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The Adult Hub Review: A Swinger Dating Site In Question…

Have you been struggling to find the perfect sites for hooking up with people? Chances are that you’re struggling and that’s why you’re about to dive in head first and read my review on The Adult Hub. From what I know, there are people looking for lots of stuff on this site. Things like a bukkake party, milf chat sessions, local swingers, dogging and more. Whatever you do, be sure to read everything I’m sharing before taking any action. Chances are that the site is not at all what you think it is. Here’s my rundown of things…

Homepage of The Adult Hub

The Adult Hub Swinger Site Report

Everyone has their own tastes in what they like when dating, right? This might be one sexual partner, or it might include branching out and experimenting in the swinging community. Casual daters might be tempted to try out the UK swinging site, TheAdultHub.com, but you should know it isn’t the normal casual hookup site.

Lots Of Swingers (UK and USA)

The Adult Hub is very swinging heavy with wife swapping and swingers ads but also claims to offer something for those interested in just chatting in adult chat rooms, dogging, group sex, BDSM, and casual dating as well. All this sex in one place might sound wonderful, but if you pay careful attention, you’ll see this isn’t the case at all.

Whatever You Do, Read TOS

I highly recommend that no matter what dating site you join, that you read the terms of service very carefully. This is where the real nitty-gritty of the site will be, don’t just be lured in by the sexy pictures and too-good-to-be-true promises. You really want to find out what a site is about before you put down money and time into using it.

Veentro Media

TheAdultHub.com is actually an affiliate site. What does that mean exactly? Well, TheAdult Hub is run by Venntro Media which also runs multiple other sites. And when you join one of their sites, you’re now able to be seen by members of all their sites.

If you think you’re joining a site and will have some level of privacy, you’re thinking wrong. All of this is clearly stated in their terms, so please make sure you’re comfortable with being seen by people in all variety of dating niches.

Fake Profiles Do Exists

Another thing that shady dating sites take part in that really makes me crazy is their use of fake profiles. TheAdultHub.com also takes part in this and these profiles serve two purposes.

First, fake profiles make a site look like it’s bustling and fun and full of activity.

Second, sites like TheAdultHub.com will use these profiles as a way to try and keep the real members engaged and paying their membership dues.

YES!!! You best believe that your inbox will be flooded with communication/messages from these profiles and you might think you’ve suddenly become popular, but in actuality, you’re just a target from either a bot or a paid employee trying to get into your wallet.

Now, if you’ve read my article on creating the perfect profile, then you’ll likely be able to spot these fake profiles from a mile away.

Cancel Immediately

If you do join TheAdultHub.com on one of their promotions, make sure to cancel promptly if you’re not getting the results you were hoping for. You can sign up for free, but you are quite limited in what you can actually do while on the site. If you join on a promotion, at the end of that period, AdultHub will charge you the full price for membership automatically and it renews monthly.

The Costs Involved

There are three paid membership levels for TheAdultHub.com. One month will cost €40.46, three-months is €25.48 a month, and 12-months will cost €12.75 a month. If you don’t want to get stuck in an endless loop of losing money for absolutely nothing, cancel before your trial ends.

Conclusion: The Adult Hub Is NOT The Best

TheAdultHub.com isn’t the worst site I’ve come across on the casual dating scene. However, it does dabble in the shady tactics that other questionable sites tend to use, so I’m not entirely sold that it’s a good one. My best advice is to use your own judgment, realize that most of the messaging is probably fake, and if you join during a promotion make sure to cancel before the trial is over to avoid being overcharged.

Want to know what I really recommend doing? It’s quite simple. All you really need to do is join a dating site like the fling.com network which caters to all sorts of fetishes. It’s one that has traditional casual sex dating as well as dogging, cuckolds (lots on Fetster), swingers, and even BDSM dating. You name it, you’ll find it there.

Still scratching your head with WTF should I do thoughts? If so, then start over here.



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