Bedpage Review: An Alternative To Backpage? (Nothing Special At All)

There are LOTS of free ad posting sites out there. Many of which house classified ads for people looking to meet escorts and hookers of all types across the country. I’ve been frantically searching the Internet looking for all of these sites to either praise or destroy. I’ll go ahead and give you a full rundown of the site called Bedpage. This site actually has a strange story behind it. I’ll cover the whole nine yards below, just keep reading and learn all about this Backpage alternative. More importantly, learn whether or not this is a useful tool if you want to hook up with local girls.

Bedpage Review – My Experience Using This Website

After spending a few hours on Bedpage, I discovered and knew all I needed to in order to accurately report my findings. It portrays itself as being an incredible alternative to, but that’s not really the case.

Truth be told, it’s a scraper style site and aggregator if you ask me. Now, full disclosure, I don’t have the tech know-how to understand whether or not they have scraped the listings from or if they are new listings. What I can tell you is that this website is not more effective than the original website.

The Homepage

If you take a look at the homepage, you’ll notice that it looks almost identical to the original website. The site popped up quite fast after the original site shut down due to being seized by the feds. They went ahead and created this site to showcase escort listings and nothing more. At least that’s how I saw it based on my research.

Sure, they offer other ads in all other sections of the site but no one is posting ads in the other sections. For example, if you look in the computer services section in Miami, FL you will notice that they have zero ads posted. Now, if this were backpage, the ads would be all over the place within this section, no doubt!

Women > Men Section

If you take a look at the Women Seeking Men section you’ll quickly notice that the site is filled with nothing but ads to websites. Now, they are not ALL ads for websites, but most of them are which means the site has zero intentions of trying to connect you with local escorts. Instead, they just want you to join these “other sites” that they are suggesting and linking out to.

Why Create This Site?

It’s clear as day why the owner of this site created Bedpage. He or she did so in an attempt to market to single horny guys looking for sex. While I’m all for using websites that help you meet people to hook up with, I don’t like being swindled into clicking around on a classifieds ads website and then immediately being redirected to a casual dating site.

I mean, I’ll just tell my readers to go elsewhere versus wasting their time on Bedpage.

Now, some of the casual dating sites that recommends are actually pretty good. In fact, I’ve reviewed a lot of them. For example, the site showcases ads for people looking for “Smoking Hot Stoners!” and I’m all for smoking weed and banging girls. If you’re looking to do that, then read this 420 dating review before joining anything.

bedpage ads listing

Checking The Images

I took the time to check out the images within some of the ads, guess what, I learned that these ads are not exclusive ads at all. In fact, there are lots of girls on Bedpage that in my opinion did not post on the site. Instead, I believe that the owners of the site may have scraped the escort listings from other sites in order to make the site look for abundant and full with sex ads.


I recently came across a report on the website and figured it was worth pointing out. Whenever something is posted on, you should take note. See the image below.

bedpage ripoffreport

Conclusion: Bedpage Is Nothing Special

Based on my research, the Bedpage website is simply trying to portray itself as the new Backpage replacement but it most definitely is not that. In fact, it’s nothing more than a basic replacement of ads within classified ads listings. The owner did a great job of creating this back page replacement but there is a lack of substance that just doesn’t even come close to comparing to the original site.

If you’re looking to skip out on wasting your time shuffling and sifting through all these ads, then just check out the site below. You’ll learn all that you need to know and the sites that I use to get laid free of charge.

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