suggest on the homepage. They work IF you work them, and you don’t have to pay the girls. What’s more exciting than that? NOTHING – literally.


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