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CityXGuide Review Reveals Why It’s A Horrilbe Escort Listing Site

Have you heard of CityXGuide? It’s one of the many recent escort sites that have taken shape since the downfall of Backpage. This site seems to be used by people searching for escorts in Bakersfield, Tulsa, Mcallen, and even Visalia. However, what the site doesn’t tell you is that it’s a complete waste of time and perhaps even dangerous for consumers to be using. I’m sharing everything I know about this shady escort directory and why you ultimately will want to avoid using it.

Keep in mind, I don’t need to hire girls to have sex with me. In fact, I’m able to find girls to have threesomes and casual sex on a weekly basis without spending a dime. Yes, I use a few threesome websites to help push things along, but I don’t have to pay some girl hundreds of dollars for sex.

Don’t be an idiot.

Don’t use Cityxguide.com without reading this review.

CityXGuide Screenshot

My Complete Review Of CityXGuide.com

Let me not waste any time at all here and just dive right in. Here are some of the topics that I’ll be covering today in this review:

  • Terms of Service
  • City Location Scam
  • Advertising Links
  • Popups
  • Awful Call Girl Listings

The Terms Suck, Big Time

I took a close look at the terms of service and the conditions that you need to agree with if you use Cityxguide. Basically, you’re giving up all your rights when you use this and your privacy is no longer yours.

The site specifically makes mention of the fact that they will not assume any responsibility for listing accuracy, any interaction between you and escorts, meeting girls, text, images, anything at all. They are washing their hands of everything and holding you accountable for your own actions. If you get robbed, killed, shot, arrested, or whatever, they are not assuming responsibility for any of that.

However, what they will do is share your personal information with any level of law enforcement necessary if asked. Meaning that if someone at the Federal, State, or the Local law enforcement level approaches the site, they will willingly give up your name and all your personal information. Sounds like a really reliable site to use huh? How would you like your communications between an escort and yourself ending up in the hands of local law enforcement? I didn’t think so! This site is based out of Hong Kong, so if something does happen to you, good luck even getting in touch with the owners.

I’d also like to add that in the terms they clearly state that you will not use this site to conduct any illegal activity. Well, last time I checked, it was illegal to hire escorts in Bakersfield, Tulsa, and just about every other city in the United States of America.

In other words, you’re waiving all your rights when using this site. End of story.

cityxguide site release terms

City Locations Listings Suck

If you dive into any of the city listings, you’ll quickly realize that the cities have next to no listings other than Bakersfield, California. Sure, there are lots of listings in that area but most have little to no activity at all. If they do, they all have stupid emojis.

Most of the listings are paid placements where escorts or pimps or scammers post ads of girls in order to entice you to contact them. Majority of the listings are not even verified by the CityxGuide which means they are not even able to verify whether or not these girls are legit or real.

Individual Girls Ads

There are some things that I absolutely hate about the escort listings. For starters, most of the listings have no information at all. They don’t showcase any reviews of the girls to confirm that people are happy with their services. Take for example the image below. You’ll notice that the girl didn’t provide any information, period. Just a phone number and an email. Seems shady right? That’s because it is!

You’ll also notice that within the photo section of the escort listing, the site has a bunch of ads that scroll. This is to get you to click on the ads. Now, let me ask you a question. If they were so confident about providing you with the best escorts on the planet, why would they send you elsewhere when clicking on an ad? The bottom line is that none of these listings are legit in my personal opinion.

escort ad example

Shady Links

You’ll come across a ton of shady links on this site. Some in the listings, others in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. See the Live Sex Cams, Sugar Babes, Meet&Fuck, Porn Games links? Those are all links that lead to other websites. They aren’t safe and you have no idea what you’re getting into if you click them. My advice would be to avoid them. After all, the CityXGuide excepts zero responsibility for what happens when you do click them.

CityXGuide advertising links


When you click into any of the escort listings, you’ll eventually be redirected to some shady page which states that your Adobe is outdated and that you should download something. That happened to me and thankfully I didn’t fall for it. If you do fall for it, you’ll be sorry because most likely it will install malware on to your computer. If you want to avoid popups, then avoid cityxguide.

Conclusion: Do NOT Use CityXGuide.com

I’ll be the first one to suggest that you not use CityXGuide. In fact, this is almost if not just as bad as every other escort site out there. The hookers on this site are likely shady given that no information is really provided. You may find yourself getting arrested, hurt, diseases, or if you’re lucky, just getting laid but is that really a chance you want to take? Instead, you will be better off using the following sites listed below. They work, they’re free, and they are safe and secure. Make the right choice or you’ll be sorry. FYI, any of the sites below will help you hook up. I use them all.

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  1. Cityxfinder is full of scammers who are West African jigsboos pretending to hot women.Cityxfinder is gay with mark.


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